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Another quick gift

You guys!  Thanks for the quilt love.  Really.  I adore it myself, but I had no idea that it would strike a chord with many of you too.  All those lovely comments make me want to just make more.


While I didn't whip up another quilt right away, I did make this little top for Kate's friend Claudia.  This is one of my very favorite fabrics (I bought it years ago and I don't know who makes it).  It is the same pattern I used for this shirt of Kate's last summer.  It is really so simple - I swear it takes almost longer to cut it out than to actually sew it up.  It also only takes about a half yard of fabric for about a size 6 which is great since I seem to have lots of small pieces in my stash.  I have never made my girls pillowcase dresses, but if I understand them correctly, this is made the same way except there is no bias tape under the arms.  I just pressed 1/4" and then folded it under and stitched it down.  Anna Maria just made her girls some cute dresses out of pillowcases and while I could explain the process more to you, she's already done it!  Her directions are way cuter than mine would be anyhow.

I've got lots to talk about (or so it seems!) so posting should pick up a bit around here.   Have a great day!



That is darling! I think I might need to make one of those for myself!


I love yr style!

Mama Urchin

I have a couple of pillowcase styled shirts almost done for some gifts too. Great minds...

Kris Bair

I've made summer shirts for my daughter like this - she loves them. What cute fabric

v & co

i love it! i made an old sheet quilt too, i made it for my picnics i am going to have this 4th but it turned out too cute that i don't know if i want people eating and stepping on it!!!


way cute - that is great fabric!


This is so cute! The whales are adorable. Good job!


such a sweet top and i love that fabric too!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Love that fishy fabric!


Did you see her with it on? So darn cute! The shirt AND the girl!


Very cute shirt!!! Perfect pattern to use with that fabric!


make more!? it makes you want to make more!? i'd like to be first in line when you start making more!


Cute shirt and the quilt is fantastic.


it's adorable. I think I need to try making a shirt like that in my size. :)


this is so cute!
love it!


yep. one in my size would be nice. :)


I love it. The fish fabric is so fun and summery. How can you give it away?


That fish fabric is perfect for that style! So breezy and cool and casual!


I love those fishies-perfect for summer!


such cute fabric. perfect for hot summer days.

Mary Smith

That top is more than adorable. I could imagine my girls in it! I loved your last post and quilt as well. How creative is that quilt!


So beautiful!! :)


That top is lovely and that fabric I feel that I really need some of that just to look at I don't even know what I'd make out of it it is really cute.

suzie sews



claudia loves it!!


So cute! Love that fabric!


so cute! love the fabric.


Thanks so much for the link to the pillowcase dress--I've been meaning to make one for ages, and now I have no excuse not to!

Your little fish shirt is fantastic. Who can resist a little fish shirt?


I love this! (I would whip one up myself but I can't figure this kind of stuff out without directions...hint, hint)The fabric is great!


Oh!! How nice it is to see what you have done with the fabric. I have the same one that I had bought in France about 3 years ago.

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