Monkey-ing around
My eyes are dry and some things I forgot to show you

On the verge of tears

I can't tell you how many f-bombs flew from my mouth today.  I lost count after the first thirty.  Seriously, there is a reason that this sweater is called the tangled yoke.


I have spent about five hours trying to master the first four rows of the cable pattern.  Tangling the yoke and then untangling the yoke.  I finally gave up and ripped back to the decrease row.  My mind is numb and my wrist hurts so I think I am going to crawl on to the couch tonight, wine in hand, bundled in my quilt and watch some Project Runway on Tivo.  Then maybe, just maybe, I will attack this sucker again tomorrow.



karen in Toronto

tomorrow is another day - take a good night sleep (read just once the cable pattern before going to bed, you might dream about it and find what's bothering you)

and tomorrow after a good cup of coffee start again....

good luck.


Oh, dear. I wish I was of some help in the knitting department. I think your plan for the evening sounds like a good way to shake it off and start fresh tomorrow. Enjoy a little peace.


Sometimes, we need to just step away from the project. Coming back to it later will definitely give you a better perspective because you will be fresh and insightful. I wish you the best in completing the tangled yoke part. It is looking great so far!

Sarah Jackson

Oh drat. I was about to pull that one back out - I'm in exactly the same place as you are. Now I don't want to anymore. Maybe we'll do it together tomorrow and hold each other's hands via email.


I am just glad to hear I'm not the only one prone to dropping f-bombs over things like knitting.

and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who calls them f-bombs. ;)

Nadia Lewis

Dude, you are so not alone on this. I've been knitting for a million years and when I knit that cardi I threw it down in frustration again and again. I started it *last year* and I'm just finishing it this week. (I hope.)


Uh oh! Yes, take a break and try again tomorrow. Which pattern are you using so I know to avoid it?


I had the same problem starting those cables!
They are kinda counter-intuitive when you start them.
We out here are feeling your mental pain, if not your physical pain.
Take it easy


oh, my. i know exactly how you feel. you will enjoy project runway. it was a good one.


Oh girl, I cannot even imagine. The f-bomb is flying over here, just based on a few little dishrags, let alone a whole freakin' garment that contains the word "tangled."

You are a wonder.

And um, scoot over okay, cuz wine and Project Runway sounds DIVINE!


Don't know enough about knitting to offer any help, but frustration and I go way back, so I feel your pain. Enjoy the distance and the break and return to triumph another day!


aww sorry you are so frustrated! That happens to me all the time! :) Go kick back, relax and tackle it later.


Bless your heart. So frustrating I know. Enjoy the wine and RELAX!


Oh, yuck! Hang in there - you'll get through it! :0)


I wish I could help, but that one is a bit too complex for me! Don't give up!


ugh. I have totally been there. Sleep on it. You will probably look at the pattern tomorrow and it will just click. Good Luck!


oh honey. sending you big hugs.


I have all the confidence in the world that you will overcome the tangled yoke. I LOVE the color.


Oh gosh... yeah, people think knitting is all peaceful and good granny like... riiiight! Well, I hope the frustration levels and you can attack it with a fierce resolve tomorrow :o)


oh shoot. wish we could have coffee in the morning and get you on the way to tangling!!!


Erin, You're so not alone. I also ripped the first four (maybe three) rows of this part of the pattern about a million times before throwing it down in disgust about six months ago. I don't know if I'll pick it up again except that so much work already went into the blame thing! Good luck when you try again.


oh, sweetie. sorry about that.

that's why i'm waiting to learn to knit - till... later.


Uh Oh! Don't tell me that!!!! I'm about to start it!

Karen in VA

I want to knit and can't even figure out how to start without quitting in sheer frustration! I am no idiot but I can't seem to follow simple knitting instructions designed for a child. You will be just fine!

I have been reading your blog for a while now and love it! Thank you! Karen


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think hobbies are supposed to be fun!....te he he


Good luck tangling that yoke today!


TOTALLY dig that color!

Man, with so many people cursing the same pattern, it must be a real bear!

Someday, when I know how to knit, remind me NEVER to do this pattern.


Oh goodness, I have SO been there! Step away. Sip Wine. Come back later!


i can't tell you how many times george has asked, "why do you knit if it is so frustrating?"

and i respond, through clenched teeth, "i really love knitting."

but sometimes it is a real son of a bleep.



Hang in there. People complain about this sucker a lot -- but the resulting sweater is really gorgeous! You can do it!


Walk away.. come back some time later.. it'll be fine :)


Oh no! Sending positive knitting thoughts your way!


Don't cry! You are so talented and your work so far is beautiful. It will come along, just be patient. You did the right thing by taking a break. There is nothing more comforting than cozying up under a lovely comfy quilt with a big fat glass of wine and watching Project Runway. You see them? They have their moments too.

I know you can "make it work!" :)


oh dude. Our evenings may have started differently, but it sounds like they ended pretty much the same. :)

The yarn is pretty at least. Sending you good knitting vibes.


Oh no! I know you're going to get it right and you'll be modeling that beauty soon!


for one thing - your knitting always turns out amazing (tangled yokes or not). it will come. the decision to take a breather under the quilt sounds just right. repeat as needed. :)

the other thing - that yarn looks perfect for a sweater. i love it.


oooh i know just how you feel...i hit the wine wed afternoon after a nightmare quilting session. hang in can do it!


you're already stuck with it longer that I could have!

happy weekend, friend!


I don't care what anyone says - cables suck. And if they are made to look "tangled" meaning no orderly row repeats, then that is just insanity producing.

Sweetie, put it down and go here -

glean some tips and moral support. A whole thread devoted to it.


Oh dear, hope you manage to get it sorted out. I have only done a few rows of mine and it is peacefully sleeping in my stash! I can feel your frustration, all that knitting with anticipation and looking forward to the fun bit, and then the fun bit turns into a pain in the @r$e!! I've been there, but my nature makes me keep trying til I 'get' it.


Erin- I hate when this happens, It has happened to me many times. Sometimes I never finished the project, sometimes I did, the times I did made it so much more worth it than the times I didn't. Knit on.


ooh, I wanna see that orange top so bad!

I'm glad you're working through the knitting woes. I hate when I get frustrated with a thing.

Speaking of knitting, I need a little help figuring out how to carry a second color yarn through a hat. Do you knit with multiple colors ever?


oh erin! hang in there 1 i'm sure you'll make it great! i do feel for you , i have a giant knotted ball of yarn that i've been working on for 2 wks , thanks to my lovely children :0)


I have been there. The cabling was a bear to get through. I was counting and recounting, knitting and unknitting like a mad-woman. But eventually you get through it and then it is smooth sailing. You can do it!

Lula Dahl

I am SO glad that I am not the only one who let's the f-bombs slip out of her mouth while doing projects! Sometimes, it just can't be helped!

Tara Miller

Hi- I have found that my bones ache and if I keep going hurt when I use metal needles. They don't when I use wooden or plastic needles. I know you have finished the sweater (which looks awesome, btw) but that might help in the future.

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