On the verge of tears
Something was in the air

My eyes are dry and some things I forgot to show you

You all are the best.  And wine with some Project Runway and no knitting is pretty good too.  I got up this morning and attacked the yoke again.  I am three rows in and so far so good.  It probably helped that the house was empty and I was able to talk to myself the entire time....you know counting my stitches out loud, telling myself to put 2 on the cable needle to the back, etc.  I'll try to add a few rows each day and maybe by the time it gets cold, I will actually be able to finish it.

I did manage to finish some sewn items.  First up, I re-did my square for the Virtual Quilting Bee.


I had all kinds of different red prints pulled out for the center square and really couldn't decide which one to go with so on a whim, I used this green one.  Pretty much perfect if you ask me.


I finished my orange quilt top.  I haven't decided what I want to do on the back so for now, it's sitting folded on the table.  I keep looking at it, but nothing seems just right.  I'll figure it out eventually.

Happy weekend people.  I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday.  Enjoy!



i really love the elephant fabric!


Yup insha'allah I'm going to be attempting an orange quilt right after Ramadan has ended. I like the colours in this a lot. Works really well with the white spaces.


Loving the orange quilt!! Those elephants totally rock. I have a heavyweight canvas in that pattern that is unfortunately not good for quilts. Those Denyse Schmidt fabrics are great too, and love love love that stripe!

Missy Severson

nice choice!

Sarah Jackson

that orange quilt is awesome! I have those elephants in green. Seeing many of my other favorites in there too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the back.


Love the orange!! And Project runway and wine can fix just about anything!


Glad the yoke is working out. The oranges are so pretty together!


such good things! that quilt is going to be gorgeous--the orange and white are so good together. can't wait to see it all spread out & finished!

Mama Urchin

Love that orange. And I'm glad the tangled yoke is going better.

melissa s.

so pretty! and i'm in utter awe of anyone that would even attempt to cable knit. i'm sure it'll be lovely! happy weekend!


Wow! I love that orange top. Can't wait to see it done.

brown robin


I love, love, love that orange quilt. I can't wait to see more. The virtual quilt square looks great too! Take a look at the Lark book submissions. There's one for quilts due in Oct. I might participate. Email me if you can't find the link. Enjoy your weekend, friend.


Can't wait to see the new quilt top! And, I am with you on that whole weekend thing!


oh erin, your orange quilt is really a thing of beauty. the back will come to you. i am always amazed at the amount of quilting you accomplish... and knitting too. i'm sorry your sweater is frustrating, i have no advice as i have never made it beyond scarves! and to think my girl is making a hat, hmmm...

have a great weekend


LOVE love love orange and white. Beautiful quilt!


yes the greensquare i soerfect!
I talk to myself when I knit cables etc. too.
The orange quilt top is making me drool! I love it with the white! so inspiring!


love the orange. have a great weekend, erin!


The orange quilt top is gorgeous!!!


Oh my, I am in love with that orange quilt top!!!! so beautiful, REALLY!!!


project runway seems to make everything better here. Sorry about that f'ing yoke.

The quilt top is gorgeous!


I love Fridays too!


Oh my goodness...my son is crazy for orange. I just might have to make him an orange quilt for Christmas. I don't know why I never thought of that before...thanks for the inspiration!


I LOVE the orange quilt top!!!! I've been curious about what you were going to do with it. it's fab.


As soon as I saw the pile of orange fabrics, I knew it was going to be an awesome quilt! Can't wait to see the rest of it!


Happy Friday to you too! Please show us a photo of the orange quilt in its entirety - pretty please! It looks fabulous!


All that orange is gorgeous! I'm a big outloud-talker too when I am trying to work through something -- I'm glad all is better with the yoke. There is very little some wine and PR can't fix. Have a good weekend! xo


i love the orange quilt! it is so pretty!


Talking yourself through your knitting is a good idea, the problem is talking back at yourself.
I simply love your work I wish I have more time for my crafts...


yay!!! three rows in.....and to think i was trying to figure out how to get to the ville and back before the kids got home from school! :)


I'm glad to hear that the yoke is going better. I love this sweater, and it's on my to-do list. Are you using the Rowan Felted Tweed? Looking forward to seeing pictures of your progress!


Love the orange - you are so inspiring. Tell me that you have been doing this for many years. Great use of orange fabric.


What a beautiful orange quilt top. I was thinking - just an idea - a light turqoise solid backing with orange quilting thread - top & bobbin. The design would be beautiful on both sides :) Just an idea :)


oooh, such loveliness in that orange quilt top, erin!

and i'm totally inspired by you and that sweater. mine is sitting and waiting for me to muster up the nerve. i think it might be a while still...


The square is so pretty and what a stunning orange quilt you have just finished the top of!!!


How nice and bright is the orange quilt! Truly, your quilting inspires me.

Glad to hear you figured out how to tangle the yoke!!!


Beautiful! Do you have a photo of the orange quilt top in it's entirety? I'd love to see...


love that orange quilt top. love it. and i hope that tangled yoke isn't causing you too much grief today. dang it.


Orange quilt top ROCKS!!!! Stunning.


oooh. hard knitting.
I'm embarking on my first ever real knitting project - an all garter stitch cardigan!

one day cable... one day...


That's such a gorgeous quilt top - I personally LOVE orange and turquoise together. What about a light turquoise back?


it is perfect and that orange , oh i just absolutely love it ! i'm sure what ever you do it will be gorgeous!!


you are my quilting idol.


oooh - pretty. Can you have a picture of it spread out in all its' glory, please, pretty please??


For the orange quilt, I think you should back it with denium! That would be way cool!

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