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oh man, I'm loving that yarn! and I want that bag, too!!

Sarah Jackson

I bought that fabric too! Mine is intended for a skirt, but the bag looks divine.

TD wool design

you can never have too many sweaters or bags, i always say ;D

Sarah Castillo

I have almost bought that pattern a few times now. I am trying to hold off, but dont think I will be able to for much longer! I hope to see pictures when you are done.


No need to justify, girlfriend. No need.
HB's pop garden is irresistable. I have 7 yds (of pineapple brocade in gold!) for a duvet in the 12 year old's room. It's going to be wild.
Can't wait to see your bag, erin. :)


You are going to LOVE that sweater. I'm on the sleeves now!


I'm dying for that bag!....Sarah over at SarahSews just made it too: ......Must go buy that pattern now. Can't wait to see yours complete.

Heather B

Oohh! Your yarn is lovely - the perfect shade of green. May I ask what yarn you're using? This sweater is in my queue, and I'm hoping to get yarn this week!

jessica denny

oooooooooooo i can't wait to see your birdie sling!! anxious to hear how BIG it is. my next bag is going to be this one:


This is such a great sweater pattern - I've been planning one for myself! :0) Love the colour you've chosen, and the bag looks wonderful!


justifying is most important! i can see your point ;-). no need to drag a heavy sweater with you when you can start knitting on a new much lighter one, take care, erika
ps: love your blog. have been reading it for quite a while now.


Love it all! The new knit is gorgeous (I'm justifying starting your last year's sweater, myself), and each season calls for a new bag. Tear, or not!
I love those new fabrics too!


I can't wait to see the bag! That fabric is GORGEOUS! I need to have some knitting lessons. I'm a very BASIC knitter. Happy knitting and SEWING!


oh the february lady!! good for you. it's going to be perfect in green.

Tabitha Blue

Wow, I love the bag! By the way, I'm Tabitha and have been following your blog for a bit, and just now came up with the gumption to say hello.

I'm new to blogland... I cannot sew to save my life, however I find myself inspired by what you create! Keep it up!



oh, that bag will rock. it looks really big on the pattern!


What fun! New projects :)

Anne K.

Both fabric and yarn look absolutely wonderful - you definitely made the right decision!!!! :-)

AND, I bought "A is for Apron" last week - your designs are TOTALLY the best and have inspired me already!!!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

looks like too much fun!


I just made that bag - LOVE it. The pattern was great and I use it everyday. I hope you have a good time with it - I know I did!


no way! i so want to make that sweater - even have the yarn in my shopping cart over at knitpicks, just waiting for me to make up my mind about the rest of my order. can't wait to see how it turns out.


oh i'm dying to make that "lady" and green looks beautiful! i only wish i could pull off green , no such luck for me. i look wretched in green unless it's in shoes or on my lower 1/2. :0) you sound very busy!


Ooo, good for you - can't wait to see them both! I may have to give that sweater a go.


Love both projects...I've got the february lady sweater on my to do your yarn. Can't wait to see them finished.


I can't wait to see the bag you make. I've been wanting that pattern!


mmmmm.. new projects. :)
its all so so pretty.


ooohh.. its going to be beautiful! and just perfect in green... of course :)


You will love this bag. I've made two of them already.. and they are s-w-e-e-t!


I love the fabric! What kind of yarn is that? It looks yummy.


can't wait to see that sweater. i really want to make it.
but i will HAVE to wait. urghh!

cindy phelan

I know what you mean about on the go projects! I keep messing up on a cableknit when I am sitting in the car. I am a novice knitter unlike you so I need a lot of concentration!


very nice!


oh, I'm so sorry that your wool bag has a tear! That's one of my favorite projects of yours. LOL.

Fantastic new projects. I too have been eyeing the February Lady.


Oh. That green yarn justifies ANYTHING! That's just yummy!

Kim D.

I loved knitting the Lady Sweater. I was wearing mine today and thinking that it is one of those few patterns that I want to knit again and again.

Must be on the same wavelength. I was checking out Amy Butler's website today debating what to make next from her collection.

Yes, I'm a wonderful enabler.


Leo is NAPPING! I don't even care if I have to pay for it later, at least at bedtime his daddy will be here to help. Thanks for the mom advice today; I just checked out the JCC website.

Also, I think we are parallel knitters. First the Turn A Square, now the FLS!


love that sweater. it's on my "list" as well. can't wait to see your new bag. love your fabric choices {as usual}. have fun starting your new projects!


I spent a good part of Sunday talking about how much I want that AB pattern in my hands...its going to be my reward for finishing a grad school project I really am procrastinating on...when I'm done I'll also have time to make the I think I'm good at justifying, too!


who needs to justify!?


Popped over to see the sweater. It is so cute. Love the green too. Can't wait to see the bag, I just finished the Frenchy Bag from an Amy Butler pattern. I love it.


I can't wait to hear how you like that bag when it's finished. I've contemplated getting that pattern too. I'm trying to keep my projects in check though. I'm bad about biting off more than I can chew.


i think when you are a fabric lover you need to be good at rationalizing...and you get better as time goes on. ask me how I know. I'm just glad that I can't knit any better than I do, or i'd be in serious trouble.


What a pretty picture and what great projects - can't wait to see those turn into FOs!


I'm just about to start knitting that sweater! What yarn are you using?

Meg Evans

Wow, wow, wow! So much pretty stuff happening in that picture! I love that sweater pattern--I'd love to try a sweater for myself (or anything for myself, for that matter). I've only been knitting for a couple of months, so maybe I need to get a few more projects under my belt. And I love the Heather Bailey fabric! It's definitely on my wish list--I just splurged on some Farmer's Market by Sandi Henderson (which I love), so I have to hold off on stash building! Can't wait to see the finished projects.


oooh that fabric is gorgeous and I really really want to make that bag! Can't wait to see the final result!


I am working on a Lady February sweater also. :) Beautiful fabric and I have been eyeing that same pattern online...

Lisa Clarke

I'm finding that Pop Garden collection harder & harder to resist...


perfect project for cool weather and a new season.


ah, love new projects!

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