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A little thank you gift

I wanted to thank everyone that sent me sheet scraps by sending them a little something in return.


I bought a stack of moleskins with the intent of taking pieces from my scrap box and making some stitched notebooks similar to the ones in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  Once I finished my quilt, though, I took a different course.


I used more of the sheet scraps and made bloom notebooks.  I was a bit concerned that all the stitching would weaken the cover, but it didn't.   I took the same approach to the stitching as I did in my bloom quilt except that my letters turned out WAY better on these.  I think it was because they are on a smaller scale, but who knows?  I love how they turned out.


Everyone was so generous adding to my fabric garden with their scraps.  I wouldn't have been able to make my quilt without their help.  This is just a small token of my appreciation.  Thanks to all 16 of you!
(Tonya, I didn't mail yours.  I will get it to you when I get home).

I think you will probably see more stitched paper from me in the future.  These were so fun to make and the ideas keep coming.

Happy Tuesday!



erin these are beautiful! love this so so much!


These are so cute. Where do you purchase your moleskin?


this is wonderful! :) Aren't you a sweet thing for doing this...

Account Deleted

so, so nice.


Would you be willing to share your notebook source (or brand)? I really like the look of these brown paper books.


erin, these are absolutely fantastic!


erin, these are absolutely fantastic!


love these! this might have to be one of those ideas I stash away for christmas gifts, if you don't mind me borrowing it that is.


They are beautiful, would you mind sharing how to make them?

If you sold those on etsy, I would so buy some right now. I'm in need of some cool gifts. ;o)

Thanks for your sharing & the inspiration!



Awww! That is so sweet! They are really, really lovely!




So beautiful! Love the flowers and the " Bloom"!


Hello! I am new to your blog and have enjoyed looking through your archives--so much sweetness and creativity! This post is another inspiration for me; I'm working on a fabric flower wreath for our porch...your design is lovely. Thank you for sharing.


I absolutely love mine, thanks!!


I love to sew on paper too... These are just fantastic!


I love these. It's so pretty I doubt I will be able to make myself use mine.

Mama Urchin

These look so nice. I have a moleskin from Abby and I rarely use it because she made it so pretty.


I love it! That is a wonderful finished product. Congrats!


Beautiful, Erin! And so thoughtful.


Wow, love them! Such a sweet present! Great idea too!


These are wonderful! I love the fabrics and the stitched "bloom."


thanks again, erin! do you have a great place to get moleskins in bulk?

melissa s.

these are beautiful! i'm new to your blog, although I don't know why because it's so stinkin cute. not sure how i missed you but i'm glad to have you in my bloglines now!


How do you stitch your writing? I have always wanted to do that. I know it is a special foot right? Thank you for the beautiful idea. My family will love these notebook gifts as soon as I figure out how...8-D


Those are beautiful! I'm so excited, and very grateful.

I hope you're having a fun time!


These are beautiful - and perfect gifts..


okay. those journals are wonderful. is sewing letters difficult? i think we need a little tutorial. a little one. please!


Oh, those are nice. I am still scared to try freemotion embroidery like that and write things. :P


These notebooks are fantastic! I second the motion to have a little tutorial.


another fantastic idea! so thoughtful of you!


i love.


Oh Erin! Those are so dang cute! I certainly would not be sad if they made their way to craft swap!


I never told you how much I loved your bloom quilt. Truly loved it. It inspired a little bloom project of my own. :)

I think these journals are lovely.


I love. I want. You are so talented.


The quilt and notebooks are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Nice! Those are fantastic. What a great thank-you present!


oh. hi. those would make a lovely craft swap craft. (i.e: i want one!). :-)


okay. these are just perfect!!!
really. really. fantastic!!!


I'm with leslie. these are just perfect!! you inspire us to do more and create more with every post.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

So beautiful! I've done some of the scrappy, patchworky books, but I LOVE the words added to it. What a lovely gift!

Leigh Anne

I am a huge journal keeper/collecter and I love these. Would you share the source for ordering the brown paper journals - thanks so much!


just beautiful erin :)


they look amazing! this is so kooky though - i bought moleskins yesterday to print on, then read your post. this is such a great medium - i'm looking forward to mine!


What ridiculously perfect thank you gifts! You're full of wonderful ideas, lady.


oh! these are fabulous!

Beth Menna

Too cute! I love sewing on paper and card. Just about all my birthday and thank you cards are hashed together quickly and they all involve a quick fossick through my scraps bag and five minutes on the sewing machine. Why can I never get myself organised to make them in advance?
Love your blog.... :)


this was such a sweet gift and an answer to a small thought bubble. I was looking to house all of my random quilting scribbles that I have been making recently and this was perfect! thank you!



Account Deleted

Oh, yours are WAY cuter than Last Minute's!!!!


This is really creative! The stitching on the moleskin look as good as those on the quilt.

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