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Making my case

Today is the last day of school.  Well, really, tomorrow is the official last day, but the girls won't be there.  We will be on a plane, headed to the beach on tickets bought before we had all those snow days this past winter.  Last night, while I should have been packing, I made something to take along with us.


My parents gave me a new camera for my birthday  (thanks Mom and Dad!).  I really wanted a small point and shoot for those times when it is not practical to carry my trusty rebel.  I picked out this little Canon that easily fits in my pocket.  Of course, the camera did not come with a case and I didn't think to buy one.  So I grabbed some fabric, batting and bias tape and made one.


Well, make that two.  The flip needed one, too.

I did some free motion quilting on the pink one and used the walking foot on the yellow one.  The coordinating print at the top of each bag is the lining, which I made longer, brought over the top and sewed down to make a casing.  It was hard to maneuver such a small item on the machine, but I plowed ahead puckers and all.  If I do this again, which I doubt, I will try a different method.


So there you go.  Classic Erin procrastination.  I really should have been packing.

We'll be gone for a week - I doubt I will post while we are away, but you never know.  See you soon, friends.  Take care.


Kim D.

Oooh! I just got a new point and shoot camera myself and was trying to decide what to do about a case. What a perfect idea.


enjoy the getaway! happy summer to all. (the cases are fantastic)

Mama Urchin

Have a fantastic trip.


love the cases! have a great trip!


Happy summer! Your bowl should be waiting when you get back- I mailed it yesterday!


The cases are adorable! I have done EXACTLY the same thing with traveling for the Summer - bought tickets for the kids and I back in February before we knew how many snow days we'd have. Now instead of leaving a week after the end of school, we are leaving 2 days before! My daughter is not happy about that. Oh well, maybe we'll beat the rush!


oh, CUTE! Have a great time, wiggle your toes in the sand for me, willya? I miss the beach so much.


Enjoy your trip!! Love the camera-cases!


love the cases, and i hope that you will love your little canon elph. i've always had one since they first came out with that weird-shaped film way back when.
i need to make a case, too, and i think that you have inspired me to do it. of course, it will be added to that list that is longer than my arm, but, you know how it is, since apparently we have the same middle name...procrastination! have a blast on your beach trip!!! :)


you did it while you were supposed to be packing - of course, don't we all! ;)

have an awesome trip.


love the case. (can't we come up with a cute one for the dslr? it's killing me.)

safe travels, friend.


my flip is jealous!

Have a great trip.


Cute, cute! Have fun, Erin!!


So cute! Have fun at the beach!


love them erin.
have a fabulous time at the beach.
look forward to seeing photos!


How cute, and so practical!
I am leaving on a trip in about a month, sounds like it's time to pull out the sewing machine!


Hey, my Canon didn't come with a case either. What's up with that?? I made one with a velcro flap and use the camera strap to carry it.


Oh have a good time all! Take plenty pictures for us!

Sarah Jackson

Such cuteness!! Have an amazing time. Our last school day was yesterday. Yay for summer!


so cute.
have a great trip!


Very cool! I like the blue fabric a lot, and very much want a Flip now.

Have fun on your vacation!

miss chris

Totally something I would do, instead of packing. Hubs would not be amused. Have a wonderful time! xoxo


These are great! I desperately need to make a case for my 2 1/2 year old camera before something happens to it. I might just make a go of it with your inspiration today! Thank you.

And no worries--you were packing. Sort of. :)


Have a lovely holiday


I totally do this too! Usually I decide I absolutely have to have a new bag for the trip, so I sit down and start sewing instead of packing. Then I am up till 2am packing instead of sleeping. Have fun!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Those are great! Have a great trip!

This also made me realize that I haven't seen my point and shoot in awhile. I really should track it down.

Lisa Clarke

I like! Have a great trip :-)


love the cases! have a fantastic trip.


very cute. love the blue camera!
have fun on your vacation!!!


that's too funny--i just bought the same camera for the very same reasons! and what a great idea for a case!

have a wonderful time at the beach!


I am supposed to be packing these days too- that case seems like a fabulous alternative! Enjoy the beach.


Love the cases- they make me want to learn to sew. It's comforting to know there are others who get sidetracked the night before a trip! All the little things that don't matter on a regular day HAVE to be done the night before a trip! :)


I wish you (and your fabulous cases) safe travels and a wonderful vacation!

Jen b

hope your family has a safe and lovely vacation!


Have a wonderful trip Erin. And take lots of photos.


These are adorable!!
I have that canon, and I love it!! it fits so easy in the back of your pokcet! Mine came with a case, but I never use it.
it has currently withstood about 4 years of bouncing around in whatever bag I throw it in!
Have a great trip!!


Have a great time! Schools out her too - yippee.


Nice cases - and I love the look of that Canon. I hope it works really well for you.


Very nice camera case. This is a project I've been thinking about for the last few days. My camera also didn't come with a case and since I want one that has a strap I'm just going to make one. I hope your trip is wonderful. The beach pictures look fabulous.


oh those are very cute!


I have that camera !! I love it !!

Although I wanted the blue colour like yours, but was in a rush to buy, and the outlet I went to had it on special and only in pink. So pink it is.

Your parents rock !

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