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I have spent the last few weeks reading The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket.  The book arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of STC Craft.


Reading this book was a comfort to me.  I loved the way Jane explored the things that she loves to do, which are coincidentally some of the things I like too.  Beyond the sewing and the knitting, her ponderings struck a chord with me on so many levels.  The photos are inviting, the words captivating and the tone welcoming.  I didn't read her blog before I read this book, but I will now.  It's that wonderful.

And lucky for you, I have an extra copy for sharing.  If you would like the book, leave a comment on this post before Saturday, September 13th and I will use the random number generator to choose a winner.

Hope you are having a great day.



That book looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to win it!


Would love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for providing so much crafty inspiration on your blog. I love it!


That sounds like a very interesting book! I have been looking back through your blog and have been inspired to start some new projects. Just so you know, I am EXTREMELY jeleous of your sewing area. It looks very pretty.


I love it when I find books that seem like they were written just for me. I'm glad you found this one.


I would love a copy! :)


Thanks for sharing!


I love your blog - - I find it so inspiring. Yarnstorm too. I'd love to put my name in the hat with hopes of winning this wonderful book.


:) Thx for your generosity!

Mary Jo, Five Green Acres

Looks like a really great book - thanks for sharing!


i would LOVe a copy of this book! it looks like it is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!


How exciting! So generous and thoughtful of you! Yay! An early Congrats to the winner... who ever that may be!?! Go forth and be domestic!!!


Ooo, looks like a good one. I have been obsessively reading about politics for too long now. I need something to bring me back home :)


I would love to receive a copy of this book... those macaroons on the cover look so delicious!


I was looking at this book on Amazon the other day... hmmm would be most lovely to win it instead! Love, love, love your blog. Always inspires me. Barb

heather hales DESIGNS

oh it sounds like a wonderful book- thank you for sharing!!


Wow! That's super sweet of you. Generous too! Please add my name to the lucky drawing. Thanks for sharing!


i would love to win! the cover looks awesome, so i'm sure it's great inside.


Yay! I would love to have this book!


Susan C

Looks like a great book. Thanks for the inspiration that you provide.


Thanks for sharing details about the book. I would love to read it, but I think you're going to have thousands of comments for this one. There's always Amazon though.


That book looks lovely! Thanks for such a generous offer, I will definitely add my name to the list!

Tabitha Blue

Looks like a great book... maybe it will help me start to sew! I'm really learning to become more domestic, and loving it!

Just the cover looks warm and inviting... much like your pictures. Thanks for the opportunity.


She has a lovely blog, and it was sad to see some criticism and controversy when this book came out. Hope I get this chance to read the book, otherwise I need to get myself a copy for sure. Thank you!


What a fantastic blog... I'd love to have the book! Great winter reading for sure!!


I would LOVE this book! I've been eyeing it in my bookstore for weeks. Thanks, Asia

sk valentine

I've been wanting to read this!


it's funny, I started out as a tomboy, and now I find comfort in quite a few domestic things. I never thought I would be knitting and sewing and baking bread by hand when I grew up. That sounds like a good read.


yes please! I've heard nothing but good things about it.


Oh, yes, please! I have been reading about this book everywhere and am excited to get my hands on a copy.


How generous! The book looks wonderful and if I'm not the lucky reciepent I'll definatley be buying a copy for myself!

PS - Long time lurker... first time poster. Love the blog!


I've been excited about Jane's book coming out in the US, but haven't picked it up yet! I'd love to be in your drawing.


oh, i've been wanting to put my hands on a copy! :)


Besides hearing so many great things about that book- the cover is lovely! It sold me! I hope I am the winner (I say that in the most "sportsmanly-like" way :)


I've been wanting to read that! When I first learned about it, it was still only being published across the pond.

Aimee A

I'm just so happy that it is no longer embarassing to be so focused on home and crafting and making life, well, more pretty and tasty.


...sounds like a great book!! Would love to be the lucky one...;-)

mollye h

I am working on gently becoming domesticated, this could really help. Thanks for the opportunity.


Hoping my number is chosen. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for a great blog to read!


I have know seen this book on a few sites. I would love to add it to my ever growing craft and cooking library. Pick me please!

Stephanie B

I just saw her book somewhere and it looks like a wonderful read.


Gasp I would love a copy of that book! I saw it in the bookstore and thought the pictures were beautiful.


Slim as my chances may be, I'll toss my hat in the ring.

Kathleen Loughran

I love the opportunity to win this book. Thank you for sharing!


What a great contest! I'd love to win.


so lovely!


Her blog is great. I came across it right around the time her book was released in Europe and there was some controversy surrounding it. I have been hooked ever since and cant wait to get my hands on her book!


Ooo, I almost popped this into my amazon cart the other day. Maybe I'll get lucky!!


Is that the book that you said craft swap ladies aren't allowed to see, because it has too many great ideas?

You know I want that book. But I guess it would be a LITTLE FISHY if I won. So I'll just go get my own! HA! HA! HA! HA! (that's supposed to be maniacal laughter)


very generous giveaway for such a special book! thank you for sharing.


Jane's book has been on my wish list since it was first published overseas! I'd love to win a copy!

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