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I heart three day weekends

Over the three day weekend:

I read this book.

I watched this movie with Fatty, the girls and one of Jane's friends.  Scarier than I remembered.


I pieced the back for the x quilt.

I ran three miles two days in a row.  Woo hoo!


I helped the girls cut and sew nine-patch pillows.  And then ran out of stuffing.

I wanted to chuck the little machine out the window.  I hate it.

I made ribs. And corn salad.  Twice.

We went to some friends' house and let the kids stay up too late.

I made my craft for my local craft swap.  And then swapped.  Details to come.


I took lots of photos of peonies.

It was great - hope yours was too!


Sarah Jackson

what a fantastic and productive weekend!! Yay you! I hung out with the family and bought clothes to fit my growing belly and bought the token first baby outfit. Today is bedroom excavation for Anners. Whee!


sounds like a devine weekend. Lovin' the last photo- peonies are one of my all time favorites :)


Sounds like a good weekend. And as a total aside, I love the colour of your walls.

Alicia A.

sounds just about right. perfectly right.


GORGEOUS peonies. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my craft swap goods. I'm on my way out to hang it!


what's the movie? (the link isn't working for me.) sounds like a perfect weekend. always curious about your craft swaps!


i have almost chucked the girls machine a dozen times. the alternative is them using my machine. that aint gonna happen either! sounds like such a great weekend!

Mama Urchin

As happens every year at this time I am trying to decide where I can plant about a dozen varieties of peonies.

miss chris

Sounds like a good one. The original IJ movies ARE scarier than I remembered, too!


It sounds perfect, Erin! I heart 3 day weekends, too :)


Doesn't it feel great to look back on a weekend really 'know' what you did. Those are the weekends that seem the most luxurious; and they really do take 3 days!

Congratulations on the run. I just had my lifetime first last night (yikes!)


I love long weekends as well. Don't they all seem to go faster than 2 day weekends? Looks like you had a fantastic weekend ... going back to the regular routine is tough, isn't it?


It sounds like you crammed a lot of fun into your 3 day weekend!!

I am interviewing Kate Jacobs from Friday Night Knitting Club tomorrow morning - I'll let you know when the podcast is up with her interview!


It sounds like you crammed a lot of fun into your 3 day weekend!!

I am interviewing Kate Jacobs from Friday Night Knitting Club tomorrow morning - I'll let you know when the podcast is up with her interview!


It sounds like you had a great weekend! Even being 3 days, they still don't seem long enough, do they?


I have to say... isn't that funny? Whenever I get frustrated with my sewing machine all I can think of is throwing it out the window. I didn't think anyone else had that very same urge. Why the window? I don't know.


i loved your weekend goodness update. and the peonies. i am feeling the peony love over here.


Sounds perfect (minus that little machine fiasco).
Glad to hear you were able to run two days in a row. Is your calf feeling better?


Sounds perfect in all its representations of family life... We went to see 'Iron Man' with my Mom and a friend of hers---the first time I've taken my kids to a movie without lots of research beforehand... There were about 20 minutes of stress: my Mom wondering what she dragged me into and me wondering what my Mom dragged me into... The kids liked it in the end but it was touch and go....


it sounds like the perfect weekend.
i have that has sat next to my bed for months.
your peonies are beautiful. that reminds me....i need to check the status of the neighbors. :)

Cass Ward

I just finished reading this book too. I loved it and can't wait to read her new one.

Lisa Clarke

Oh, peonies! I can't wait for mine to bloom. I may only get one or two, but even that can make a whole room smell pretty.

I heart three-day weekends, too. I spent part of mine relaxig outside with the A is for Aprons book. Love the projects you contributed!


That sounds like a fun weekend! I love peonies too! One thing I discovered this year? Ants love peonies. A lot. May your place remain ant-free!


How's the book? I bought it, but haven't read it yet.


what a great weekend! i have been wondering about that book. did you enjoy it?

Kim D.

I loved the book! Didn't you?

I just discovered your blog and am so excited to be a regular reader. You are very talented.


I love 3-day-ers as well. I also HATED the tiny (completely adorable) POS sewingmachine that I bought my daughter to learn on. I hated it so much (what with no light and constantly needing to be rethreaded) that we bought her a Jem Gold from my local Janome dealer. LOVE the Jem Gold - easy to use and VERY well made! My daughter is 7 and uses the machine by herself all the time. What bliss!

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