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Not much to report.  The girls are in school and all seems good.  Well, at least their first day was good.  My first day was good too.  There was one point in the day when I was wandering around the house aimlessly, not sure what to do with my freedom!  After much hemming and hawing, the gocco came out.  More on that later.

I have printing on the brain.  I'm working on a big project inspired by Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin.  I spent Tuesday night working on a stencil.  I am not a natural with the exacto knife.  Give me a pair of scissors and I can work magic.  The exacto - not so much.


Of course, my imprecise cutting had nothing to do with the wine.

I'll dish more on this next week.  Some things just need to be a surprise.



I have printing on the brain too. Thanks to Lotto and Lena, all I want to do is come up with patterns and blank things to print on. Can't wait to see what you're working on!


Uh,oh. I think the wine (and the netflix feature of the week) might be why I can't reliably count to seven for the Feb. Lady Sweater. All this time I thought it was just my poor over-taxed little brain.


we love your surprises!
hard to wait for them... but worth it when you reveal.

have a wonderful finish to your week.


surprises. gocco. exactos. and wine. i can just imageine. whoohoo.

Jen M

A little tip: if you use a sheet of glass (like from a picture frame or a mirror) instead of a self-healing mat, it is MUCH easier to cut things like stencils out! The blade just glides on the glass.


I'm itching to do some printing too but no time. I love Lena's book though - very inspiring. Can't wait to see what this will be.


Ummmm you are so lucky they are back in school. I can't wait anymore! 7 more days!


Hmmm, you have me intrigued!


I have got to get that book. I wonder if my library has it. hmmm. can't wait to see what this is going to be erin!


Now this looks interesting. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm going to go scan the library's web site and see if they have the book.


I can't wait to see what you do with this. I've been intrigued by paper cutting lately. Unfortunately, there's no way to find time for that until my boys are both in school, which is not for another year yet! Enjoy your time creating.


I am so wonky with an x-acto knife too! I've been cutting lots of stencils lately, and it is surprisingly hard to do. Anyway, your cuts look beautiful, and I look forward to the final product!

Sarah Jackson

I've been meaning to check out that book too. Wine and the exacto do not mix. I wield a mean exacto knife and I wouldn't attempt it with wine. I'm not as good with scissors. I think it's because with scissors I'm a lefty in a right handed world. With the exacto knife I'm free to be me.

I wanna see your gocco project. Mine was a disaster yesterday. New supplies and try #2 should come tomorrow.


wondering whether this has anything to do with cover. because my project is related to lena's book!


I have a printing obsession going on myself! Lena and Lotta have really changed the way I look at blank surfaces.I can't wait to see what your lovely floral pattern will turn into. I've found that an old cookie sheet (haven't tried the glass mentioned above)is a perfect surface for smooth gliding X-acto knife work. I've also been using a swivel blade Xacto knife and the curves and tiny details don't throw me anymore.


Glad the first day of school went off without a hitch. It's funny when something major changes in your routine like that and you just don't quite know what to do with yourself. It's a nice feeling, but a little disorienting, eh?


I know what you mean about xacto knives, I will patiently wait to see what fabulous printing project you have in the works - trying out an alternative to "can't wait" not quite the same ring to it. Hmmmm.


hurray for the start of school!


Be careful mixing wine and sharp objects!


Your flowers look great :o) Can't wait for the surprise! I need to practice with my x-acto knife... I've never used it, although I bought it intending to do some scherenschnitte. Have a beautiful day.


I've been wanting to check out that book.... can't wait to see the finished product!!


I can't wait to see what you are doing. I also need practice with the xacto.


School is back in here too. Unfortunatly, my first grader isnt taking it so well! He is having a tough time adjusting to his new teacher. I can't wait to see what you've done with the gocco! Where do you find these machines?



I love your surprises...! And I think your little petals look great. Not at all wonky and imprecise...


I can't wait to see.......I agree about the exacto. I did find a little pen-like ceramic point cutter at w-mart and it is a little more "natural" but it won't cut through really thick paper as well.........


can't wait to see what came of your time with the gocco. and too, to see how you're going to use that awesome stencil!


Can't wait to see what the finished project is!


ok. thats funny. the imprecise cutting and the wine. ;-)


That looks awesome! I've a sneaking suspicion of what it is and I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Could you do the same thing for Tracy and Emily? That would be a BRILLIANT "cover."


Can't wait to see what this is for!


they are super cute, I love the color combo. I wonder what your original idea was? I hate when that happens.

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