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It's Fatty's Birthday

Since I just wrote a gushy post about Fatty last week, I'll spare you all.  But my fantastic and handsome husband turns 43 today.  I'm looking forward to more cake.  Happy Birthday, Fatty!


I am also looking forward to finishing the small painting project that turned big when I tore the towel bar out of the wall and had to repair the drywall.  I spent most of the weekend with a paintbrush in hand and paint in my hair.  This is the before shot.  I laughed when I looked at the photo.  I don't often walk around carrying empty toilet paper rolls, but I am collecting them for a school project.  Nice one, Erin.  Anyhow, I have repaired the drywall, painted two ceilings (this one and the one in the butler's pantry) and put a coat of tinted primer on the bathroom walls.  Yellow is a hard color to cover.  I'm hoping to get away with one coat of the green (you knew that, right?), but it might take two.  I forgot how much cutting in there is in bathrooms.  And painting behind toilets?  That pretty much sucks.  So yeah, keep your fingers crossed - I really don't want to paint more than one more coat.

The de-stash did not happen this weekend.  I will give you all ample notice before I post anything here.  I do have a couple crafty things to post.  I'll check in while the paint is drying.  Till then, ta ta.



Happy Birthday nice husband who sends wife on Denyse Schmidt quilt sessions.

And good luck on the painting. It always seems easier in our heads than in reality. Hope it doesn't get too complicated.

miss chris

Happy Birthday, Fatty!

And yes, painting bathroom sucks big time. Big Time. The cutting. Oh, the cutting. And the toity. There just isn't that much to roll. I'm the cutter in our painting task force, so bathrooms really are something I hate doing. Best of luck. (Meanwhile our master bath is still waiting for more paint. No real mystery as to why.)


I have a yellow bathroom that is definitely in a 'before' state as well.
I am looking forward to some exciting inspiration!

Sarah Jackson

Happy birthday Fatty!

Yellow is really hard to cover. I had to do 2 coats in the craft room. Hope yours goes quickly.

p.s. maybe if you didn't decide to spontaneously paint the bathroom then you wouldn't feel so overcommitted. from one overachiever to another. :)


Nobody except for you will know if you one-coat behind the toilet, trust me. ; )


It was a good day for good husbands to be born, apparently! Mine's is also today! Happy birthday dear Scorpios.


Happy Birthday!! :D


Happy birthday Fatty! I hope you have a fun birthday celebration!

I love the bathroom before photo, Erin. It totally made me smile. And hubby was happy to see someone he recognized in a blog for a change as he stood over my shoulder while I read your post. ;)

Can't wait to see your green bathroom!

(We just painted ours oyster shell -- aka off white -- b/c I couldn't commit to another color, lol.)


happy birthday to fatty! happy painting to you!

theresa/t does wool

I agree with kim...no one will notice the one coat behind the toilet lol!!and Happy BD to your guy!


We have similar lights in our bathroom. Our walls are nondescript beige. I can't wait to see your green walls. It is fairly easy to take the back of the toilet off. You need to drain it and unscrew it. Pay attention to how the screws and washers are placed. During painting jobs, we just let the back of the toilet rest in the tub. It makes it much more enjoyable to paint behind.


I hope Fatty's birthday was a blast! Good luck painting...I painted over yellow once before and then swore never to paint it again!


the lights are like candles on a cake......happy birthday, fatty!!!

painting behind the toilet does suck. b got paint all over the pipes.


yellow is SO hard to cover.


Good luck w/ your painting. My "present" for my bday was to re-do our bathroom. It went from a dark purple to a red involving many many coats!!


Happy Birthday, Fatty!!! And seriously, Erin, you make me LMAO. The toilet roll is killing me. And I can't tell you how much I love the fact that you broke off the towel bar (that is so something I would do). xoxo


Ugh, painting behind toilets does not sound fun.

Happy birthday Fatty, and good luck with the painting!


Happy BDay Mr. Fatty! GL w/painting eRin. aNa

Mary Smith

Can't wait to see the after of your bathroom. I love decorating projects! And happy birthday to your hubby!

Lisa Clarke

Hope he had a happy birthday, and I hope painting behind the toilet wasn't as awful as it sounds... I *so* need to do something about my hideous 1957 bathroom with the peeling seashell wallpaper, but I just haven't worked up the energy.


And this is why in 4 years I still haven't painted the kids bathroom. I still have drywall repairs to do, but once that's done, I'm all over it :)


Happy birthday to your hubby!

Painting bathrooms isn't much fun. I've had to do it several times. Ugh. After pics please?!


Happy Birthday Fatty! You rock!

And you rock, E for that crazy bathroom project. And for carrying around toilet paper tubes. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for only one coat.


ahhhhh, painting the bathroom...have fun with that!
i'm very spoiled in that my bathroom is white porcelain tiles half way up the walls. oh, and the upstairs ceilings can be reached by standing on tip toes. man i love my old house!

can't wait to see your after pics!


Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Also, THANK YOU for the Rose Hill Hat pattern. I made it this weekend, and just love it.
I put a picture on my blog just today. I was so happy it snowed here, so I could wear it today.

Mama Urchin

Well happy day Fatty!

Kelly H

I just painted my bathroom green, too. My fingers are crossed for your one coat-that's all mine took.


Happy Birthday (late), Fatty!

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom.

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