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I've been thinking.

I have what seems like a gazillion things I want to do, but I can't seem to do any of it.  My brain seems to be working on overload.  So here's some things that I've been thinking about in the last twenty-four hours:

Molly's strawberry cup.

This quilt top by Amanda Jean.  This one, too.

Kids growing up.  Nothing says it better than this post.

How lucky I am to be a mom, even when it is less than perfect.  Thanks for reminding me, Kirsten.


And how lucky I am to have my mom.  Those are her hands supporting me.  They still do.

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Weekend.


jennifer at pink ric rac

oh my....those last few sentences made me teary. way to say it best, e. :)


totally agree with jennifer.
sweetest. thing. ever!!
mom's. they really are the best!
happy mothers day to you too. have a fabulous weekend!

Mama Urchin

I love that strawberry cup too. Happy Mother's Day Erin.


Happy Mother's Day to you, Erin :)


love your list. and your mother's day sentiments. a happy weekend to you, erin.


Happy Mother's Day Erin!


aw, cute photo!

happy mother's day to you, too, erin!


Aww.. what a nice post about your mother. What a cutie-patootie you were! :)


a happy mother's day to you, too. i hope it is a relaxing and enjoyable day. for sure.


happy mothers day erin! and thanks for adding more things to my overloaded brain! what great ideas! i adore those quilts amanda is doing so much!


Happy Mother's Day to you! What a sweet post. It really is awesome when I stop to think about all the loving attention and support my mother has given me throughout all the years. It certainly wasn't until I had children myself that I uderstood the enormity of it.

Have a lovely weekend.


LOVE those quilts. MUST HAVE STRAWBERRY CUP! And what a wonderful daughter you are! Your post made me call my mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all, and remember, SOMEDAY our children WILL appreciate us... I hope. ; )


happy mothers day :)

Sarah Jackson

Happy Mother's Day, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm loving that darling photo of you. Hope your day is everything you want it to be.


Beautiful quilt top.

Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Jen b

you gave me a lot to think about this weekend. thank you for that. cute pic of you and your mom and a very sweet sentiment. happy mothers day to you erin :)


happy mother's day, erin...to one of my favorite mommy-friends. :)


Happy Mothers Day to you! You are such a wonderful Mama!


Ah, so like me, too---too much to think about and nothing getting done over here! Happy Mother's Day, Erin!


happy mother's day to you, erin. what a sweet post. and thanks for the links!


Happy Mother's Day to you too Erin!


Happy mothers day, momma!

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