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Tutorial Time!

For Felix

The girls and I just came home from meeting our new nephew and cousin.  The little guy is so sweet - it was great to finally see him and hold him.


This morning I whipped up some cuteness for the new baby.  I made him some burp cloths like the ones I did for Declan and Augie.  I also got out my embroidery machine and put his name on some onesies and a hat.  Sweet things for a sweet babe.

And in case you were counting, that is 7 nephews and 0 nieces.  Lucky me!





I would love an embroidery machine, but do you get addicted to embroidering EVERYTHING? I probably would:-) Can you use any font?


Felix will definetely adore his aunt.....as these are so cute. It's nice to embroider personal stuff like that!

Mama Urchin

You're such a good auntie. With my new nephew I now have one of each.


While I don't have any nieces or nephews, all my friends seem to be having boys as well. Where are all the girls?? :)


Very cute! What type of thread, stabilizer and topper do you use for these knits?


wow, I need your "whipping up ability".

I'm serious!

These are adorably cute.


Those are so adorable! You make me want to pull out my sewing/embroidery machine. :)


So cute! And what a cute name.

Sarah Jackson

Cuteness!! Well, at least you have your girls if no one else is going to produce them, right? Right.

Totally darling, as usual. My sewing machine is set up and I have some baby gifts to make too. I may be borrowing that idea.

Heather W.

we have all boys in our family too! (7!) my sister just adopted a little girl from ethiopia, so I finally have a niece! But we are wondering if we biologically make girls! ;)


such sweet things for Felix. i love how the machine embroidery you did on those items for him came out. seven nephews, no nieces? wow. guess your family is on a roll with that.


welcome to our world sweet babe! lovely gifts erin!


I'm copying those! They are so adorably cute! hmmm....who needs baby gifts? :)


Such beautiful gifts, Erin. xo


you certainly do mean whip when you say whip :0) and yes , lucky you!



I love the appliqued shirts--what fabrics are the gnomes and the firetrucks?


oh, such cuteness!!!


What sweet gifts - the embroidery just finishes off store bought goods.


really love the name felix.

Jayne (The View From My Shoes)

Love the name Felix - I bet he is just as adorable as his name - maybe just a tad more perhaps!

Absolutely love the gifts - love how you say you just "whipped these up!"! Apparently I need to get one of those embroidery gigs --- oh the places I could go!
Thanks for sharing yet another adorable thing made by you!


I love those baby gifts. I have a friend who had a baby last friday and I think those burp cloths are the perfect gift...I've been waiting to be inspired by something!!! In our family we have 7 nephews as well...but last September a baby girl was born!!!


Hi there! I nominated your beautiful blog for a blog award! All the details are on a post on my blog! Have a great day!

Lisa R-P

Those are so cute! What kind of an embroidery machine do you have? Do you like it? Was it difficult to learn to use?


ahhhh!!! welcome felix!!!


Aren't baby gifts just the most fun to make. So much cuteness and hope in a new little one! Love what you made, love your blog, thanks for sharing!

Mary Smith

I can't believe you just whipped those up, as you say. They are amazing and amazingly cute! What a lucky boys to have such an auntie!

Dawn in NL

What lovely gifts.

I am the opposite, I have 6 nieces and now finally 1 great nephew (and 3 great nieces).

Of course they are all welcome whatever the gender.

Enjoy the new addition to your family. All the best.


So cute!


Welcome, little baby Felix! Congrats! The set is just awesome!


I love the embroidery. Really cute


Great name! Your gifts are adorable! I wish I could wear a hat with my name embroidered on it but that might be weird-I think it would be cute.


Adorable! I just had a new god son, and I think he would love a gift like this!

(ps. I just had a Felix born into our family... Felix Hobart! I haven't met him yet, but I'm sure he's adorable - Felix is such a distinguished name!)

Great job!

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