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What's cooking?

It's been a slow week, crafting wise over here.  OK, I take that back.  It's been a slow week, crafting wise, since Sunday afternoon when I sewed up a storm.  I've knitted a bit, but the rest of the time, I have been cooking.


We went apple picking last Friday and Saturday night, I made Ina's Apple CrispEmily told me to do it and then someone else I know said that it was her favorite recipe, too.  So I did.  And it was good.  Really good.


So good that I ate it for breakfast the next morning.

And it was lunch too.  That good.

We still have tons of apples left so I am going to cook up a bunch of applesauce tomorrow.  I don't follow a recipe for that - I just cook the apples with some water.   Easy peasy.  I don't like adding sugar so I don't.  It'll go in the freezer right next to the jam.  I am also going to make this apple cake.  Doesn't that look fabulous?

The latest Everyday Food has some really good recipes in it - if you don't subscribe, you might want to buy this one.  It is the best I have seen in a long time.  There are lots of great recipes in there - the chicken tacos will be a staple around here, for sure.  Easy, inexpensive and liked by all four of us, even the picky eater.  We made the pot roast on Saturday and it was really good, too.  Both the tacos and the roast were done in the slow cooker - bonus!  There is a fabulous section on dark chocolate desserts that aren't too taxing.  Leslie, I am thinking of you here.

Enough rambling.  I have a studio to clean out.  I have big sewing plans this weekend so I have extra incentive to get my little space organized and spiffed out again.  Wish me luck.



Good luck! Mmmm... I really want to make something with apples right now!!!


I am SO making that crisp today!

I use juice instead of water for the applesauce. Sometimes, I even go crazy and use like cherry juice.

Sarah Jackson

yum! We had apple pie for breakfast. Thanks for the suggestion on Everyday Food. I keep meaning to subscribe. Maybe I finally will.

Can you send some good cleaning vibes my way? I still haven't cleaned my studio space. Ugh.


I love apple crisp. I've got to make some, right after I make more pie.


That apple cake from SK looks delicious. I think I'll put it in my cue.

I too thought the Everyday Food looked especially yummy this month - anything with the headings of: coziest, one-pot or comforts works for me. I didn't have the same luck with the pot roast however. I had it in the slow cooker on the day after the issue arrived but wasn't impressed. I must have done something wrong...


That apple cake looks quite decadent and I might have to try it next time I go visit my mom and her overloaded apple trees!


I am apple-crazy right now.
I can't wait to try the apple crisp!


Mmm, I wish I had some apples. I LOVE apple crisp. Good luck with your cleaning and organizing - that's about all I've been able to muster these days.


I make applesauce the same way you do, though I sometimes add cinnamon.


I made the apple cake, and it was fantastic. Apple crisp sounds like it'll be next in line.


When apples come on the scene here, I'm definitely going to try that crisp!

Mama Urchin

We're picking this weekend. I love the smell of cooking apples.


Yummy, yummy, yum-yum!


We went picking a couple weeks ago and just made a batch of apple butter. I think crisp is next in line. Yum!

Kathleen Loughran

Thanks for pointing out Everyday Food is a magazine subscription. I had picked up the book and love it! I couldn't believe it was Martha. I subscribed right away. You should get referral points.


running to the kitchen. right now.


yum. okay, I'm adding this apple crisp to my list. I always make my old standby. I don't even measure, just throw a bunch of stuff together. But this one sounds really good. if you and emily say it's good, it must be.

Although I've been cooking up a storm today, so I may need a break for a few days! I used up all my steam and now don't feel like making dinner even!! ack!


Good Luck! And happy organizing and sewing! aNa


It looks absolutely scrumptious!! I think I'll pick up this month's magazine.


Oh boy, do I love apples. That cake looks amazing! I had apple pear pie for dessert, and breakfast, and an afternoon snack! Hey, it's probably healthier than cereal!


YES, I agree! The Everday Food is really good this month. I'm anxious to try the Chicken Tacos and Pot Roast. Were you reading my mind?! :)


you need to make this erin!


Well, I made the apple cake RIGHT after I read your post... and oh my... is it ever GOOD!!! I made it in a bundt pan (as I don't have a tube pan)... but I figured same difference! Thanks VERY much for the link! It is such an easy recipe... and just perfect!
Have a lovely weekend! (and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!)

Becca Tulip

So I love pretty much anything apple. I have a little collection of apple recipes that I've tried. I made the Apple Cake from the link to Smitten Kitchens (first time on that site--pretty cool!) and yeah, its at the top of my list. I ran out of white flour so I used wheat for half the flour. I baked it in a bundt pan so its got this FANTASTIC kind of crust. Its just a great, earthy apple cake with the wheat flour, the chunky apples and that great crust. Thanks for getting my morning (and my apple recipe collection) off to a very happy start today.


the big sewing plans for the weekend sounds fabulous.

I make applesauce pretty much the same way you do, but I do add a little sugar and cinnamon.


What do you store the applesauce in? Jars?


That looks so good! I'm itching to go apple picking!


Great photo of apples, I love apple pie and apple pie looks yummo. I love tacos they are my favourite. I love beef ones my husband loves chicken ones.


There's nothing like apples and cinammon in the fall! Yummy!


Yes, we love to eat fruit crisps for breakfast. But I have not tried Ina's. Will have to now! And Everyday Food! It was a great one this time! I agree! The slow cooker is my new -- and perhaps only -- best friend. ;)


mmm , fall baking and cooking is the best!

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