One trick pony
The three and a half hour quilt

Full circle

That Leslie.  She's gave me a gift without even knowing it.


If you haven't knit her Toasty mitts, or her Toast wrist warmers for that matter, grab some yarn and cast on.  I love making these - they are comfy and easy.  They are also a fast knit - it took me about four hours per pair.  Perfect for the carpool line, or all those sports practices where you sit and wait.  They are even more perfect for me because amazingly I can knit them without much strain on my wrist.   These are my three finished pairs - all in Malabrigo worsted.  From top to bottom, the colors are tortuga, frost gray and pink frost. 


I've started the fourth pair and there will probably be more after that.  I told you I was a one trick pony, and I wasn't just talking about the yarn.  But I digress.  They aren't all for me.  I'm keeping one pair and giving the rest as gifts.

Thank you, Leslie.  I am sure my friends will thank you too.



LMAO. The one-trick pony line made me burst out laughing because 1) you're cute and funny, and 2) you are SO not! The wrist warmers are gorgeous. xo


Not a one-trick pony, I mean. You got that, right? ;-)


I wore my pair today and I LOVE them very warm and toasty. I'm currently making a pair for my daughter and she's calling them "small n toasty"Love the colors you did your in them.


I love them also....I just finished one pair and I'm on to the next.


what a great pattern. I love being able to just pull on a pair of wrist warmers for these fall days. just finished a pair during the last debates.
[great gifts]


ahhhhh! thank you!
i love that you made them. :) and that your wrist is letting you knit!


I love those! I am not a knitter (not yet at least) so would it be possible to buy a pair from you? I'm always looking for fingerless gloves and I can never find any I like!


pink frost! that is what I knit my slouchy cardigan with! It wasn't pink ice, like I thought earlier.


Snap! Although mine took me considerably longer - I am a slow knitter, what can I say?


wow, that looks really cozy! love love, LOVE the colors!


lovely yarn, lovely pattern.


very cool.
must try a pair!


I feel the same way about these Erin! I love any project that can be completed in a day. These are my official gift of the year for all my family. :)


i cast on for toast before i got your package. (but smaller guage - what size needles did you use for these with the malabrigo?) can't wait to have them on my wrists.


I'm gonna have to try this.


I am very bogged down working on a sweater for my husband... this will be my next "little" project.
Thanks for the inspiration!


Oh, I love them! They look so cozy, and at 41 degrees out here in Denver today, I could really use a pair! I love that tortuga color! Cute cute!


Not sure exactly how I've never been by her lovely blog before but thank you for the introduction. I'll be adding her to my google reader right away.

What do you think of adapting these for a man? Bad idea? Good idea? Hmmm.


yay! your wrists know a good thing. my wrists want some too - earlier today i bought a hank of alpaca for my first pair.


great pic with the green shoes!


These are so cute. Haben't picked up my needles for some time. Do you have any leg warmer pattern that you've enjoyed making? Hockey season's here and I need to stay warm!!!

Laura Zarrin

Great! Now I have a reason to learn to knit. I want some!!! When I had tendonitis in wrists, the thing that finally healed them was wearing custom made gloves like these. I'm in California, so mine were made of a lightweight knit. Now I want some vibrant colored knitted mitts.


wow they look lovely! I just started my second pair and I love them soooo much! have to make them in more colours and then some for gifts too....

Mama Urchin

I just love mitts.


Those are great!! I just started to knit and I think maybe those will be my next project


Those are great!! I just started to knit and I think maybe those will be my next project


Those are great!! I just started to knit and I think maybe those will be my next project


they are fantastic! and I love your photography, as always.


Very cool. I'm going to have to get that pattern to my mom. My kids are always complaining that their wrists get cold when they play outside in the winter. A smaller version of this would solve that problem.


looks like someone figured out what to make for the next craft swap :) after a day of knitting and crocheting recently my hand was killing me - and i thought of you friend. love that yarn. i wanted to make my hat in malabrigo lettuce, but the closest source of malabrigo is 90 miles away! might have to break down and order online.


Such lovely, cozy creations and Malabrigo just makes everything better. The colors, the hand, just so yummy!


I actually have a pair on my needles right now! Can't wait...they look so warm and cozy and lovely.


love those colors. those are beautiful.


Those look so warm! Yours is the second pair I've seen today, so it must be handwarmer season! I love the yarn--where are you buying it?

laurie of liquid paper

ack! those shoes -- i love those green shoes. :)


Leslie is so awesome! That pattern is wonderful!


That wool looks beautiful. I'm busily knitting hats for babies in undeveloped countries. I can make one in about two hours; they are incredibly tiny. Lots of fun.


What a beautiful gift! The photos of these warmers are gorgeous.


yes, i think those friends are going to be very thankful. man, i love these. love, love, love.

and i still want to marry the yarn.

amy h

These look so nice and cozy.


I love them! I have no idea how to knit, but would love a pair for myself. Do you sell them, or would you be open to selling a pair?


I'm loving this pattern as well. I'm on my third pair! Loving your photos as well!


I agree it is a great pattern, I finished my first pair recently too and will try another pair soon. They keep my wrists so nice and warm as I work on my computer in our basement.


Do you use one skein of malabrigo per pair? And do you knit the wrist the full 7.5 inches? Thanks.

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