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Friends, Family, Pretzels and Beer

This past weekend, we traveled to Wisconsin for my cousin Dallas's wedding.  On the way there, we made a pit stop in Madison to see Tracy and Nate.


The two hours went by super fast - we had such a great time.  Tracy and I are total dorks - in the best way.  If you don't believe me, look here and here.

Saturday, before the wedding, we went and toured the Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls.  Lucky us, we had a private tour from none other than Jake Leinenkugel himself.  I guess it pays to have friends in the beer business. (Thanks Dad!)





Yes, that pretzel was just as good as it looks.  Of course, the Fireside Nut Brown was even better.

We had a great time at the wedding - the bride was beautiful and we danced a ton.  Sunday morning, we drove 10 hours home.  I managed to screw up my tangled yoke in the car, but made a recovery after not allowing any one in my family to speak to me while I untangled it.  I'm past the cable, ready to start the short rows.  Cross your fingers for me.  I really need to be finished with this.

Have a great day, everyone.



It all sounds fun. Good luck on the tangled yoke - my fingers are crossed for you! And, I just have to comment on your girls - so, so cute!

Sarah Jackson

hooray for you!! I'm putting the buttonband stitches on the needles today. We're both on the home stretch.

That trip sounds super. And I have to ask - where did you get the girls boots?


You make me want to go on a road trip.


Oh! How awesome was that!?! I LOVE the jump shot! It looks like you guys are jumping rope. And the flying hair is just perfect!



While it was not the point of this post, you have fanned the flame of my yearning to move to Wisconsin.


Oh, my, those girls are getting bigger and bigger and they are so pretty.

I can't wait to see your tangled yoke! Woo-hoo!!!!

What a fun little trip.



How surprised was I to see that you were in my neck of the woods! I live about 1/2 way between Madison and Chippawa Falls. Isn't it beautiful here this time of year?


I love Leini's! My husband is from Madison and whenever we visit, the Leini's is a must. I am a bit jealous that you got to tour the brewery - lucky you.


It's nice to see your smiling face. Looks like a great time was had by all!

Meg Evans

Looks like you had a fun weekend--and when are you going to post the pattern for that lovely hat?


Let me tell you, those shots with Tracy are awesome. You had to have ton of fun.
Leinies and pretzels.... yum!


you sure squeezed in a LOT in one weekend trip! that pretzel looks delicious.


Oh, that looks like fun! I can't believe I've never done the Leinenkugel's tour. Have you done the Lakefront Brewery tour in Milwaukee? It's neat, plus they have Bernie Brewer's slide from the old County Stadium.

My family's in the beer business, too -- every trip up to WI results in us carting home a full trunk.


I'm so jealous! I grew up in MN and miss the Leinies so much.

Keep us posted on the sweater-I'm not sure if I'm ready for the tangled yoke.

Mama Urchin

What more do you need?


Sounds like fun! That pretzel looks so good right now since it's lunchtime and I didn't even eat breakfast this morning!


"everyone has to be quiet for mommy!" i love that. happens here too.
lucky tracy. twice in one year.

Liz Harvatine

My father-in-law grew up near Chippewa and we have stopped there many a time on drives from my in-laws in Minneapolis to visit my husband's grandmother. My husband is obsessed with Leinies. It's so good! We had friends drive some out to CT when we got married and before they started selling it in CA where we are now, we would pack bottles in our suitcases every time we'd visit Minnesota. I sent my husband the link to this post. He's going to be jealous!


I realized after you left that my hair was crazy ridiculous by the end of the day. :)

It was SO good to see you, my friend. And Fatty. And the girls. So good. I'm glad you had a good rest of the weekend. I can't wait for next time!


what a great little trip. and seeing tracy must have just made it perfect!

Lisa R-P

You were so near my town. Likely between Madison and Chippewa you crossed through by me. Leine's is totally the best -- Summer Shandy. Yummy!

Amy J.

Could you PLEASE tell me where you got your daughter's boots? I've been looking everywhere for a cute pair that don't look like Uggs...though from the picture they could, since I can't see the bottoms, LOL. But the tops are too cute.

Thanks in advance.


Next time you'll have to drive a little farther and get to the Twin Cities. It's the only way Sarah and I can take you to Kopplin's for a pretty, pretty mocha! :)


I hope you weren't drinking Leinenkugel while knitting.... that always makes me mess up!


I have just printed out the directions Erin, and I am embarrassed to admit I don't understand the kfbfbf for the bobble. I've been knitting since I was a little girl and for some reason have never made a bobble. Could you please explain what the directions mean?
Thanks so much.


i absolutely love touring breweries! i can almost smell it now.


when we're not off trapsing in foreign lands we can be found in Madison. I hope you had a good time in our little town!

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