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Popping in to say a quick hello.  Hello!

I made this appliqued tank for one of Jane's friends.  When I am at Target or Old Navy and plain t-shirts are on sale, I always pick up a few to have on hand for birthday presents.  It has become my quick go-to gift.  Paired with some art supplies (which I also stock up on at back to school time) or a book, it is a great gift for under $15.

When I applique, I either use a fusible web like Wonder Under or spray adhesive like 505.  I like the spray adhesive because the fabric is re-positionable and it is fast.   I'm all about fast crafting, you know.


sarah jackson

I love it! I do the same thing - we gave away stenciled shirts this week. My gifting life is so much easier now that I stock up on the supplies and have them ready to go. I wish I had learned that lesson a long time ago, but I'm glad I'm there now!


is the wonder under and the spray adhesive just to hold it in place while you sew? or does it serve another function. the spray adhesive sounds better.


cute stuff!
oh, yeah, the fast crafting rocks. and i'm all about the sale shirts at target, too. it's nice to have some on hand!


Very cute - great idea on the T-shirt stock up tip - thanks.


Yes, good idea on the stock up. :)


:) Cute. These are the fastest little things to make. I'm a big fan of the fast craft too.

Kim D.

That's so cute. I'm sure you're kids get invited to lots of birthday parties if they know that's the type of gift they're going to receive.

Great idea.


hello to you! these gifts are a great idea. this one is so sweet and summery.


I keep saying I'm going to stock up so I can switch over to hand made gifts. Problem is, I usually forget about birthday parties until about an hour beforehand. One day, I'll be organized. Or not.


it really is such a great and easy gift idea! I plan to do this for a few little girls in my life!


I do excatly the same! Although I have never tried the spray


Quick, quick! very cute!


so cute! good stand-by gifts are necessary, aren't they? I'm still trying to perfect mine.


I should really get organized and do that stocking up with gift supplies thihg. Cute!


Stocking up - great idea! Plain Ts for toddlers were on sale fro $1.99 at Meijer today - I'm going to have to go back!


Thanks for the info on the spray. Next time I am out, I am going to pick some of that up. The shirt is so cute! Your girls are so lucky to have you as a mum :)


Very cute!


spray adhesive? duh. i use wonder under and that would be so much faster. hello right back at ya.


and i have spray. need to get some shirts.
is there any way to invent more time in the day?


Hi - just to let you know, I really like your blog and have followed it for quite a while now. Whenever I need a lift, I'll "tune in" :-) Thanks ... Corrie (from Germany)


What a lovely gift. That is such a great idea to have them ready to sew. And how brilliant - I had never thought of using spray glue!

Mellissa - wondermommy

That is a great idea! I usually use fusible for my appliques and it never occured to me to use the spray and I have a can just sitting in my craft room. I was looking for an alternative...thanks so much for sharing!

Pauline Perh

Great idea for a quick handmade gift. Thanks.


Great idea, love it! Thanks for the tips on adhesive.


I would have never thought to use 505! what a great idea! do you use a stabilizer too when you applique?


It's so cute! Love your gift idea of pairing it with art supplies. I'm all about that!

Thanks for the tips!


Great gift idea! I'd never heard of spray adhesive for appliques either - I'll have to look out for it next time I'm shopping for fabric.


I'm all about the quick-like right now, too. I'm fearing that summer is going to slip away from me if I don't cram as much outdoor time in as I can, so all of my indoor activities (crafting, posting, blog reading) have been cut way back. I squeeze quick little bits of them in here and there, knowing that in a handful of months, I'll be able to devote more time to them, guilt-free. I hope you, the girls, and Fatty are enjoying summer, too!

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