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New paints for a new project

Have you seen the project that Emily, Rachel, Alicia and Heather are doing?  If not, you really should check out echoes.  I was enamored with it immediately.  They have a flickr group so that the rest of us can play along.  I joined.




Although I am feeling a bit frenzied, running around, trying to get ready for our trip, I am still taking ten minutes to paint a little something every day.  It's been way to long since I did anything artistic that didn't involve fabric, thread or yarn.  It feels so good.


Mama Urchin

You're quite talented with the paintbrush. Is there anything you cannot do?

Mellissa - wondermommy

I've been thinking about picking up some watercolors myself. Your work is inspiring!


it feels good. and, oh, it looks good, too. happy packing!


I'm planning on joining, but havn't gotten around to it - I've been packing too.


I am so glad you are enjoying it Erin, both our project and your participation!


10 minutes to paint everyday. What a lovely idea... and oh how it suits you, creative mama!


i would love to paint something. soon.
i think i know a little girl with a big kit....maybe she will be willing to share. :)
yours are lovely. just lovely.


Erin! That's fantastic! As soon as I can find a minute, I'm so there!


You should paint more! These are wonderful!


i am so so so so glad. that you're painting. that you're playing. that you're enjoying it. really, so glad.


That's pretty great Erin. It's nice to see you playing with pigment again!


These are great! It's nice to see you playing with pigment again!


oh, phooey. Double post. :)


hooray for those ten minutes of painting! thanks for joining us, we're happy you are.


I'm loving my few moments to create something each day too. Sadly, I don't paint. Really. But I'm loving yours.

Lori Williamson


I want to thank you so much for your free tutorial on the Sunny Day Dress. This is only the second thing I have ever made for my girls and they turned out so cute. It took me 4 trips into town to find elastic thread.

Stop by my blog to see the finished products.

Lori W


I love sketching and painting. I do often by hardly share it. Now I have no excuses! I'll be joining in on the fun too.


love this!


This would be fun to do a collabo with the kids! They can pint and you can write or whatever. Thanks||||||||


That is just beautiful! I was very into watercolors about two summers ago. The other day I was digging through some craft boxes and found them! Maybe I'll have to dip into them this afternoon.


very pretty watercolors. You are so talented!

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