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Checking in


jen j-m

erin, it was so much fun to spend time with you - i loved every minute. i'm so glad you had a good time here.


i'm so glad you had fun.
it was so good to meet you in person!


I love Portland too. It is one of the very few places that I enjoyed living in. I am glad you had a great time.

Mama Urchin

My goodness, that sounds like fun.


so fun! the trip and the gathering and the food and the drink and the sea. excellent ingredients for a weekend away.


Next time when your suitcase seems a little heavy... it just might mean I am stowing away with you. Ha Ha... Yeah I justmight be serious...


Glad you enjoyed yourself and had a good time. Now you're rejuvenated. That's always a good thing! Welcome back!


oh. i am glad you had such a great time. to be expected. going with your guy. and meeting all those gals. whoohoo.


I've never been to Portland, but it seems like a beautiful place to visit! Welcome home!


Oh, man! Those onion rings look fab! But what's that behind them? Some kind of delicious deep-fried seafood, I'll bet.


I know I'll have to go one day to Portland and see all the special things there. Must copy all the places I'll have to visit from now on, lol...


Maine is a stinkin' great place to be, esp. Portland. It looks like you met some awesome people-you lucky duck! I headed over to all those links and loved every minute of reading them!


Oh boy, that sounds like a great time!


I've never been but a dear friend is from Maine and is there every summer. She sent me a postcard last week and sure with there was such food like your pictures on it! lol



it was so lovely to meet both of you! and to find out about a new beer. i wish the weather would have cooperated more, but so glad to hear that you had fun.


Erin, it was so wonderful to meet you and Fatty. You two are fab. I love how much you both reveled in the food and drink. Come back soon! xo


oh it sounds like a lot of fun - i've only ever been to Elliot, Maine, but portland is on my list of places to visit!

Sarah Jackson

still very envious - I love Maine. Glad you had such a great time!


What a fun time you must have had! And bloggy meetups are always the best!


My guess is that it's definitely the beer - mmm, those look good! :)


beer, food, sea, and fun ladies. you are a lucky girl.


It's only 7 am here but I really wish that beer and food were in front of me right now - yum! What a fun trip!


thanks for letting us monopolize your time. it was so great to meet you and fatty. hope we can do it again soon.

jen t

it was so fun to meet you and fatty! hope the rest of your visit was great.


glad you had fun. it looks like a fabulous place to visit.


is that top picture Gritty's?


Glad you had such fun, and now I'm craving fried clams and beer!


Glad you had fun in Maine! I love Portland so much, but love the simplicity of where we are now. If you ever get further up the coast, let me know!


Tell me those beers weren't at Gritty McDuffs? Oh, I'm so jealous!


You were at Brian Boru! Oh, fun.

So very lovely to meet the both of you on Saturday night! Glad your time here was full of so many good things - even with a little bit of rain, too.

Happy settling-in at home, Erin!


Oh how I love Portland! I do hope that you got to check out Edith and Edna while you were up there! It's one of my most favorite places!


Seething with jealousy in the other Portland...


How very fun! I've never been to that Portland. Must go!

Shelly G.

MMMMMMMMM....... the food :)


oh fun!!!!
never been to portland, me. but oh how i would love to go.


i have never been to maine either and would love to go and travel that part of the eastern coast! your photos make me wish to travel even more! so glad you had an awesome time and meeting such great people! and with your hubby even better!


Sounds like a lovely trip and how cool to have had the chance to hangout with such cool ladies.


sounds like fun! and in such great company!


Man....I wish I would have been there :) xo

City Farm Girl (jenn)

The ultimate blog-woman's adventure. I dig the way you linked to each woman's sight. Keep up the fun.


Beer and fries, looks good to me!

The Homely Animal

I haven't been to Portland yet, but I have heard wonderful things! Those crinkle could entice me to visit!


That's my kind of food! YUM!


Oh yum-o! That food looks DELISH! :)


oh. my GOSH! What a blast that must have been!


Great photos! I definitely need to travel more and get out to a coast.


It's definitely the beer, the food and the sea! Looks like you were at Gritty's...we always end up there when we're in Portland.


Sounds like you had great fun. That food looks yummy

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i can vouch for maine!
sounds like you had fun.

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