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I like green, but not around my photos

Imagine my excitement when Fatty came home last night and gave me this:


Awhile back, I had mentioned that I was looking for a Polaroid camera.  I am always in awe at the wonderful photographs that I see over on Flickr and wanted to give it a shot.  Of course, the film is not being produced any longer and so it is hard to come across.   Fatty found all of this at work, where they used Polaroids to take photos of beer displays before they went digital.  I was feeling pretty lucky and was antsy to get shooting.  I knew exactly what my first shot was going to be.  I slung the camera over my shoulder when I walked the girls to school and on the way home took a photo of my favorite path.


Not exactly what I was expecting.  Who knew that there would be Heineken branded film?  Not Fatty and not me.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it came from the beer guy.

It looks like I am in the market for film.  Any suggestions other than Ebay?



LoL, oh no! =)
Well, I say "film is film." So either you can just crop your photos after you scan them or you could use a polaroid "frame" of an actual white polaroid around it.
And hey, if you don't want the Heineken stuff, I'll take it! ; )


oh that is funny.

you can still find some stores with a little bit of film left but online may be your best bet...


that is HILARIOUS!
so i don't know why everyone is so stressed out about Polaroid no longer making film, because.... FUJI MAKES FILM FOR POLAROIDS!!! and it is really great! I bought some fuji for my Polaroid Land Camera and i have to say (sacrilege) i like it better than the Polaroid and it's about 2-3 bucks cheaper! now, i haven't used their film for your model, but i am pretty sure they make the equivalent for it. I buy mine in person and B&H Photo but I bet their website sells it too!!! go forth and photograph!


I'm so sorry for your disapointment, but that is hilarious! Glad to see above that you may have your answer. :)


OMG that is hysterical! No tips on film though.


I'm sorry, but that totally made me giggle. I hope you're able to find the film you want.


you just made me laugh out loud! i bet people would pay money for that film! you could make a fortune on ebay:)

TD wool design

how funny! drank heineken back in the day, but can say i'm pretty sure it doesn't belong around a photo :)


This is too funny! I can just imagine it coming out of the camera and you being surprised.

I'm glad you had this post today because I was able to learn about Fuji making film for Polaroids. The things I learn in a day :)

... and baby makes four!

I have always been able to find Polaroid file at our local Wal-Mart...

I LOVE the Heineken border though! PRICELESS! :)


just to follow up... here is the link to the fuji product page:
i've only bought the 100 stuff... but i think maybe one of the others will serve your needs!


Hee. This gave me a giggle.


What a surprise indeed! Although Fuji is making film that will work in some cameras, I don't believe there's an equivalent for the 600 film. Check Target, Wal-Mart, Staples and online sources like B&H and Adorama Camera.


HA! That's hilarious!


i passed up several polaroids at yard sales this summer -knowing they'd soon be of no use. so sad!

Sarah Jackson

That is so fantastic! Call it kitschy, I guess. Or just save the film for shots of beer. :)

theresa/t does wool

now,that is funny!

Julie @ Letter9

that's hilarious.


Ha ha ha! What a surprise! You should totally use those for your holiday cards this year.


ha, that is too funny!

put it in a matted frame and no one will know the difference. Until 50 years from now someone comes along and takes it out...


How cool! And funny. :)


I got all panicky when I learned about the film being discontinued, but I'm still able to get it at both Target and Wal-Mart. The price has gone up a bit in the last few months, but it's still there. (For now?)


That is so priceless.

I'm thinking picturesque autumn paths were not quite what the Heineken marketing staff had in mind for that film, huh?


I have to Polaroid itch as well...I hope that I can get my hands on some of that hard-to-find film!


Ha! I bet that was quite a surprise!


best blog laugh I've had in awhile.


OMG, lol. I can only think of Ebay!


haha, too funny! don't tell me polaroid film is hard to find because i'm actually using it for my friends wedding guest album! the last two weddings i've been to my friends have done a photo book rather than a traditional guest book, so i thought this would be a nice gift to do! i know they carry the film at target, and also on amazon...(i swear, if i've invested all this into this book and the film is hard to come by in april i think i might cry!)


that made me laugh. that border. not the thoughtfulness of fatty.

jennifer w.

That is too funny. Good luck finding the right film!


O NO...I thought things like this only happened to me....lol Well, can you cover the lower part with a scrap booking label or something like that?


Oh my god, Erin, this is awesome. And I think it adds a totally new spin to the arty polaroid Flickr vibe. Hee.


So, so funny!
What's up with the little musical notes in the border?

Erin K

Oh my that's super funny!


oh my gosh! hilarious, erin!


i think that is so perfect. i love this story!!


that is so funny! did they stop making Polaroid film? I have a Polaroid camera.....


too funny! I bet you could arrange a swap with someone who is looking for Heineken bordered film.


Are those tiny musical notes in the border? Hmmm. I say keep it. You never know when you may need that exact thing!


That is really funny. I bet there is someone out there that would love to have that green film.

Not me, mind you, but someone!


The most readily available Polaroid equivalent films that Fuji makes are all pack films, the kind that peel apart. They do make a few integral films (what you want) but none will work in a SX-70 or 600 series camera.

As others have said, 600 film is still relatively easy to find in discount big box stores. You can expect to pay around $18, give or take, for a single pack of 10 shots.

If you look for film on Ebay the best deals will likely be on recently expired film (you can use either 600 or 779 in your camera). You may see auctions for non-expired film but they rarely seem to go at any kind of substantial savings especially when shipping is factored in.

I'll email you with the source I've found with good prices (relatively speaking anyway). It requires buying in quantity though, so if you think you just want to shoot a few packs and be done, Target or Walmart is probably your best bet.

Katie R

That's so funny. Where is your favorite path? The new "papa johns path" in anchorage is amazing. It's exactly 2 miles if you do the loop and it's so pretty, especially right now. :)


Well, the photo is beautiful!

amy h

That is funny. Just scan it in and crop it out, or put a matt around it. I admit it would be distracting though. :)

sew funky

hehe! That's kinda funny... still you could still use the film for practise shots?


Oh my. Beer film. That is too funny.

Sarah Castillo

I would imagine a college-aged boy would love to come across something like that.

How funny to have such a great picture of this beautiful path with a beer logo. hehe


ROFL. Well, it certainly adds your own unique style to the photo :) You could always get the liquid paper out and give the edges a going over.



Oh no! Did you laugh or cry?

miss chris

ha ha ha! That is awesome.

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