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The torte

I've been wanting to try this potato and summer squash torte that Tracy made from this recipe by Smitten Kitchen.  It sounded like a new and different way to get through all the squash we've been receiving from our CSA.  I finally made it on Friday.


I hadn't used my mandoline for a long time and I forgot how great it is to slice veggies thinly and fast.  I quickly had a mound of squash and a mound of potatoes.


I cut the recipe in half and followed it except I didn't butter the pan.  Instead I used my olive oil spray.  Oh, and like Tracy, I added some heirloom tomatoes to the top.  I didn't have a red onion on hand or I would have added that too.


I didn't get any photos of it after it came out of the oven.  We ate it too fast.

The verdict?  Well, Fatty kept saying, "Why haven't you made this before?"  Yes, it was that good.

For those of you, like me, who are counting:  I cut it into 6 servings.  After placing it in the recipe builder on Weight Watchers, it came out to 3 points per serving.


beth Billups

the torte looks like an amazing counterpart for something off the grill...thanks for sharing! It's so great when with the 1st bite of something you know it's a keeper....

cindy phelan

looks delicious...i just started weight watchers yesterday! you read my mind..


Ok, this looks great. Must be the season to start watching our weight, so the added info on that front is much appreciated.

Ok, even though the last of my brood (3) started school today and hubby's off on a business trip --- and well, I am in mourning summer's 'bout over --- I AM DETERMINED TO make some new cushions for our odds and ends patio furniture (yard sale and curbside finds). Any suggestions as to where to get cushioning and what the inside part of outdoor furniture's called.

Loved your duvet --- our neck doesn't readily stock 110 inch fabric --- but am in the process of locating some my own duvet (though I picked up a super inexpensive one on mark down at Crate and Barrel).

Pls write back w/ any info you can about making cushions for outdoor furniture.

Thanks, janelle


Mandolins are wonderful things and that looks like an amazing use of one. Must go click the link to the recipe! Yum.


Oh, yum! I will be trying that recipe right away! Watch out for the mandolin...I sliced the tip of my finger of last year with it...luckily my babysitter was there and helped me wrap it up right away. Be careful!


so copying you copying tracy...


looks yummy!!!
mandolins freak me out!


so copying emily copying you copying tracy. :)


Ditto what leslie said! I love my mandoline. Because it is essentially a disposable tool (can't really sharpen those blades once they're dull, can you?), I bought a $10 one at target. Think I'll pull it out to make this!


Oh! I love stuff like this and haven't found a good recipe. I'm excited to try this! Those tomatoes look divine!

TD wool design

wow, this looks great!
thanks for the info on it. a definate very soon here.


That dish looks amazing. I love WW...I need to get back on the program.


Looks like a perfect summer side dish. Thanks.


Oh yum! I'll have to give this a try - I'll get my family to eat squash yet!!!


oh erin, thanks for sharing this! it looks so good, and healthy!


What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it. I went browsing on Smitten Kitchen and am now roasting cherry tomatoes as we speak (or I write...). Thanks for the great linkage!


This looks amazing. I can't wait to try this out.

Shelly G.

yummmmm....It looks delicious...


This looks absolutely delicious! I'm looking up the recipe now!

Sarah W

MMMM, I can almost taste it. I too am counting so thanks for the WW points info.

miss chris

This will make me get a mandoline, I just know it. Looks delish.


that looks delicious!!!!


totally making this. i keep picking up these beautiful potatoes at the farmers market every sunday but am going to cry if i have one more bite of potato salad! thank you!


3 points only? amazing. i'm very envious of your mandoline. look at those perfect slices... :)


oh yum!! This looks really good! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Elaine Simpson

That looks yummy, I'm going to try that one


mmm.... looks fantastic.


Can't wait to try it!


This looks fabulous. Did you add the cheese and flour?


I love recipes from Smitten Kitchen-I'm making something from it tonight, in fact. I'm going to have to try this torte soon as well.


I'm so trying this recipe - sans tomatoes because my husband has something against them, even the tasty heirloom ones! (All the more for me - evil laugh!)


Making this!


This looks totally scrumptious. Thanks for sharing it.


that looks so so good. One of these days, I'm going to plant all those heirloom tomato plants I dream about in my backyard and just pluck some to make this. That would be heaven.

Hope you are finding some nice alone time with school starting. I, like you, find it a little bittersweet, but good for me (and them) nonetheless! xo

Mary Smith

I love the fresh taste of veggies. Great recipe!


ohhh that looks so good! I'll have to give this a try after we get to the farmer's market next time :)


ooh! I'm so glad you liked it! And that Fatty liked it. Nate loved it too, more than I expected.


I'm all over this one - looks healthy, and it's Fatty approved. Nice.


So happy to find this post! I have SO much squash from my garden and have been wanting to find a new recipe to use it. I will try this one!


We've been talking about getting a mandoline for ages! I love how beautiful and uniform the shapes are. Maybe once more of our garden starts to ripen I'll have an excuse. :-)


Made it last night, and this is what i heard:

"Mommy, why don't you make our squash like this every day? I would eat it every day if you made it like this and not the other way!"

Thank thank thank U!

Sarah C.

I made this last night... it. was. AMAZING. Thanks for sharing!


sounds so good!!!!


That looks delicious! I love Smitten Kitchen.


Made the torte last night! Everyone loved it! I'll have to make more next time - we all wanted more. It was so easy to which is a big plus.

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