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Yes, my friends are crafty (and I like to link)

The local craft swap was on Monday night.  This round there were five of us swapping, so we each had to make four things.  Here's the loot:


Marcia made the resin necklace which came packaged in the little fabric bag.  She made earrings to match, too.  Super cute!  Caroline blew me away with the notecards!  She secretly drove by all of our houses, snapped some photos and had her final drawing printed on cards.  I love these so much!  Lisa made a wonderful sugar scrub and bath mitt.  I am surprised no one in our group had done this before - it is a great craft and I can just keep adding sugar and olive oil as the supply goes down!  Gotta love that!


Suzanne made the mirrored sconce on the right!  She used small framed mirrors from Ikea and a lamp from Target (right, Zanne?).  She wired them and added the washers - really cool.  And me, well, I took a cue from Courtney and made gourd birdhouses.  A big thank you for sharing your idea, friend!  I bought the cleaned and drilled variety and painted them.  I replaced the leather loop for hanging with wire to give it a more modern feel.  I'm bummed that I didn't get a photo of them all together because they were all different colors:  green, blue, white, orange and yellow.  I kept the yellow one for us.  I will be making more to have as gifts - they were fast, easy and a really nice change of pace.  Plus, I find mindless painting soothing.  Bonus!

Thanks, ladies!  I love everything.  I can't wait until the next swap.  I'm already plotting....

And mostly for my own use:  past craft swap entries can be found here, here, here, here, here and here


Mellissa - wondermommy

That is a lot of great stuff! So talented!


What great gifts and that gourd is amazing!! It's my favorite. :)

I'm so jealous. No one around me is crafty or interested in even trying. I've tried to organize a craft group and no go... I will keep trying.

Sarah Jackson

What a creative bunch you are! I'd love to have a group like that.

And I'm so proud of you for not keeping the green gourd. That took some willpower!


looks great! i might need to start something like that around here...


nice loot - those notecards are amazing!


these are so great, erin! all of them. and how fun to have those local crafty friends. (i'm pretty sure i say that every time...)


okay. that gourd birdhouse is lovely. i can just imagine them all lined up. in various colours. in the perfect erin way.


That sounds like such fun!
I should suggest a swap to my crafty mama group.


it was a great swap - glad you got a picture of the sconce, i want to make one for myself! i can see the blue birdhouse hanging in my dogwood now & i totally love it!


you are so lucky to have all of those like minded friends!
love all of it...and you birdhouse is fantastic!


Those are all so lovely! One of these days I'm going to get together a craft group.


Jeal-Ous. Officially.

Tracey@Paper Dolls for Boys

I'm super jealous, what amazing scores! I'm trying to start a crafting group - not as easy as I thought it might be.

Thank you so much for the link for the gourd - I'm going to try my hand at a birdhouse. What paint did you use?


Dang...I am not usually into gourds, but right now, I am totally picturing one of yours in green, somewhere in my house!

(I made sugar scrubs for a swap once...the shipping was a bit, but boy, they are fun to make! :p )


erin, that looks like so much fun. those note cards are to die for. such sweet special gifts! i love, love the bird houses you made. another great idea from you! thanks!

Mama Urchin

I need to remember that scrub too since it's such a good gift.


I love your craft group posts! So inspirational!


Lovely gifts. I love those birdhouses, going to have to try and make one myself, although I'm sure it won't look as good as yours


That craft swap is such a good idea!


You are all very talented - I'd have to drop out of a craft swap after two swaps - I'd be out of ideas! How do you come up with so many good ideas??


I am having craft swap envy! How did you all find each other? Rather, how can I get involved in a craft swap?????

Jen b

i so love that you have found fun, like minded crafty girls to do this with. so much fun!


you got some seriously crafty friends my dear!


wow what a nice idea to swap with your friends..I really really like the idea of the postcards of your house..lovely!


Looks like you got some very cool stuff!


What a fun swap!


I love the house cards. that is such a sweet, genius and original idea. what a fun group to be a part of!


great swap...i especially love the postcards--great idea!

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