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Rose Hill Hat

Here is my hat.  And here is the pattern.


I saw a hat in the Garnet Hill catalog last winter that was similar to this.  It was made of cashmere and had a price tag to prove it.  I thought I would try to make my own version of it and then lost the photo.  Imagine my surprise when I saw it in the catalog again this year.  Right away, I decided to give it a go, but I used my new most favorite yarn, Malabrigo worsted, instead of the cashmere.  I had this pretty pink on hand and for lack of a better name, I am calling this the Rose Hill Hat.


It's an easy hat.  Some garter stitch, some bobbles and then full speed ahead with the stockinette stitch.  I haven't written out a pattern to share before, so if you do make it and  - gasp! - find any mistakes, let me know and I will correct them.  I put the pattern in a pdf that you can download here or over in the left side bar.  I am extremely grateful to Tracy, who didn't think twice when I asked her to take my camera and photograph it for me.  She also graciously let me use one of her shots for the pattern - thank you so much, friend.

Go on, get knitting.



Great hat! Love the photos. That Malabrigo is all over blogland....I really might have to get some :).


Your hair always has such good schwing. Nice hat too. ;-)


it is so cute Erin! I just joined a knitting group with some of my favorite moms, I'm going to share this pattern with them, its really great!

I love your hair color by the way.


it is adorable! off to check my stash.


I'll be making this one!

Just wanted to tell you that I really loved the last photo.

Sarah Jackson

It's adorable! I think I need a new hat. Right now. And it needs to be in Malabrigo. Yarn store, here I come.


Erin, congrats on your new pattern. I love it.
I would love to make one in green. I am novice kniter and never done bubbles before(is that how you call it?).
I have to admit that I don't quite understand how from the pattern. I didn't check elsewhere yet. Do you know about good source?

theresa/t does wool

very nicely done.


now I HAVE TO find that yarn! I bet you have a pair of toast to match your hat!

Thanks for sharing your pattern with us. I can't wait to stitch one up {with a matching set of toast}!


Erin I love your hat. I don't knit but I might have to learn so I can make your hat. One of my co-worker is a great knitter maybe she'll help me.


That is a great hat! Thank you so much for taking the time to create the pattern! I downloaded it immediately! Great photos!


Yeah, what Betsy said!!!

This is so cute, Erin. And once again tempting everyone with the Malabrigo. I learned yesterday that there is a store around here that stocks it, so I might be in bigger trouble than when I just had to buy it online. ;)


Lovely hat!



That is cute. I'm thinking I might be able to pin down my friend to help me decipher the pattern, and I can give it a go myself. :p


that's what i'm gonna do with the sunset!


how cute! i wish i knew how to knit...


I love the hat. Especially liking the pink and red combo. Scrumptious!


very cute! and I don't think I've seen a picture of you before - nice to have a face to put with all this goodness. I've crocheted lots of hats, but never knit one. I need to get on that.


Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Briggs

I love this hat and have wanted to make a hat for myself, this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing!


so cool, erin. i'll have to pass this one on to my mom - the knitter in the family.


What a great pattern. I work in a lys and this is a great pattern. Well formatted. Congratulations !!


Cute Erin, this may be the first hat I make :)


Great hat! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

Carrie S.

Love that. I don't wear hats, but still might try this, because yesterday, I discovered Malabrigo. OMG. Delicious. This is gorgeous.


Oh, it's totally cute. I'm really on a hat trip lately (I've knit 2 in 3 days), so this is just perfect timing. Thank you!!

katie r

so cute. I want one in red or green... and some matching wrist warmers too... :) Too bad I have too many wips. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie B

So cute! Thanks for sharing, might have to add it to my hat wardrobe!


the rose-hill hat!! so cute. the color is perfect. and how cool that you whipped this up and then turned it into a pattern. i would love to give this a try. thanks for the "how-to". :)

Lisa Q

so looks just like the one in the catalog. Great job! Thanks for sharing the pattern.


You two are SO cute in that photo! I'll be linking to this!


Great job! It's going on my stack of things to make! And I love the name of it. :) so cute.


your hat is so cute! and it looks so good on you.


It's lovely. It must be so lovely and soft. I'm knitting with Malabrigo right now. Yum!


It is just perfect - and my favorite color too!! Thanks so much for the pattern. I'm making this one.


love it! especially the color.


So totally cute! I am going to make one. It will be my first hat.

Thanks for the inspiration.


So cute! And I love the picture of you and's rare to have pictures that show our relationship with our friends, I think.


I love the hat!! I'm just learning how to knit, but once I get some more practice in and learn more, I'll be making one! Thank you for generously sharing your pattern. :)


so cute!


Love the hat - came out great and I too love that yarn.


Erin, thank you so much for the pattern!! I love the simplicity and the bobbles are cute. Hope I can do them :>)

I like the idea of this simple hat without bobbles, too. It would be great for my husband. He has a bald little head right now from chemo, and he's always cold. So, I may just knit this up for him!


So cute! Good job, I can't believe you just whipped up a hat like that!


That is so cute! Great job!


I checked the hat out at Garnet Hill. Man, you did a great job nailing that pattern. I ordered the Malabrigo and am working on the hat for my daughter. My mind is racing, hmm, who else should I make one for?? I love the idea of leaving off the bobbles for men. You've inspired me to knit more!
When my husband is not around I am knitting him some socks for Christmas. The Regia self-striping wool is great fun.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful hat pattern. Maybe it will be my turn soon for a hat!


I love this hat! Thank you so very much for the pattern, I'm going to cast on tonight.
Wishing you a very Happy 2009!


What a fantastic pattern! I found you via Leslie's blog and once I realized your pattern was knit with Malabrigo (one of my favorite yarns too), I literally RAN to my stash for the skein I had on hand and started flinging needles until I found 7s. Thank you for giving me a knitting obsession to start with in 2009.

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