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Tutorial Time!

The sweet ladies over at Sew, Mama, Sew asked me if I would do a tutorial for a summer beach and picnic blanket.  Of course I said yes!  I was completely flattered to be asked and had so much fun coming up with a simple, but fun summer quilt.


I've added a link in the sidebar that will take you right to the tutorial.  Or you can click here.  And of course, while you are there, you should check out all the other wonderful tutorials and project ideas they have.  Their blog is a fabulous resource for many how-to's and Sew, Mama, Sew's webstore is filled with cute fabric and patterns, too!


If you make one of these blankets using the tutorial, let me know.  I would love to see yours!

Have a great day!



This is cute and useful too! Good job. I'm a procrastinator and reading your blog wants me to get my projects going! Thanks for the kick in the tush! LOL! You have a great day too!

Mama Urchin

Fun, fun. I was thinking of a quilt like this with some of the Heather Ross fabrics.


This is perfect timing as I'm just laying out my picnic quilt. I will probably follow your directions for how to put it together though mine is a bit different in size and number of squares. I really like the idea of the rock pockets. Another idea I had was to put buttons around the border and then make picnic napkins with buttonholes to foil the wind.


How cute is THAT!!! I love Allison's button idea. Very clever!


Oh! you are so good!!!!!! love it, erin.


Thanks Erin. This tutorial will come in handy when I attempt to make my first quilt.


it's beautiful! way to go, erin!


Congratulations! I saw this over there this morning.


So sweet and simple! I've been wanting to make a quilt for sitting on in the backyard for quite some time now...this would be the perfect size. I love Sew, Mama, Sew...thanks for the great tutorial!


What timing! I was just about to start my own new beach blanket quilt! I'm planning on adding some straps to carry it onto the beach when rolled up, but I never would've thought of the rock pocket idea for holding it down! Thank you for the inspiration, as always.

Sarah Jackson

I love it, of course! What's funny is that I already have squares cut out for one. Maybe great minds think alike. ;)


Love it! Very pretty! Great tutorial!


i can't wait to make one. i just have to bite the bullet and buy that new sewing machine first...

The Knitting Archaeologist

This looks so fabulous! I actually think I could make this, even though I have limited sewing skills. It's perfect! Thank you.


Thanks Erin for the tutorial! I'm going to attempt this today! :) I'll let you know if life goes my way and I get it done.


Fantastic tutorial! I need to make one of these quilts!


What a great picnic quilt... and I love the baby items for your new nephew!


What a great tutorial! I think with your helpful words and pictures even a novice sewer like me could make that blanket.


LOVE it, as usual! I can't keep up, but I'll keep trying!

Jonah Lisa

Great blanket. I've had a picnic lanket in my head for a while now with the same idea of mixing a few bug prints with more traditional tablecloth checks. Love the idea of the rock pockets. I'll have to incorporate this into my plan! Oh, and get started.


I was JUST thinking today of making a simple quilt like that!! How coincidental that you posted a tutorial like this! I guess I'll have to go check out how you did yours now...


WOW! This is fantastic! I'll be making one of these I'm also adding it today's edition of the Daily DIY!


Beautiful quilt and I love the corner pockets. Thanks so much for doing the tutorial.


Love it Erin! This could be a quick and easy project to motivate me to sew!


I cant wait to make one!

miss chris

Wonderful! I'm more curious about your magical powers of time management. Didn't you just get back from vacation? again? I'm not sure how you do it, but I'm so glad you do. xoxo


This is so great. Thank you SO much. I've been looking for something exactly like this. I've never quilted and although I know I'd probably have no problem with it, it's always intimidated me. So this is something that looks like it would be great to start with. And perfect for summer and fall picnics!! Thanks again! I can't wait to make it :)


Beautiful as usual!


Great idea- I think I may just give it a go.


Oh how wonderful - thank you!


With your tutorial in hand, I'm going to try my hand at sewing and quilting one of these this fall. You've inspired me! Thanks! Love the rock pocket idea!


I love this idea and am saving it to my favourites! Thank you.x


this is great1 i may just try it out , soon!


that is a very cute blanket...perfect for reading outside!


Love it! I might give it a try, but I've never done anything close to a quilt! I'm pretty basic when it comes to sewing!


Thank you! This is so doable and looks easy, fast, and fun, plus a great way to use my fabric stash.


I had to go over to the tutorial to figure out what the rock pockets are for:)
My first thought was "oh, for young boys to put their rocks in, instead of their own pockets..."
the quilt is lovely -I really like the large squares. It looks so modern this way compared to most quilts that have so many tiny pieces.
and this looks like even I could manage to make it.


That's a great picnic blanket! Simple but yet so pretty!

melissa s.

taping the backing down is pure genius, i tell you! awesome tute!


Love the pocket for rocks - ingenious! I'll be whipping one up. Thanks for the tutorial :)K


I want to be you. I'm totally making one of these and will for sure add it to the flickr group.



what a great idea adding the stone pockets - not seen that before!!
I have left you a tag over at Looking forward to reading your answers!


Great blanket.
This is a great beginner for me.

Lil' d

Gorgeous blanket! That picture reminds me so much of my summers as a kid - I was often curled up with a book on a blanket in the yard.


oh what a lovely picture. I can't wait until my children just sit down like that--right now it seems like they run from morning til night. (and the blanket is pretty fantastic too)


Super cute, Erin. ;) I actually never thought of sewing the edges with it inside out. I'll have to try that with the next little blanket.

Nathalie Brault

Hi, this has got to be the easiest quilt ever. Love it. Put it on my to do list wich keeps getting longer. Just wanna let you know that I'm having a giveaway if you're interested for 1st year blogoversary. Bring some friends. We'll have fun Have a nice day.


Super! Thanks for the idea and tutorial. Love it.


I LOVE the colors you used! It is so pretty!

Jennifer Paganellli

so nice to meet you I love your work at sew mama sew...

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