Skyrocketing heart rate. Or could this post have more categories?
New paints for a new project

I'm still working on it

I have gone and done something crazy.

I have entered my still unfinished x-string quilt in the state fair.


Here's the thing:  for three years now, I have said that I wanted to enter something I made in the state fair, but have never done it.  Two years ago, I didn't have anything I really wanted to enter.  Last year, I was going to enter an apron, but I missed the deadline.   This weekend I finally finished quilting (!) the x-string quilt and it dawned on me that I might be able to enter it in the fair before the deadline.  Oh no - the deadline was July 1st.  Next year, I thought.

I tell Fatty that I missed the deadline and that I can't enter without paying a late fee.  On top of that, I am not finished and the drop off days at the fairground are the one weekend in August when we will be out of town.  How much is the late fee? he asks.  You pay $15 instead of $8.  He looks at me and I can see it on his face.  You want to do this, right?  Yes. Yes, I do.  Pay the late fee and find someone to take it over to the fairgrounds for you.  You can finish it in time.  You always do.

So, that was that.  I poured over the categories in the catalog and tried to discern the differences.  I settled on machine pieced and machine quilted.  I hope that is the right one.  I'll have four days when I get home from Telluride to finish the binding and sew a sleeve on it.  Then I will have to persuade a friend to drop it off for me.

Am I nuts?  Probably.

But I'm going to have a quilt in the state fair.  And I think that is pretty damn cool.



Good luck!! It looks gorgeous!


That Fatty is a keeper! And you're gonna rock that State Fair honey. No doubt.



of course you will have it finished. no problem.
and yes. pretty damn cool!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

That's VERY cool! Can't wait to see your ribbon...


yes, seriously cool. and you are going to have such a great finished quilt when all is said and done. i love that your handmade creation is off to the state fair. those X's will be the star!


And the winner is.....:) You got it in the bag! You always have great stuff, don't doubt that!


You'll be so glad you're doing this. Last year, at the ripe old age of 30, I entered two quilts in the state fair, my first ever entries. Honestly, just seeing them up on display for all of the fair-goers to see, that was prize enough for me! But the icing on the cake was actually winning a ribbon -- 2nd prize in the mini/doll quilt category for one of them. Now, I'm not sure if there were actually more than 2 mini entries, haha, but I was excited nonetheless. I can't wait to enter again this year!

TD wool design

no, no, no, you're not nuts! you must enter it!
oh, this is a great piece.
i'm sure you can find someone to take it for you! i sure would. it's to die for. really! good luck and be sure to show us all that blue ribbon!

Kris Bair

Oh good luck - I know it will do well for you!!! This is awesome - which state fair? Keep us all posted.



Good luck, Erin! I used to work at the Fair and wouldn't mind dropping it off for you - that way I could see all of my old homies :)

(And if for some reason, you entered the wrong category, they'll fix it for you, although it looks like you entered the right one. They go over every single entry carefully.)


That's awesome! The quilt is looking just beautiful -- love how the colors and prints work together.


state fair. whoohoo. i think me being able to say that my friend has a quilt in a state fair. is pretty damn cool. indeed.


How exciting!
I haven't entered anything in our state fair, but I have to say it has always been a dream of mine.
And what a supportive fella you've got!


That is so cool to have a (your!) traditional-meets-modern quilt at the state fair! The last time I went to a fair the quilts were all very traditional applique or cutesy or crazy-art-quilts. Go, Erin!


Yeah, that's cool! You're not nuts at all. What fun!


You and Fatty make a great team... so cool!


ha! $15 instead of $8. I can't believe this might have been a dealbreaker for you. :) Thank goodness for Fatty.

That is so exciting! I'm so proud of you!


If you don't win then the whole thing is rigged!


Very cool, indeed, and no, you're not crazy!


pretty damn cool, indeed!!


That's really damn cool erin!


Congratulations! Having your work on display is such a wonderful feeling! And, I think you will knock their socks off with the stunning colours in that quilt.


Rock on, girlfriend! That is awesome.


Good thing you have Fatty to keep you in line because he's awfully correct! Anyways, you work best under a deadline don't you?!?! It looks awesome, I can't wait to see the finished product. I don't know about the fair where you are, but the fair here? 98% really scary unattractive quilts. Yours will rock the show!


VERY cool. We are entering the fair this year as well - the kids want to enter some things and I do too - hey the worst they can tell me is "you didn't win, but here are your free fair tickets" I figure it will be interesting just for the experience. Now I'd better get crafting huh? Here's hoping for that blue ribbon!


i am jumping up and down and clapping for you here at my desk. seriously! how exciting. proud of you...


So terrific. Now other people can enjoy it as much as we have!


That's so cool! Are you going to be able to go see it at the fair? If so, you have to take pictures!


you go girl!


That is REALLY damn cool.

Um...$15 vs. $8 was going to be the obstacle to this excitement and point of pride? How cute are you.

I can't wait to hear more about this latest adventure.


Yay! I know you'll get a ribbon for this!

Mama Urchin

I'm sure you could take up a collection for the extra $7 :) I cannot wait to hear about this adventure.


that is VERY damn cool.
this is going to be good.


Not nuts at all - good on Fatty for encouraging you!!!


That's amazing - good for you! And Fatty for pushing you to do it!
The quilt is just amazing and I know we'd all vote for it!!

Chara Michele

That is exciting! Good luck finishing it!


Well, Good for you. Even though it may be a little crazy getting it done. I bet it feels good to finally do something you have been really wanting. From what I can see, It going to be a great quilt! My votes for you. :)


yes, Erin, that is pretty damn cool! A pretty damn cool husband you have there too!


yes, Erin, that is pretty damn cool! A pretty damn cool husband you have there too!


Good fer you!


That is so cool. Congratulations on going for your goal!


So beautiful! Go Erin Go!


I think you should go for it. I have a similar story but I am not late this year! I have until the end of July!


I am so glad you are doing this! Aren't supportive husbands the greatest. They know just when to give you the added encouragement you need to go for it and follow your dreams. Congratulations! You can get it done, and it will be totally worth it! Your quilt will be a beautiful addition to the County Fair. There is no feeling like it to see your own quilt hanging in a show at local fair! I am so excited for you!


So cool and the colors in your quilt are great! Let us know how it goes :)

melissa f.

you are rad.

Alisha Thomas

Not cool, it's awesome! Yay for you and how great is it that Fatty wants you to be in it just as badly as you do? What a great support system you have! Looks like the other quilts will have a tough competitor too.


Wonderful! I think the idea of entering a state fair is so cool. I remember a couple years back there was some sort of bloggy movement for it--I remember the buttons. What fun.


and you will probably win!
Your quilts are just gorgeous Erin.

Julie @ Letter9

That IS pretty damn cool.

One time, I entered a drawing in the Goshen Fair, this itty bitty little town fair in rural Connecticut where my cousins lived, not even a county fair, and I won a little ribbon and $2.

It was awesome.

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