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Whenever we are leaving on a trip, the last minute scramble to get things packed is always just that:  last minute.  While I am packing us up, the girls seem to get into things, making a big mess right before we leave.  About a year ago, I came up with a packing list for them so that they could be busy in a productive way while I was packing my own clothes.


This is today's list.  We went over it together and later, when I am ready to put things in the suitcase, they will go gather what they need and bring it to me.  Occasionally, I will have to edit their choices to make sure that they are appropriate for the season (no tank tops in winter, no corduroys in summer, etc.).  I just send them back to get the right thing and keep packing my own stuff.

Kate wasn't reading when I started using this system, so I drew each item and wrote its name beside it.  Although she's reading now, I still use the drawings because it makes it cute.  And really, cute makes the whole thing fun, you know.  I've thought about making a master list that I can just print out each time.  Would you all be interested in that?

This is a great tool for grocery lists too - draw little apples, bananas, gallons of milk and loaves of bread and then divvy up your list between your helpers.  It gets them involved and keeps them happy in the store.

We're off to Telluride in the morning.  I'll be checking in from there with some other things to share.  See you next week.



What a great idea! I would love a master list to help my 1 & 2 year old, especially at the dreaded store . . . :) Thanks for the great idea.


This is such a great idea! I always try to involve the kids in the packing and this is a perfect way to do it! Enjoy your trip!


Such a great idea!
Have a wonderful trip!

Mellissa - wondermommy

I love your list and it would be a great big help in this house. I would love a printable version. I have the same problems you have getting packed up would help so much to have the kids involved.


Oh, I love it! Forget the kids - I want one for me!


No kids to entertain with a packing game, but I think the idea is brilliant and the pictures are definitely what make it fun and cute! Cudos!


A list to make my life easier? Sign me up!


How cute is this?! I love it! Super idea.

Andrea T. :)

Hi Erin!
I think this is brilliant! So cute, colorful and productive :). I'd love a master list that I could just print and change the numbers ... I might have to give this a try ... we head on vacation in less than 2 weeks!! Whoo-hoo!!

P.S. I've lurked here for quite some time and really, really, really enjoy your creative work! Thanks for all the inspiration!


Love the packing list. I have made cards for the grocery store/Target and they work well. Not only do they give each helper something to do, but they help with the "I wants". "Is that on a card? No? Then we can't get it today."
Have a great trip!


okay. i need you to make my daily lists for me. for sure.
and have a good holiday. whoohoo.


This is a great idea. I've done something similar when we are packing too. Why should I pack all things? My kids WANT to pack their own stuff but I don't want mismatched or forgotten items. Have a great trip.


That's so funny that you do that because when I was your girls' age my momma did that for us too! It always made it really fun to pack and I think it was a lot simpler for her when she did it! Sometimes she'd have us sit at the table and write/draw our own lists while she was making dinner or something which was like a game for us and she got even more done!
See, great minds think alike!


A print out that will help me remember... I love it! There's always a need for something like that at my house.. Of course I might need something that will help me remember where I put it. :)


simply brilliant.

Have a great trip!


That is a great idea, and I especially love your little dress drawing. :) And the watercolor splotches. Awesome.

Have a great trip, hun!


and heeheehee you put "panties" on your blog! :)


what a clever idea! i don't have children, but if i did, i would definitely do this! heck ... i would do this for my *own* packing list just to make the task more fun!


I, too, LOVE the list!! And this is just in time for our holidays at the end of July!


What a great list! I would love something like this, with the pictures and words, and a blank for writing in the number needed. So sweet! :0)


that is a great idea Erin, you should have that downloadable on your website, its so usable!

Enjoy your trip! xo


What a wonderful idea and way to get them to help! Love the idea of a grocery list too. Have a great trip!


love this- I often do a little doodle next to my clothing/packing list too.

If you made a master list I would dig that.

have fun in Telluride!


I am still loving your blog and will send an email soon! This is how I plan trips & plan any big holiday dinners. Somehow it is relaxing to visualize the whole thing. Have a great trip! Jenni


if that doesn't motivate a child to pack, i don't know what would. okay, maybe a really cute suitcase would help a little.
anyway, adorable, as usual.


Fantastic idea!! I need to do this for our camping trip in a few weeks.

Have a fun vacation!!!


this is darling! I'm totally adapting it for little boy!


You are so billiant!
And dang, it's not only helpful, it's so CUTE!!!!


This is the cutest thing ever! I think my husband could use one of these since he packed like 4 pairs of boxers for our 8 day road trip to DC!
Have a wonderful vacation!


That is a great idea! I don't have little ones on my own to try this, but I just thought about something similar. If your little ones like to help even more, they could cut out pictures of grocery items from those coupon- advertising things in the newspaper and stick them on piece of paper. It could be called shopping list/ art project activity (hmm, that is pretty lame name - any successions? )
Let me know if you try it.
Have a wonderful time Erin!


Great list I must try the pictures for shopping

Carrie S.

SUCH a cute idea, thanks for sharing!


The math teacher in me wants to use it as a problem: How many different outfits can you make to use on the trip? (The answer will depend on whether or not you include the bathing as parts of an outfit, and whether or not wearing different undies counts as a completely different outfit.) Or just don't worry about it and have fun!

amy h

My lists aren't nearly so cute!
Have a good trip -- safe travels!

amy h

My lists aren't nearly so cute!
Have a good trip -- safe travels!


I like very much your idea! Have a nice time!

Beth H

I wish I had one of these every time I needed to pack! It would make it so much more enjoyable...almost entertaining.


brilliant. i do the same thing, only my lists are in excel and they don't look nearly as pretty! have you seen gwen's packing lists? they remind me of this one.

safe travels. enjoy the time in the mountains. looking forward to seeing pictures. xo.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Loved your "and your Roxy hoodie" note. My girls have matching striped Roxy hoodies (lined with furry fleecy stuff) that they wear the heck out of.

Enjoy Telluride. It's been beautiful here in Colorado!


Sarah Jackson

Super fab idea and really cute with the drawings! I love it. Have a great time in Telluride. We're on our way back home from our adventure, so I'm looking forward to catching up once we're both back at our computers.


WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS 4 DAYS AGO!!!!! It's BRILLIANT! You would not believe the scene in our house, with Lily sneaking off every 5 minutes to go pack her own bag. A list never even occurred to me. GREAT idea!


sweet as!


omg. that is so cute i can't stand it.


YES! YES! YES! I would be very interested in master list! We are leaving for camping today and I love this idea. There is so much to pack and my three non-readers could be very helpful with something like this!
Did you use water color then ink pen over the drawings? Thanks!


what a great idea!!! I think this will be appearing in our household very soon , thanks for sharing


what a great idea!!! I think this will be appearing in our household very soon , thanks for sharing


i. wan't. to. use. this. list!!!!!!!!
SO adorable!


I'd be very interested in a list like this!


this is so great!! I love the idea to adapt it for grocery shopping. so cute.


this is SOOOO super cute!! what a great idea!

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