What is it? Can you guess?
Carpool line

Lounge Pants x 8


You are good guessers!  Congrats to Meg, who had the first correct guess.  I'm going to make a second pair for qalballha also.  Ladies I will email you later today for some info.  If you didn't win, don't despair. I have something else to give away in the next week or so.


Here's a shot of the eight pairs of lounge pants hanging on my deck.  I made them using the pattern in In Stiches by Amy Butler.  The cuffs are made with some of her Midwest Modern prints.  This was plan B.  Plan A wasn't super successful, but I will tell you more about that at another time.


My to do list is crazy long today.  See you all later!



*SHRIEK* *SHRIEK* Wow! YOU ROCK. *Big grin* :D:D:D:D

I'm really psyched. Can you tell????!

Sarah Jackson

Oh, they're so so cute. I still really need to make those pants.


Those look tres comfy!!!


those lucky girls! I really need to get this book, specifically for THIS pattern!


Oh boy, do I looooove lounging. Maybe if I were wearing cute pants specifically made for lounging I would feel justified in doing it. Must make these pants!


Those are so cute. I love the ric rac trim!


you are amazing.


I love the cuff detail. Lucky girls!


They are wonderful, love the picture on your deck!!!!!

Are they easy to make for a dimwit like me????


they are adorable!


Those look great! Congrats to the winners. And to you for making all those lounge pants!

Mama Urchin

Look at your excellent ric-rac skills.

Meg Evans

YAY! I can't believe you made eight pairs! And this takes care of one thing on my "to make" list!

They're beautiful, as always!


Wow, I'm truly impressed! They're lovely.


I love love love my lounge pants! You know, I think that may have been one of our best swaps yet.


Holy Cow, woman!!


I really wish I was in your craft swap. I love the idea but no one around here wants to do it. LOVE the pants.

Courtney Paige

Those are adorable - they look so comfy and I love all the different fabrics and trim you used.


still on my to-do list.


How pretty all the colours are!


8 pairs for your swap group? you are wonderwoman. they turned out gorgeous.


you are unreal! i had a feeling, the more i thought about it, that it was the lounge pants. (ps. things looking up. talk soon.)

apple cyder

I never would have guessed that you would have made so many pants for your craft swap group. Not only are you talented, but you are super generous. Interested in learning more about Plan A and to see what you get in the swap!


8 pairs, wow. You are so generous. They look fantastic too.

amy h

Dude, I can't believe you made EIGHT pairs of lounge pants. EIGHT!!


The pants look great! I really like the cuffs. I need to make a pair for myself. I bet they're really cozy.


These are great...I love the ric rack trim. I have another pair cut out right now, but have yet to start sewing them. Most comfortable pants ever. I love mine.


I nominated you for a blog award!

Did you know what sizes to make for all the ladies or just went with a general large size?


love those pictures ... love the pants! i didn't want to take them off this morning, and had i known we were going to wind up at Geron's, i would have just left them on! that was a great swap - agree w/ caroline - may have been one of best ever.


oh so cool. i need to lounge more. i think i need pants for that though!


so cute--white pants with printed cuffs! Love it. I've got to make those pants. please tell me having both kids in school gives you extra time to sew. it will give me hope for the future. I'm also wondering about the size thing that melissa wonders about.


Plan B is almost always better. LOVE the cuffs!


so good, erin! love the packaging too -- saw a peek of that on flickr.....


Really cute! You are so industrious!


erin! they are fab! eight pairs! wow. your crafty friends are so lucky!


I always love the photos of your craft swap stuff. I think because it's there's so many of the same. Love the cuff action and ric rac.

Beth H

Wow, those are awesome. Sure wish we had a great crafty swap group like this in our town!
Those lucky ladies!

Kim D.

Darn it! Whenever I read your blog, I start adding things to my "want to do" list. So, as soon as the midgets are back in school, I'll get sewing and finish a couple of quilts, get the stitching done on a quilt, get knitting, get cooking.


I can't believe you made 8 pairs of lounge pants! You are awesome. When I grow up, I want to be as cool as Erin. ;)


Those are seriously cute pants.


Hi Erin -
So much cuteness on the blog! I really love the lounge pants with the contrast cuff. They have been on my to-do list for a while, but they just moved up.


Lisa Clarke

Those are terrific! And how amazing that you made so many pairs without losing your mind, LOL!

Boy, do I wish I'd been first. And that I'd guessed correctly. ;-)


wow. you don't mess around with the pants. awesome!


Those turned out great!!

Toni Coward

they look brilliant! mind if i ask what fabric you used for the white/cream part?


have you ever thought of opening a shop? seriously, the ideas you come up with for your craft swaps are amazing--from the gift itself all the way down to the hangtags and packaging!

(not to mention you can really crank these babies out!!!)


oh my gosh!! I love that you used the white fabric and the super fun trim!!! so great.
I love these pants and are great for giftees (and for keeping for myself as well)

great job!!


Those look soooo comfortable! They also make me want to change into my PJs right now :o) Have a great night!


wow they are awesome, i didnt know what "lounge pants" were, dont know if we refer to them as that in Australia, they look great!! :-D


They are simply georgous!

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