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Cleaning never stood a chance


Well, the studio is still a mess.  A very big, horrible, never been seen before type of mess.  I never even climbed the stairs to contemplate cleaning it.  I bought some yarn and then I decided to cast on a new project.  The way I look at it, cleaning can wait.  Plus, knitting is much more fun.  And small projects like these are satisfying my compulsion to knit without hurting my wrist too much.  It was a win-win situation.

Happy weekend everyone!



that yarn looks superb.

Anna Willett

SUCH pretty yarn. cleaning can always wait. yarn & material are very, very impatient.


i love the color of the yarn. i am still scared of dpn, but maybe i should give them a go.


Clearly WAY more important than cleaning... :) Love the color!


lovely! I just knit toast. love it. Yes, knitting is so much more fun than cleaning.


Was it ever really a question of which would win out?


I just printed the pattern for Toast and Toasty this morning. I love the color you chose for yours. I am still trying to decide which to start first.


I agree - knitting is much more fun than cleaning! :0) I do like that project, I can't wait to see how yours turn out!


Oh that yarn looks amazing! Looks like one of my fave ones from Blue Sky Alpacas!


Well the cleaning may not be done, but the colours in today's picture gave me an unexpected surge of happiness. Being an inspiration to a complete stranger outranks cleaning any day (unless you happen to live with the person who should have been cleaning I suppose).




so glad that your wrist isn't hurting!
and pink toasty's....so cute!
have a wonderful weekend, erin.


Oh, I love the color. I'm with you on the knitting. However, there really wasn't a choice today. The dust is just getting a bit overwhelming. It's done now, and I plan an evening of knitting socks!


quick and easy projects are the way to go for me these days. in the last few rows of my february lady sweater and have been working on so many quick baby projects. I love it.

this pattern is great. I made a few last year and need to remember to pull them out again. maybe I need another pair...just downloaded the pattern, thanks.


cleaning can always wait...


A girl after my heart! Totally me all the way!

Sarah Jackson

You crack me up. I want a picture of the mess to end all messes. Pretty please?


I was very tempted by them too. Luckily I didn't have the correct size needles!

Knitting beats housework any day!


I think cleaning is way overrated.
Have a great weekend!


wonderful weekend to you!


happy weekend knitting!

Mama Urchin

A compulsive little knit always takes precedence over cleaning, doesn't it?

Jen Z

How did you know that I had just been searching for a pattern like this?!
Thank you, and thank you for your lovely
blog - I have been enjoying it immensely
since discovering it a couple of months ago!
Now I know what to do with the hoards of
yarn I bought in a moment of weakness and
have been glancing sidelong at for a while, waiting to see what it wanted to become..


What happened to the gorgeous blue mitts you were just knitting? Did you FINISH them already? Oh my!

Makin' that apple cake today.


That pink yarn is so pretty!! I agree about the housework...it can wait. I have a cross-stitch sampler I showed on my blog last month...it says..."My Home is Clean Enough to be Healthy and Messy Enough to be Happy"....that's the kind of cleaning I do! Happy knitting and happy weekend!


I like the Toasty pattern. Thanks for the link!

And pfff, cleaning can wait!

Stephanie B

That pattern looks so warm and toasty. I have it the back of my mind for my next project!

laurie of liquid paper

let's hear it for small manageable projects!


i'm in the middle of a big mess myself;)
perfect pattern you choose for the season.


I think I may see another pair of fingerless mitts in my future.

And we all know how overrated cleaning is anyway...


Creating is always much more satisfying than cleaning!

Beth Billups

malabrigo right? who can resist!


Amy @ parkcitygirl

um yeah! cleaning will always be there! even if you just cleaned :)


is it malabrigo? its a beautiful color. i have some manos and that might be the perfect pattern for them! thanks


Oh yes, cleaning can definitely wait :)


I agree cleaning- who cares, it so great when people admit their true feelings about house cleaning. Dishes are the worst, but still every now and then can just be there. LOVE your bag so much.


on the wrist-front - someone told me continental style knitting saves wrists. but you are probably already doing that anyhow! darn the wrist hurting. mine did a little click the other day and I've only been knitting two weeks.

love that yarn.


I had to start those immediately too. I found a hole in the second one about 7 rows back the other night though. I don't want to go back and fix it...

That's a lovely color of yarn, too.


I just started sewing and stumbled upon your page. I have to admit that I now check back daily. I love your projects and tutorials and your eye for color is amazing! Thanks for all of the inspiration & good luck on all of your upcoming projects!


Yes, yes! I'd much rather knit than clean!


That yarn is making me cry a little.


knitting is a much better choice! that's what i tell myself when i have a basket ( or two :0( ) of laundry to put away! get colour choise ! ( of course i'm partial to pink , it's my favourite colour! )

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