I like green, but not around my photos
One trick pony


Thanks for laughing with me about the Heineken film.  I appreciate all the film tips.  I'm headed to Target tomorrow and am going to take a look while I am there.  Fingers crossed.

Remember how I said I have a hard time finding my cell phone in the bottom of my bag?  No more.


I bought myself a cell phone charm from Blair.  It's so cute, it kind of kills me.  It jingles when I'm digging in the bag so I can find the phone now.  Yay!  She has a few more in her shop - they are very reasonably priced.  If you don't want one for yourself, maybe as a small gift (or stocking stuffer) for someone you know.  She has some charm bracelets for sale, too.  They'd be a great gift - I have one and I adore it.

Back tomorrow or Monday with the hat pattern.  I'm waiting on my photographer....



oh, that is cute. I just bought one. Don't know if I'll keep it or use as a gift (mostly because I don't think my phone has a hole for it to go into!)


Cute! And I love the green phone, by the way.


I need one of those. I can never find my stupid phone.


Ooohhh...would I be a copy cat if I got one of those DARLING charm bracelets?


so cute.
and i can't wait to see your hat!!


I HAD to get one too. :)


it looks so cute! I shipping out a package to you today. You're reminding me I need to start Christmas shopping! xo


very cute! blair makes great stuff, doesn't she?


i got one too! but my silly phone doesn't have a spot for one. i'm in the market for a new phone.


ps. you're christmas shopping already!? you kill me.


Cute idea! I think I'll buy several, to have extras for stocking stuffers.

Paper Dolls for Boys

I have that phone, so now I feel like I HAVE to have a little charm. I'm on etsy shut down at the moment but have favorited for later when business picks up in my shop!


It's cute! I can't put a charm on my phone. :(


Did you know you don't need a Polaroid camera to post those pics on your blog. Check out Flickr and their great 'Photoshop' tool called picnic...lots of fun. You can create any photo to look like a polaroid.

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