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Did you notice Tracy's camera strap?  I did - and so did Fatty and my friends.  Cute, huh?  Then yesterday, I saw this one, too.  And look, she just took hers apart and made a new one.  Easy enough, right?


I dug through my box of 4" fabric strips and found some of my favorite green and aqua prints.  I sewed a quick length of patchwork, added some interfacing and then reattached the strap ends that I had removed from my original Canon strap.  Now I am styling and I absolutely LOVE it.


The only downfall was that I broke my very favorite stitch ripper.  Bummer.  The bonus was that making this little project got me psyched up to start working on the quilt again.  I tackled that for 1 1/2 hours last night.  It is  s l o w  going - more so than I thought it would be.  And you all know how I feel about slow.  Yeah, not so much.


jen j-m

oh, i totally want one! it looks so great - what an awesome idea.


So.dang.cute. You forgot to mention that it only took about 30 minutes! Well, it took YOU 30 minutes. It would take me about 3 hours!


very cute. patchwork always does the trick.


You confirmed my suspicion that she re-purposed her strap. I just may do the same. I love the colors in yours. It is very crisp and clean. I hope you can find another favorite seam ripper soon.

Teresa Alber

so cute. I love the patchwork.


I love that! I'm forever complaining about the strap on my camera. Can I copy too? :)



I would have never thought of that! SO cute!


okay. that turned out lovely. i think i am going to have to add that to my list. of cool things to do. very soon.




Fantastic! Yours looks wonderful. You are so inspiring. :)


it's perfect!!!


So cute! Love the fabrics and their colors! I wonder what DH would say if he came home and found the D200 strap "altered"? Hummm ...


oh my gosh, i want one so badly. can you talk me through it? (like, how do i get the original strap apart without ruining it? and then reattach it so that it's safe to hang around my neck!?)


So pretty! Is it comfy?


Oh I need to make that now. We're leaving tomorrow for San Antonio. Maybe I can fit it in today!?!


aren't those bernina stitch rippers *the best*? I totally noticed how sharp it was when I got my machine (maybe your dealer can hook you up with a new one?).

the camera strap looks lovely--perfect for you!


That's the little seam ripper that came with your machine, right?? I have one exactly like it and it's also my favorite.

I love this idea! It's going on my must-sew-one-day list. Thanks for sharing!


SO cute!!


Love it! The colors are fantastic!


Isn't that nifty!


I have always wanted one of these....super gorgeous Erin. :)


this is so awesome! i'm going to copy too!


Ooohh...I'm going to copy too. Instead of interfacing, could you just shove the old strap inside the tube to re-use it???? Not that I'm opposed to interfacing.


really awesome.


I HAD noticed her spiffy strap, and yours is equally as cool!


I'm TOTALLY borrowing that one! Thank you so much! It's pretty rad!


OMG. now I need to go to the thrift store to look for camera straps!!! LOVE IT!


So aweome, love the strap, now I just need a better camera so I can make one.


i did my camera strap a few years ago. about time for a new one though. love your color choice!


okay, so with you and Caro over at SplitYarn I am thinking I might have to just jump the bandwagon and try this out myself... I might have to go to the camera shop and get an extra strap just incase...
I eyed my camera and it's strap all weekend trying to figure out if I could do this.
Not sure if my sewing machine will stand up to the leather part though??


it's beautiful!

(but! you actually cut your camera strap?! seriously? you cut it? like, apart? did it make you hyperventilate? because just thinking about it is givin' me a panic attack!)

amy h

I love this! I want to copy, too. That looks so much more comfy around the neck.

Liz Harvatine

Ahhh! I must copy!


About a month ago another blogger was making her own camera straps and I didn't think much about it, but here you go making it popular! :P I'm definitely in need of one for my camera, so it looks like I'll be rifling through my scraps tonight!


ok, i need one but not with my sewing skills. If i send you mine will you make me one??


very cool erin!
i have been thinking lately that my camera strip is boring and ugly, and so i instantly noticed and admired tracy's in your pics.
i love the patchwork so much! you should sell these!


Sandra Evertson


ooooh cute, I need one.


I want one!


Love it! What a great idea.


i can hardly stand it - it's so good!!


:) Cute! Love your fabric choices, of course. I didn't actually take mine apart, that would totally make me hyperventilate. I just handsewed my fabric over the old strap. Did you take yours apart?

Shelly G.

I love the strap... I am going to have to make a couple :)


what a great idea...thanks so much for sharing


so cute....and the colors are so summery. i love it.
thinking you need to come up with season straps. like a cute wool one for fall!


so cute! i might have to try it. someday...


I have always wanted one of these since I saw them on etsy. Yours looks great.


Of course! This is the perfect little project for you. It reminds me of the patchwork belt that you made me so long ago for a swap, which I still wear all the time.


I had noticed the camera strap, so fun! Glad you are working on one for yourself, good to have a little fun and color.

Mellissa - wondermommy

I've seen these types of camera straps around. I've been wanting to make myself one, but I always pick to sew something for someone else. I really need to try this. Yours turned out perfectly. I love the fabrics!

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