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It is not going to the fair.

More Orange

I made my friend Marcia a patchwork camera strap for her birthday.


This is the third one I have made and I think the kinks are almost worked out.  I need a new foot for my machine so I can sew the vinyl easier.  Does anyone have a good source for buying Bernina parts online?  The store where I bought my machine went out of business when I was in Telluride.  It was a wonderful, locally owned fabric store that had been open for 103 years.  To say that I am going to miss it sorely is an understatement.  I was there so often that many of the employees knew me by name.  Anyhow, I need a part and have no place to get it.  I'd appreciate any leads.

I can't believe it is already Friday and at the same time, I am so ready for the weekend.  I started binding the state fair quilt last night and I anticipate more than a few hours sitting in front of the TV, stitching away over the next few days.  Fatty and I have a date tonight and the girls start volleyball tomorrow.  School starts on the 20th and our days are getting increasingly busier.  I'm going to savor these last few weeks of down time and squeeze in as much summer as I can.

Hope your weekend is a good one.



What a neat idea! Will you be doing a tutorial on how to do this? I have gotten the best gift ideas since I've dove into the bloggin world. Now I just need to act on those ideas. :)


I have never been able to find Bernina parts online. I hope someone posts a link. As for your date tonight...you will have a great time. The movie is soooo good!


I'd love to buy or make one. Tutorial? Please? Mine Nikon strap just screams GEEK.


Marcia is a lucky girl! The orange, green and blue combo are so pretty! The old black strap is already in the garbage can. Lucky me....


My local Bernina store is going out of business as well. When I was talking to the owner about her stock, she said they aren't allowed to sell online. But, if you let me know what you need, then I can get it for you for 25% off right now, including orders. But, she is making her last order on the 16th of August.


Your straps are amazing, I need one! I love all your quilts too, you are so talented! I hope you enjoy the last bit before school starts, ours starts the 11th, so our time is even shorter! OH well! Thanks for sharing you ideas and talents!


i love love love the idea of a patchwork strap for cameras ... the canon digital eos lettering makes me cringe every time i use my camera! i'm curious where you were able to purchase the webbing material and the little buckles that make the strap actually fit in the slats in the camera??


Have fun tonight and enjoy the rest of summer! Our summer is just about over with school starting at the end of next week. Where did the time go?


If Bernina is anything like Husqvarna, they will not sell parts on the internet. Husky INSISTS that you buy them from a dealer. When I asked what would happen if I didnt have a local dealer they told me I would have to mail my machine to another dealer for repairs then, since they won't sell parts to anyone but a licensed dealer.

(It really got my panties in a twist too, let me tell you.)

Soooooooooo, I guess my suggestion is to call an 800 number for Bernina and see what they suggest you do.

Hopefully they are more accommodating.


If you begin selling these camera straps, I'll be first in line to make a purchase. Gorgeous!


Tee Sims

Would Marcia mind posting the information about her local dealer? I too have a Bernina Aurora 430 and would really like an embroidery module for it. The 25% off would make it a whole lot easier to stomach since my local dealer likes to inflate prices for certain folks......ahemmmm...present company included! She can't sell via the internet, but maybe I can call and place a phone order :)


I love that camera strap...what a great idea...much nicer than my boring black one.


Lovely, as always your fabric/color choices are perfect. I can't believe your school starts so early...these really are the last days of summer aren't they.


I love it!

I totally scored some funky fabric and took my strap apart. I'm dying to make more.

What are you "stuffing" yours with? I think my first attempt, while awesome, could be a bit 'thicker'....I'm thinking even a lightweight batting next time?


it's so lovely.


That camera strap is so fun!

Sarah Jackson

We're running down the clock on summer too. School starts on the 11th, so we're packing in 2 more weekend trips before that happens.

I really want to replace my strap (I have mine covered in ribbon which is nice, but not the same) and I don't know that my machine will sew through the vinyl. I guess I should just try - all I'm really risking is a broken needle. And the lack of a camera strap. Hmm....


oh, why does summer have to go so quickly? we have dance and kindergarten starting up again next week -doh!!!

love your strap - have a great weekend, erin!


ever thought of making guitar straps?


please let me know if you ever decide to make these for sale. Also, I second Katie's question about guitar straps. I'm trying to convince my husband I need a guitar! ;)


You might try Ken's Sewing and Vacuum Center. Not sure if they have Bernina products but I have found tons of items that will work with other types of machines. Everything I have ordered has worked wonderfully well and the products are shipped in a timely manner. The number is 877-KENSSEW or the website is http://www.kenssewingcenter.com. I hope this helps.


Gosh, I have so much around the house that I bought there! That is the first shop I went to when I was learning to sew. What a shame--so so so sorry to read those words.


Really pretty strap! I love the colors you used.

If you can't get to a new foot for your machine, a good back up is to stick a piece of blue painter's tape on the bottom of the foot (cutting a hold for your needle of course!) to sew your vinyl. The tape doesn't leave a residue, and it comes right off when you want to use your foot without it. Quicker and cheaper than a new foot! :)


That strap is gorgeous! I totally need one of those! Great job! Your stuff is never short of amazing :)


So purty. I love your fabric choices!


Wow, I love this idea. SO much better than my boring black strap with bright yellow letters.


You know I adore these straps. Bummer about the store closing. It's killing me to be so far from my favorite beads shops in NYC, but at least I can mail order...
Yay for Friday night dates! Have fun.


another amazing house on hill road creation! 2 thumbs up ! enjoy your date night! i know we could use one here!


Of all the camera straps I've seen made lately. I think this is the cutest one yet!!! You have a pretty lucky friend.

Can't wait to see your finished quilt. ~~Pick up a few good movies, it makes the time go faster, well feels like it goes faster any way. :)

Mama Urchin

Have a fun date!


Oh no, Baers closed?! I haven't lived there for a while but I LOVED that fabric store when I was there. How sad :(


I would LOVE a tutorial for this. My camera strap is so blah! If you ever feel the need to send a camera strap to a complete stranger and loyal fan...pick me!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Have a good date night! I'm still waiting to see that movie . . . enjoy:)


I bought a walking foot on Ebay here:


She was quite a character and even called me to make sure I got it. She said she has lots of items and I could call her if I needed anything so you may want to try and shoot her an email.


You could try CS Sewing in Traverse City, Michigan. http://cssewing.com

I know he takes orders over the phone and is willing to ship. :)


would a tutorial of this adorable strap be in our future? have a great summer--way too short...


I love it! I've been wanting to make one of these very soon, as I've finally perfected a patterned camera bag for my SLR! Now it needs a cozy strap.


Just found you via Yellow Week at Prickly Pear Bloom. I love the strap, the summer quilt and just your blog in general. So glad to have come across you.

Modern Crush

Lovely! Makes me want to make one!!


I do like that camera strap I could do with one of those.
Have a great weekend


Love the camera strap. Will you be doing a tutorial? Can't wait to see the state fair quilt completely finished. Good luck on finding a new store.


Perhaps you can find your replacement part on the Bernia site? See link here:




Good Evening
I read your post today..well everyday..but you were asking about Bernina parts online. Occasionlly you can find parts on ebay, but even better we have a Bernina Store where I live which is not too far from you.
Bernina Sewing Center
4844 Plaza East Dr.
Evansville, IN 47715
I hope this help. I too have a Bernina which I purchased from them and they are wonderfully nice people and I am sure they would be happy to help.


The strap is perfect! I've always wanted to make one. I hope you do a tutorial for them - no pressure though!


Oh, I want one! Super lovely. By the way I no longer have the blog, but I am still lurking around and hope I can keep in touch.

Lil' d

That is such a pretty strap. What a lovely gift.


What a gorgeous gift - she's a lucky friend.


It pays to have talented friends. Lucky Marcia!


Great Idea and it looks fab too, would love to see how it was made - black cameras and straps are soooo boring!


gorgeous strap!

I want one!!!

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