I heart three day weekends

Cake and Quilt

I just finished a piece of birthday cake for breakfast.  I think it's going to be a good day.

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!  I had a great day - a little sewing time, reading to the kindergarten class (they sang happy birthday to me!) and dinner and cake with the family.  The 38th year of my life is off to a great start - I ate my cake sitting at the table and not under it!

I finished binding the hourglass quilt yesterday, too.  I'm super happy with the finished quilt.


It's about 37" x 42".  I wish I had added another two rows to make it bigger - oh well.  I used a charm pack from the American Jane Wee Play line by Moda and added in some other charm squares from the Look and Learn collection.  None of the fabrics repeat - some are the same print in different colors, but no two squares are exactly the same.  I cut these squares in half on the diagonal to get my triangles.  Then I cut 5" squares from white and did the same.  I chain-pieced them - that was a huge time saver.


You can get a peek of the backing fabric here - it's the blue one with the bars.  My favorite part, though, it the quilting.  I used my walking foot and machine quilted a line 1/2" from each diagonal line on the quilt.  I love how it made little tiny pinwheels where the four fabrics meet.

That's all I've got today.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.  It's pretty much summer - only three more days of school!  Hope you enjoy yours.



it turned out fantastic. really.
can't believe you guys are just a few days from school being finished!!! enjoy the weekend. :)


erin, it's wonderful! what a gift to yourself on your birthday.


That is gorgeous! Don't you just love charm packs? (jelly rolls next)


PS You can never go wrong with cake for breakfast!


it's so wonderful!! i love it! how you got such perfect points is beyond me though! I've been piecing quilts for over 10 years and I still haven't mastered that technique. Not that I try either!


That turned out so great! I have my wee play charm pack sitting here and I think that I have found it's calling! Did you see her new line Recess yet? It is on the coming soon page at Fat Quarter Shop, they will even have layer cakes!


Your quilt is stunning, Erin!


oh, it looks so awesome - congrats on finishing another quilt!


Ooh, very beautiful. Everything looks so precise! As always, I love your fabric choice, too.

Enjoy the last three days of school :)


Happy Birthday! The quilt looks wonderful. I love all of the Hourglass Quilts I am seeing online this month. Is there a conspiracy out there that I don't know about? :) I really like the idea of using charm packs for the hourglasses -- a huge time saver! This is already on my quilt to-do list!


Happy Birthday Erin! May all your birthday wishes come true in the next year.
I love your quilt. Need to try something like it. Maybe after all other projects get completed. :)


Oh, it's so very beautiful. Glad you had a happy birthday :)


I totally laughed out loud about it being a good because you had cake for breakfast. I couldn't agree with you more (especially with my 37th looming large!!!).

And I can not say enough how I really love this quilt. I just really love your style.

By the way, hope the wrist and knee are doing well these days!



love love love the new quilt! YOu are making me want to get back to the machine so bad!


Wow! It turned out great, and I'm sure there will be plenty of snuggling time with your two girls too. I have great memories of my grandmother quilting and then being able to sleep with one after she'd washed it and hung it outside to dry on the clothes line. Hopefully, I'll be brave enough to try one some day soon...


The quilt is wonderful! Happy belated birthday.


Love the quilt! And it's funny you should mention the tiny pinwheels...that's actually what my eye was first drawn to when I looked at your photos (before I read that it was your favorite part...it was mine too!)


LOVE it. You have such a great eye for color.

And now I love the hourglass quilt. I'm inspired.

Happy birthday!!!


Sarah Jackson

I love it, Erin! It's just perfect. I'm getting ready to start a new quilt, and this may be my inspiration.


It's so nice I want to do one like yours, with wee play fabric and everything. I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea. Thank you for sharing.


I love the quilt. Your quilting is wonderful. Enjoy summer! I wish it was summer here, but it's 50 degrees and raining. :-(


How have I not found your blog until now? Love your quilt. Glad you had your cake for breakfast...as my nana always said..dessert first!


I just had to jump in and say great quilt and fabric choices - I'm finishing up my son's big boy bed quilt (twin) and have chosed the same backing and binding as you. I'm glad to see it's going to look great!

miss chris

Cake for breakfast is a good thing. At 37, 38, or whatever. ;) I hope there is more for lunch. xoxo


oh, that quilt is fabulous. simply fabulous.


Love it!

Mama Urchin

I love that pez fabric, and the rulers, really just the whole line. The quilt looks great, I can't believe how fast you finished it!


Happy Birthday!
And what a lovely quilt, you are a constant inspiration.


it'sw gorgeous! I love that there are no 2 squares the same too.


I am sitting here laughing at my astounding math skills. If you just turned 37 then you are indeed in your 38th year and not about the enjoy the 37th year that I wished for you in my comment yesterday (blush). The nice thing is that in my personal world of twisted mathematics, we're all a year younger but still get to enjoy being a year wiser (hee hee). But it sounds like by anyone's counting you had a fine day.

What a beautiful quilt Erin. Your creations always look so perfectly calculated while still being so colourful, whimsical and fun because of your amazing selections of fabric. Having a great stash probably helps, but your vision for projects and eye for choosing the perfect combinations is amazing! Can't wait to see what comes up next.


I'm loving this quilt! Beautiful job & happy birthday!


Days that start out with cake are always good days. :)
Your quilt is beautiful and I love, love how you did your trim.

Erin S

Erin that is one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen.


Beautiful quilt Erin! You did a excellent job selecting your fabrics! You are an inspiration.


I have just found your blog via Uncommongrace, it is really inspirational, I think I shall be visiting again. I love your quilt. Happy Belated birthday as I only found you just after your birthday


You and the quilts! I want to copy every single one you make! And you're so fast, too!


It's a beautiful quilt!


Gorgeous quilt. Great fabrics and the perfect design. Love it.


oh, i love it! beautiful.




As great as that shot is, it's even more fantastic in person. Really great work Erin, and lucky lucky little boy.

Lisa Clarke

That quilt is gorgeous! And now I remember what my birthday yesterday was missing - cake and singing! How on earth does one forget about the birthday cake and the Happy Birthday To You? Better yet, how does an entire family of four forget? LOL! I'm glad to hear that you and your family had no such brain hiccups ;-)


very well done erin!


happy birthday, erin! birthday cake for breakfast is about the best thing, i think.

and the quilt, it's fantastic. i'm so inspired by you, erin.


The quilt is fantastic and cake for breakfast even better!


It turned out so well, Erin! Really, really pretty. And you finished it so quickly, too!


Cake for breakfast sounds good! Your quilt is beautiful! I love the bold colors and the white. Sounds like the perfect birthday. Jessica


Fabulous quilt! I love how bright and cheery it is! Happy (belated) Birthday!

Mary Ann/ca

Happy Birthday Erin. I love the quilt too. I am off to look at my charm packs and see how I can tweak your idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

heather z

you don't brag enough about your works... that is such a beautiful quilt! enjoy your weekend and your post birthday!

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