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Awhile back, Lisa Leonard asked if I wanted to have a little swap.  If you have seen her jewelry, you can understand why I did not hesitate one bit.  The hardest part was choosing what I wanted!


I decided on the open circle necklace with my initials on it.  And it is perfect.  Simple and elegant - it is just as great with a t-shirt and a skirt as it is with a pretty summer dress.  The preppy me loves the single pearl and the monogram.  I adore it.  I am sure that I will buy more of Lisa's jewelry  - for myself and for gifts.  She has so many beautiful baubles to choose from!

Thanks, Lisa!  I am so happy we swapped.  Back tomorrow with details on what I sent.



wow. i love it erin!! so simple and beautiful.


I like that alot!


it's beautiful!


Oh who wouldn't love that?! That little necklace is just the sweetest thing eveh!

Lucky you indeed!


I just visited her website and loved each and every item. Perhaps I need to point people there when they ask what I'd like for Christmas . . .

lisa Leonard

love the pic!! gorgeous.


I have her open circle necklace too!
Mine has the names of my kids. I love it so much.


Very cute and so simple. I love it!


Very sweet. Okay, I think I have that dress you are wearing.... It is a grey dress right? :)


What a beautiful necklace!


so lovely, erin. i adore the understated elegance here. i must go check out more of lisa's work...


That's beautiful! I love her designs. I just received her "find joy" necklace from my husband and I adore it. I can't wait to order more things from her.


oh, it is so pretty erin. simple. and beautiful.
off to check out her site.


Ooohhh!!! THAT'S a good swap!


What a beautiful necklace!


Damn. Now that is a swap. And I've just added another piece of jewellery to my want list. :p


Love the necklace - simple yet beautiful! Definitely my style. :)

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