Saturday Afternoon
Tally - ho!

She's 7

It's really hard for me to believe that my baby is seven years old today.  Time flies.  It does.

Somethings about Kate:

She's funny and has a heck of a belly laugh.
She's sweet to her friends and a bit sassy, too.
She says pink is her favorite color, but she likes green too.
She's a head taller than everyone in her class.
She's a good artist and loves to read.
Her favorite subject is math.
She's still afraid of the dark.
She loves to sing and dance and does both with her very own style.
She likes to help in the kitchen, but hates to clean her room.
She makes me smile.
She's stubborn.  (Wonder where she gets that?)
She challenges me in the best possible ways.
Her best friend is Jane.
When she grows up she wants to be a babysitter.
She likes to have fun and act crazy.


Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!  I love you loads.


TD wool design

happy birthday! hope it's filled with special treats!


Happy Birthday Kate!! Have a great day!!


hooray for kate. happy 7th!!!

Sarah Jackson

Happy birthday Kate! I hope someday we get to meet you. Annika would love to spend the day with you being silly and doing math. :)


happy day big girl! i'll bet your mom is happy that you like green (too).

theresa/t does wool

happy bd!!!!


too cute - what a great list. happy birthday kate! aidan's favorite subject is math too, but his best friend is certainly not his big sister (sniff, sniff).


Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, Erin. Six felt big on Monday and I know seven is going to feel even bigger next year. May Kate's childhood continue to be full of light and love, happiness and creativity...I know it already is. xo

jen j-m

she looks so much like both of you in this picture!
happy birthday, sweet kate.
my favorite thing: "When she grows up she wants to be a babysitter."


hurray for 7 year old girls!


oh, how sweet! :] Happy Birthday, Kate!


Happy birthday, Kate!

If she still wants to be a babysitter in a few years, give me a call :)


Hapde Burfday Kate!


too cute - what a great list. happy birthday kate! aidan's favorite subject is math too, but his best friend is certainly not his big sister (sniff, sniff).


happy birthday Kate! Don't grow too fast, we moms can't take it! : )


Happy Birthday to Kate. My 'big girl' (DD1) is 7 today too! (Although 'today' it is the 13th here in Australia)


must be the name ;) She sounds a lot like me. Happy birthday Kate!


Happy birthday to Kate! And congratulations to her mom as well. Hope the day was special.


happy birthday to kate!!! she sounds like a great kid. :)


7 is a big one! Happy Birthday Kate.
Wishing you a wonderful year :)

amy h

Happy birthday to Kate!


Oh, Kate, happy, happy birthday!!!

Elisabeth says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND! I hope we can play together again!"


Happy birthday to your big girl! I bet the time has wizzed by and that some days you feel like you just drought her home from the hospital.


happy birthday to your girl!


i can not believe that andrew and kate share the same day.
maybe i knew..... but i forgot.
hope your seventh year is filled with every thing bright!!!

jen t

happy birthday kate. it's always good to be a mix of nice and sassy.


Happy birthday Kate! Sass is always a good thing.


a huge happy b-day to miss kate.
belly laughing. fun. and crazy.
she's my kind of gal.


Aww, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!


hahaha, that's at my house! What a cute shot. Happy birthday Miss Kate!


Happy Birthday! And a wonderful year.


yay, kate! hope it's a great day.


Give her a big birthday hug! (Like you haven't already given her a million.) She has her dad's eyes! Watch out boys!! My baby just turned 2, but 7 will be much harder to face


happy, happy birthday, Kate!

miss chris

Happy Birthday, Kate! I love girls with spunk.


Happy 7 to Kate!


Happy Birthday sweet girl!


What a sweetie! Happy birthday to her!


This picture is hilarious and looks like an illustration by Alan Tiegreen in the Ramona series of books by Beverly Cleary!


i hope you both had a glorious day yesterday!


From that photo it looks like she has a big, fun personality! Nothing in the world as awesome as kids. Congratulations, mom.


ahhhh 7, it's a good age. it looks like you've got a real sweet cutie pie there. Happy Birthday to Kate!


Happy Birthday Kate, I think you would get on very well with my Lucinda who sounds just like you! Do you know I can remember on my 7th Birthday (I'm 44) I went across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the very first time! Have a fantastic year!


oh happy late birthday! i hope you're still celebrating!


Happy Birthday, Kate!


***joyeux anniversaire from across the Atlantic, Kate !***


***joyeux anniversaire from across the Atlantic, Kate !***

Suzie sews

a lovely post, I hope the birthday girl had a super day...

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