Carpool line
Wordplay 3: Cover

It's Friday

Hey there.

A couple things:

1.  I didn't take any photos of the items I received at the craft swap on Tuesday night, but Caroline did.  Pop over to this post if you want to see how talented my friends are.  Psst....she's having a giveaway too!

2.  I changed the links that are over in the top right side bar.  It had been a long time since I changed them.  So now you have some fun and some new blogs to check out.


Aren't these dahlias pretty?

I'm off to knit in the carpool line.  It's Friday which means the girls and I are going out for ice cream.   A nice way to end the school week, if you ask me.  Have a great weekend!



have a great weekend.


have an extra scoop for me!
enjoy the weekend!!!


I love the way the colors of the dahlia blend into one another. Such a happy flower.


I love dahlias! My yellow ones took over my garden, I had to move them. I got the Amy Butler book from the library today - I'm going to make some lounge pants! You inspired me.


It still seems so weird to me that where you live school has already started. Summer doesn't end until Labor Day here. Have a great weekend.


ice cream fridays. awesome. (ours are donut fridays!)

what an amazing swap group you have! very jealous. i think the necklaces and light switch covers might be my faves.

(and thanks for the link, my friend!)


Have a great weekend :) Those flowers are beautiful - my two favorite colors!


I miss the car pool lane from my son's school. Lovely, meditative time on your own.


Wow. The carpool line. Back in it already. Oh, how the cycles of the year keep us plugging along.


I love dahlias :o) I can't wait to pick some up at the farmer's market tomorrow. Have a beautiful weekend!


happy friday to you erin. hope you had a great one. the dahlias are pretty. I wish I could grow flowers.

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Gosh what gorgeous colours those Dahlias, they are just too perfect! I too like to take something to do in the car waiting for the kids to come out of school, but why people insist on talking to me( which I know I should be thankful for), i don't know, don't they know i have stitching to be done!! Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


you have an amazingly talented group of friends!
happy happy weekend.

The Homely Animal

What a fun night!


I just stumbled upon your blog through nessienoodle and it seems right up my alley. I look forward to reading more! :)



I too knit in the carpool line. But I am still learning to sew. Love your blog!


the flowers are lovely! hope you had a delightful weekend!


Just found your blog. Wanted to say that I love the photo. Those colours are so vivid and the flower looks so lacy.
I'm sitting in front of a class that's doing an essay on Romeo and Juliet, so I'll go back and do some more reading while they're all quiet.

erin s

Yes they are lovely flowers Erin. I hope that you guys had a wonderful's been a while since I have popped by your blog so I am catching up. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream!

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