She's 7
It's Fatty's Birthday

Tally - ho!

Every year, I make each of the girls a t-shirt for their birthday.  Here's what I made for Kate:


I wish I could take credit for the idea, but that was all Kate.  Kids really have the best ideas!  Sometimes they aren't really practical, but they are always creative.  About a month ago, we were driving in the car and she said she wanted tally marks on her birthday shirt.  Perfect!  Of course, it was 6:30 on the morning of her birthday when I finally got around to making it.  Some things never change.  I do know what I am going to do for Jane's shirt (also her idea).  I have two and a half weeks to do that one.  Let's see if I can avoid procrastination.  Probably not.  (Just me trying to be realistic).

I am so thrilled that it is Friday!  I don't have anything big planned for the weekend.  I might paint our bathroom.  It looks like such an easy project, but it might be one of those that takes more time than I think.  I have some school auction projects to get started.  And then there is the studio - messy again.  I know that is a big project.  There will be some de-stashing, so stay tuned.  I also have some yarn I don't want and plan to offer that up for sale here.  Everything will be first come, first served.

Have a great weekend!


TD wool design

creative! like mother, like daughter! very sweet. happy weekend to you!


That could not be cuter...I LOVE IT! And the tie dye looks perfect underneath!


That is super cute, what a great shirt.


I am SO copying that! Love it!


I love it! What a great idea with using tally marks.


cute! i am totally stealing this idea.

Meg Evans

Adorable shirt! Have fun with whatever projects pop up next! Oh, I made a Rose Hill hat this week as a gift, and I'm going to have to get another one on the needles for me soon!

Sarah Jackson

Such a great idea! Have a great weekend full of not much. Although your not much sounds like quite a lot!


a great weekend to you...xo.


such a cute shirt, erin. great thinking, kate.

i love the title of your post. in college we used to eat tally-ho burgers!


The shirt is so cute! Such a great idea, Kate !Happy Belated Birthday to you!


I love the idea of making/decorating a tee for birthdays. The tally mark idea is great. Kids really do come up with the best ideas don't they?


that is such a cool idea. way to go, kate! i love that my kids LOVE their 'birthday' shirts. makes a mama proud.


I love that! Too cute!


Happy Birthday to your clever girl.

p.s. will you ask her if I can use her idea? :)


I love this idea! Kids have the best ideas!

Heather B

How clever! I may have to copy this as my daughter has fallen in love with counting tally marks at school!


awesome shirt! very very good idea kate!


that is SUCH a great idea! and what a great shot too. happy weekend!


What a wonderful idea, and your execution is perfect.


I always love your birthday shirts, but this one is my new favorite! Love the tallies, and LOVE the fabric choices. I'd say it's pretty well, near perfection!


What a great idea Kate. Yes, kids can come up with the best.

Mama Urchin

That is a really cute idea for a shirt. Seven... wow.


That shirt is just adorable!


What a great idea!


That is a awesome idea....high five!


The shirt it totally cool, and how proud is she that she can say she's a designer now! And at 7 yrs old! But really I want to add that I'll checking back twice as often for the destashing action! I've told you I love yours so hopefully some will become mine.


Such a cute shirt - so clever! And I love the color scheme.


What a great idea for her shirt! Very, very cute. :)


how adorable! i'm totally stealing kate's idea and making a red one and a pink one for my girls when they turn 7 in february. and that worksheet looks suspiciously familiar!


That is such a cute idea! I make my girls a shirt on their bday too! But they haven't thought of tally marks. Very darling! Have a great weekend!


ooh, I'll bet it's a pile of awesome fabrics when you destash. :) Got any fun yellow?

My to-do list is LONG this weekend. Really long. Like, overwhelmingly long. I have alot to get done before next Wednesday, and even more before 12/3. I hope your weekend is productive!


What a great idea! Your daughter obviously takes after your creative side. Her shirt looks wonderful!

Me? A Mom?

Wow. I wonder what it's like to be some creative and brilliant at such a young age... Your execution of the idea is fantastic.


I love the tally t-shirt! What a great idea from Kate!


Great idea! That might have to become a tradition in our house too.

Katie Dykema

I love the shirts you make for your girl's birthdays. Such a great idea and I'm sure they will love looking back at them when they have children. Can't wait to see the fabric and yarn you don't want! Enjoy your weekend!


Great shirt idea and great work on making it happen! Hope she had a great birthday. All of my memories seem to start at age 7 - for some reason I don't remember much before that age. Have a great weekend.


What an excellent idea Kate!I might try that on a shirt too.Great for unstashing some of a large stash too..


i already said it on flickr but this is so so cute.
have a great weekend!


Very cute.

Liza B. Gonzalez

I Love this idea...she's brilliant...a great gift idea, too!


Tally Marks! Ok, I can see the next generation of creative craft bloggers right there in that T-shirt.


That is a really cute shirt!

theresa/t does wool

very clever daughter you have there...very!


fantastic idea! my son is also the chief designer here


I love the t-shirt!

p.s. are you planning on destashing any scraps?


love this! and happy day to kate!


What a nice idea! I love it.


I wish Sabrina was that old again!

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