Lucky Me

Lisa's Tote

For my end of the swap with Lisa, I made her a tote bag.


I used Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room fabric and some brown linen from the stash.   The inside is lined in a pale pink linen and has a pocket, too.


I love adding personalized details to the gifts I make so I embroidered Lisa's initials on the pocket and trimmed it with some ribbon I had on hand.  I think the ribbon came from Blair.  (Am I right, Blair?).  The tote is about the same size as the wool patchwork one I made for myself.

OK - that's all I have for this Tuesday.  Fatty's gone home, my parents are off to meet the newest family member who is being born today and the girls are at day camp.  I think I will knit - and maybe take a nap.  Sounds like a plan.



Beautiful tote! I love the little personal touches!

Mama Urchin

Knitting and a nap sounds heavenly.


swapping is such a good thing. happy knitting and napping. sounds divine.

melissa s.

ooh i love that. i gotta get me some of that new amh fabric. so pretty!


Oh..the tote is adorable! Lisa is very lucky, indeed.

I wish I had the luxury of a nap and knitting. I hope you have a marvelous day!


love that pocket!
hope you have a great day!


too cute!! i finally bought some of this fabric as well, and am still not sure which bag to make with it!!


Pretty tote, I love the plan for knitting and a nap. Wish I could do that.


That sure sounds like a good plan to me! The tote looks great :)


I have been eyeing that fabric and your tote is perfect for it! enjoy the rest...


What a great swap!


I like that the bottom is darker. The bottom of my purse always seems to get dirtier than the rest. Its pretty! I like it!


Gorgeous tote! The dark fabric on the bottom is so well thought out!


What a lovely tote!


What a wonderful idea to swap. You both made/received beautiful items. Lovely.


what a great swap! I love what lisa gave you, and I love what you gave her. Enjoy your nap :)


Your plan sounds just delicious. That bag is beautiful, too. I love the little details, from your label, to the ribbon, and embroidered initials. Very special! You're lucky that you get to meet a new little human, too. I love dear little babies. Have a great Tuesday.


what a great swap! the tote bag is fantastic. the monogrammed pocket is a beautiful touch.


love the bag and the plan! hope you got a great knit and maybe a nap.


Thats gorgeous! I love the personal touches - so thoughtful! And what a lovely pendant you have in return - great swap!


it's lovely, those fabrics are gorgeous!


Oh I love these- its so fun that it's personalized! She's going to love it.



Such a lovely bag and the personal details are perfect.


Wow! That's just beautiful. I love the details, the fabric combinations, everything.


Lisa's a lucky gal!


it's beautiful!

Stacy T

So cute!


nice tote Erin.. Love it...!
if you have time.. do come to my blog @ i have something awaiting for you... :)

Lil' d

Great tote. The brown linen looks so good with that fabric.

A knit and a nap - oh that sounds so lovely.


As someone who loves to sew handbags and totes as well, I appreciate how creative you are! It's the details that make the process fun and rewarding! I love your blog! Sewing offers me peace from my busy life.


Wow. The interior initials totally won me over. What a perfect swap - both pieces are so lovely and perfectly personalized.


oh beautiful! Just beautiful!


What a gorgeous tote. I wish I had learned to sew, but I am sewing challenged. About ten years ago my husband gave me his Mother's old Singer sewing machine that he had reconditioned and a gift certificate for a begginers sewing class. I just couldn't seem to get the hang of it. My daughter-in-law can sew beautifully so when she is finished with her training and they get a permanent duty station, I am going to beg her for lessons. Your quilts, totes and and other handmade treats are definitely an inspiration.

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