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I have spent the last few weeks reading The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket.  The book arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of STC Craft.


Reading this book was a comfort to me.  I loved the way Jane explored the things that she loves to do, which are coincidentally some of the things I like too.  Beyond the sewing and the knitting, her ponderings struck a chord with me on so many levels.  The photos are inviting, the words captivating and the tone welcoming.  I didn't read her blog before I read this book, but I will now.  It's that wonderful.

And lucky for you, I have an extra copy for sharing.  If you would like the book, leave a comment on this post before Saturday, September 13th and I will use the random number generator to choose a winner.

Hope you are having a great day.



Lucky number one?


What a generous giveaway. Yarnstorm is a very inspiring blog. Hope you are having a great day too!


always looking for ways to improve the art of domesticity. put my name in the hat.


Oh my, is it possible I am first? I just saw this book on another blog. The photos on the cover are enough to make me want a copy for myself :). Good luck with your latest knitting project :).


Oh, how very generous! I do read Jane's blog and I look forward to her book. Thanks for all of the lovely inspiration I find on YOUR blog!

Kim Kaufmann

I've been trying to get a copy of this through my library, but they don't seem to have it! Boo hoo.


Thank you for turning me onto Jane's blog. I want to be like her, except I'm totally inept when it comes to baking bread and sewing seems like way to much prep and planning for an impulsive type like me.


oh- that's exciting- thank you for offering one to give away- and of course, for all your inspiring work. :)


Ooooo! Pick me! Pick me!

I'd been meaning to pick up a copy of this book but this will have to wait until after my move next week.


Well if I don't win I'll have to get it from the library, but I'd love to win ;)


Wow, that book's been on my list forever. I love her blog and I know I'd love the book. Thank you for offering a chance to own it!


Oh fun! I'd love the chance to get a coy. Thank you!


I would love to have this book. Thanks for the chance!


How thoughtful of you! I also wanted to thank you for the picnic blanket tutorial. I made one for myself and another one for my sister and her kids. I must say they are very cute and the pockets in the back are genius!

TD wool design

i'd take your recommendation any day! it looks wonderful, a book i'd enjoy with a cup of tea. my fingers are crossed!


I'd love the chance, to win :)


i'd absolutely LOVE a copy. i could use it!


thanks for the give-a-way! this book has been on my list.


that book looks great! very nice giveaway!!!

Angela Butler

I enjoy reading your blog! I've been very interested in this book put my name in the hat as well! Thank you.


I'd love a copy. I have been eyeing this book for over a year. It has only been available in the US for a few weeks now. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


That book looks beautiful...lucky number generator pick me please!


I have loved her blog for so long. The colours are amazing and I love the way she arrange them.


My fingers are crossed! It looks like a fab book.

Susan Slinkard

I haven't seen this book before, but it looks like something that would be right up my alley. Though I work outside the home, I take great pleasure in all things domestic! Thanks for the opportunity.


Yes,please include me. It is such a beautiful book. I can't wait to check out her blog.
Thank you!


I'm looking forward to reading this book.


I'm intrigued. Count me in! :)


How wonderful a giveaway! Thank you for sharing.


woo hoo! i would love this book. i enjoy her blog so much. very generous of you to offer - thank you!


Thanks for the chance to win this lovely looking book & sharing the link to her blog!

Meg Evans

I'm hoping lightning will strike twice--come on, random integer generator! At least I have yet another blog to check out!

Melissa Crowe

Ooh, ooh--me!


This is a beautiful book. I spent way too much time looking through it at the bookstore the other day, then came home and put it on my wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win!


Looks like a book I'd love to have in my "library". Thanks for the chance!


I've been getting the UK version out of my library for months since I found out about it on flickr and the book is so gorgeous.


If I do not win, I will be purchasing this book.

Teri H

Oooohh... I have this book from the library right now, but it is on my wishlist to purchase and have! I LOVE IT! Please include me in your drawing! Thank you!


would love to read this book. it's right up my alley!!


oh it's wonderful! i've been wondering when i'd finally get to see one and find out more about it. lovely :)
and bon weekend to you + yours!


ooh, add my name to the hat please. thank you :-)


i would love a copy of this book...all the things i enjoy!


I love her blog, and have been waiting for her book to come to the States. I can't wait to see it!


This book keeps getting good reviews in the blogosphere so I hope I win!


I flipped through this book the other day, but put it back becuase I spent so much on fabric that day. I'd love to have a copy of my own!


Oh, I love reading her blog. It's always so calming and lovely. What a great give-away!


I love Jane's blog. And yours, too! Thanks for sharing with us out here in blogland :)


I love books like this! Thanks for sharing!


that looks like a great book. i'd like to read it even.

claudia freitas

Thansk for sharing. That really sound like a nice reading. Let's get our fingers crossed and let the random number generator be gentle. :D

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