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Go Go Gocco

While the kids were at school on Wednesday, I worked on my note cards for Sarah's Art of the Note Gocco Swap.


I had ordered my paper back in July from Paper Source.  There was a reason why I choose an aqua note and an orange envelope.  I wish I could remember what the reason was.  Somewhere between mid-July and Wednesday, my brilliant idea was lost, never to be found.  So there I was stuck with a color palette and full of ideas that wouldn't work so well in blues and oranges.  Figures.


I ended up getting out the spirograph and made lots of random shapes on different papers.  One of them looked a lot like a flower to me so I added a stem and some leaves.  Voila - a flower!


The screen did not burn as well as I had hoped.  I knew Dana had a hard time with her spirograph screen too, so I didn't think I would get any better results burning a new one.  I went ahead and printed with the one I had.  The ink dried a bit dark, but I think it still looks good with the envelope.


Thanks for organizing the swap, Sarah!  I loved having an excuse to get the gocco out and get printing.  Speaking of which, I have another stencil to cut.

Happy weekend to you all.



The cards look so cool. I love the orange. Do you mind if I ask where you got your gocco press? These look like so much fun to make.


I love those cards! Even if you forgot the theme, it's still a great color combo!


What a cute card! I feel kind of silly asking this, but is gocco like stamping?


Oooo pretty! I read a little on gocco. It looks difficult. Is it?

Courtney Paige

The cards turned out beautiful. I think they're adorable.

Mama Urchin

The orange and aqua are so summery together.


weird - everyone seems to have had a hard time burning their screens this time. i had to toss one, as it was unusable - one bulb was defective it seems.

anyway, super cute idea, erin! they turned out beautiful, whatever your original idea was!


erin, these are wonderful!!! i love the blue and orange... very summery!


I love how your cards turned out. I've always wanted to give Gocco a try. Incidentally, I saw Gocco kits and supplies recently at the former Keith Coldsnow art supply store in Overland Park.

Sarah Jackson

It's awesome! I've done a spirograph one too and they're fun. The colors you chose are perfect for that design.

I think there's bad burning karma on this swap - I had burning issues too and am waiting for new supplies to come hopefully today.

Melissa Crowe

Oh, I think they're lovely. The color combo is gorgeous as far as I'm concerned. I keep wanting to get a gocco but chickening out because of the whole discontinued thing. But it doesn't seem like anyone's having a hard time getting supplies, right? Maybe I should take the plunge.


Isn't it nice when a lost idea and odd color combo turn out so beautiful? They turned out wonderfully!


So totally cute! I've wanted a gocco for about 15 years now - I've bought everything else under the sun so I'm not sure why I haven't got a gocco yet, weird! Maybe I'll get one for Christmas and then maybe I'll get to join some of those fabulous swaps.

Kelly H

Those are the same colors you used for that adorable giraffe quilt!!

Is that a coincidence? I think it's a great combo.


yep. those will bring total cheer to all those that get one!!!!


I hardly know a thing about gocco but now I'm thinking that its my next craft endeavor. It looks like so much fun-and I love sending cards in the mail!!

melissa f.

the chicken and i went to the new paper source last night. oh my. that place is freaking dangerous.

i need to break out the gocco. that is really cute.


love the colors and really like what you came up with- they are simple and pretty.
Still haven't gotten a gocco, I think it has to go on the birthday present list :)


Cute cards. I missed the swap cut off date. I'm getting jealous looking at all these cute cards everyone is making for the swap.


love the colors!


i love them. you've tied the orange and blue together perfectly. such a nice paper mix. and can i say how much i love to hear that you forgot why you originally ordered them? yes, nice to know i'm not alone on the forgetfulness. :)

beth Billups

i totally get the lost idea thing...i've started carrying a small pad and pencil with me to capture moments of brilliance...


Cute, cute cards! I started an idea book, but I can't find it! Ha, only kidding, but not too far from the truth ;)

brown robin

You are sooooo hard on yourself! These are wonderful. I love the orange/red/blue. Your combos of textiles and colors are always great. In my mind, you have an intuitive's touch. Printing is always something I've wanted to try. You inspire me! Have a great weekend, Erin.

P.S. If you get the chance this weekend, I've finally started a blog. It's been a long time coming. I always enjoy your posts, although I've been remiss to comment in the last several months.


Those turned out cute!


I like these a lot!


beautiful! i love the aqua and orange together.


very sweet cards! I really want a gocco now, it is just such a cool little printmaking process!

The Homely Animal

Despite not remembering the basis for your color choice, I think it turn out fabby. Definately seems like it was worth the effort 100%


you're welcome, erin!!

i love your cards -- especially the color combination. and honestly, i totally dig the imperfections created by the not-so cooperative screen burning process. the prints that come from these screens (and the ones that are created when the inks aren't evenly applied) always seem more alive to me than those that are super crisp.

and thanks to you for participating in the swap!


This is really cute! Lucky swap recipient!

Mary Smith

Nice cards! It's nice to see papercraft on a blog. I was going to start posting about scrapbooking this fall and winter.


omg. so cute.


Very cute, i love them!


I want to gocco...where did you get your set-up? I have been looking around and am not satisfied with my searches. ;-( I wanna swap too!


Wow- I love the colors and the design... so cute!


The flower looks great... and it made me think, I haven't event thought about the old spirograph stuff in decades.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


These turned out beautiful! Your color combination is perfect!

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