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This sweater has been a saga.  I am amazed that I even finished it because it was by far the least fun I have ever had knitting.  My wrist issues started when I started this sweater and I have my fingers crossed that they end with it too.  But, I am glad that I stuck with it and finally got it off the needles, even if it took the better part of a year.


Rowan Felted Tweed is a beautiful yarn.  I loved working with it - it was soft and light in my hands.  There were many times that I wished I had chosen a different color.  Well, a lighter color, actually.  It would have been easier to see the dropped stitches and the mistakes I made in the cable.  But I don't think I would love the finished sweater so much if it weren't this pretty brown.


The garter rib was tedious.  I kept messing it up - knitting when I should have been purling and vice versa.  When I look at it now, I like the subtle detail and think ripping out all those wrong rows was worth it.  I do love the mock seam.  That is just plain beautiful.


The tangled yoke - well, it was a tangled mess most of the time.  But in the end, if I went at it one repeat at a time, I swore less and managed to get a whole row right.  Add up 18 right rows and you get a whole cabled yoke.  How I managed it, I am not sure.  The frustration was worth it.  I think it is pretty amazing.


The buttons are shell and they pick all the little tweedy bits in the yarn.  I wish they were a smidge smaller, but oh well.  They do look nice.


The sweater is comfy - it's light weight, but still warm.  The sleeves are too long (my fault - I added too much length) and the overall fit is a little big (my fault, too - I lost weight).  I don't care - it's a good problem to have.  I still adore it.  I am just so happy that I am finished knitting it.

So there you go - item number 3 checked off the craft goal list.  That, too, feels good.

PatternTangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, Color 145, 8 skeins

Needles:  sizes 4, 3 and 0, 32" circulars and size 4 double points

Size:  38"

Modifications:  I added length.  1 1/2" to the body and 1" to the sleeves.  I also picked up a few extra stitches on the button bands to make up for the length.  Otherwise, I knit it as the pattern said.

Would I do it again?  Hell no.  Was it worth it?  Hell yes.


Sarah Jackson

I think it looks fabulous on you. It really doesn't look too big. You should wear it with pride - excellent work!!

I guess I should stop talking about finishing mine and just get it done, huh?


so beautiful. The cables are wonderfully subtle. great job!

Alicia A.

And it looks sooooooo great.
Be proud of yourself!!!


Yikes! I really want to make this (I even have the yarn)but all I hear are horror stories!

Your's is soooo pretty, though. Hmph.


Wow....that is gorgeous! I think it fits beautifully!


Spectacular! I'm impressed with your stay-at-it-ness. When something hurts me or otherwise stresses me out I usually give right up!


looks like a million bucks! Congrats on persevering through it. We all know how hard that can be!

... and baby makes four!

It looks absolutely beautiful and absolutely beautiful on you, too! Congrats!

It makes me want to hurl my crochet hook on the floor and pick up those menacing knitting needles that glare at me from my basket of yarn... but I'm too scared!


This is the most beautiful example of the tangled yoke sweater I have seen yet. I love the brown tweed. And you look fantastic in it. Congratulations!

Perhaps you should enter this in the state fair... I'm just sayin'.


oh - its awesome. am inspired to pick up my knitting needles. for real. hope you are modeling it tonight!


its gorgeous. i love the color! i am such a fan of rowan yarn! looks great.


Wow! This is a sweater for me...comfy, cozy, and handmade. It looks lovely on you, Erin.


that's a sweater that people will say, "where did you get it? it's so cute!" and you'll say smugly, "I made it!" :]


Beautiful Erin - you wear it well!


Beautiful Erin - you wear it well!

Meg Evans

Absolutely beautiful! And best of all, you get to wear this work of art!

melissa f.

wear it in good health, erin. it's freaking amazing.


So outrageously beautiful! I love it and you should embrace the long sleeves, they're great!!!

Kim DeMille

it looks fantastic. I think I'm going to have to make me one of these. I have some spindrift, i wonder if that will work?


wow! i am super impressed...it's gorgeous! the color is great. and i love long sleeves on sweaters. i am a wimp and can't even imagine knitting a whole sweater!


If it helps, at all, it *is* a gorgeous sweater. I know myself, and I know I wouldn't have the patience to knit all that stockinette in between the fiddly bits, but yours is lovely.


It's gorgeous for sure. Great work and you deserve a hand massage!


oh erin! yay!! it looks fabulous.
so. so. worth it.
.......and i LOVE the brown. wish i had brown. i have green. funny, huh?!

amy h

It's really pretty, Erin. What detail! Nice work. And I like sleeves to be a little on the long side.


It looks gorgeous! Lovely work.


It looks fab!


don't they say that perseverance pays off!? so nicely done.

Karen Lehmann

uh, yeah.....totally worth it. Stunning. Completely stunning...I am green with...well, you know :)

Mary Smith

There's nothing better than something beautiful handmade that looks great to wear too! Awesome job!


It looks great! Congratulation on finishing it. Love the yarn too!


I had the same two problems when I made this sweater, I made it too big and the sleeves are ridiculous on me.
I ended up giving it to a much taller friend, and it fits her very well.
I haven't gotten up the gumption to make it again for myself yet...
Yours is loverly!


Well, it is beautiful. I am always amazed at what people can make with a ball or two of yarn. Somehow knitting really intimidates me!


wonderful sweater and wonderful on you! happy for you! love that color...always :)

kristen Van Dyke

that sweater is delicious! makes me want to learn to knit SO badly - but I know I won't have the patience to get that good! Way to go .


i love it, Erin! it looks so soft.


it's so gorgeous, erin! and it looks beautiful on you. congrats on finishing it. oh, and the color choice is perfect.

jennifer w.

Really beautiful! Congratulations for being able to cross one off the list!


wow it looks great. Isn't rolling the sleeves up a little with a shirt sticking out in style?lol.I can't wait to see what you make next.

Mama Urchin

It looks great! I'm so glad you were able to finish it.


So beautiful!! I love the color choice...


absolutely beautiful erin!


erin, i'm really impressed! this sweater is beautiful and looks great on you! and i'll keep my fingers crossed that your wrist issues are over!


oh erin! it's beautiful. absolutely so.

i'm working my way up the second sleeve of my tangled yoke, in the thick of the 'hell no'. thanks for giving me the spark to keep at it.


It turned out beautifully!


It really is beautiful. Good job!! There really is a sense of satisfaction when you accomplish something that complicated. It looks just perfect on too! I like the sleeves to be a little long - hate it when my wrists hang out. :-)

Account Deleted

Bravo for sticking with it and finishing it!


It looks great on you and is just such a beautiful sweater. All-around. Completion is a lovely thing.


It looks really great I don't know that I could ever do that. I have no idea how to knit, I should learn.

Carrie S.

Of all the patterns I have lusted after, this is the one that intimidates me the most. Yours is beautiful, which is no surprise. I happen to like the longer sleeves, but that's the way I like to wear them. It turned out lovely, and I hope you enjoy it for years to come! XO


Fantastic! So cute and so inspiring.

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