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Saturday Afternoon

This man


I just wrote a real sappy post about this man, but I couldn't publish it.  He likes his privacy too much.  That said, he might not like his photo on the blog.  Oh well.  I had to do it.  You see, he gave me a really wonderful birthday gift back in May.  And this past weekend, I cashed it in.  It started with a flight to New York and swanky hotel room.  It had big city shopping, a day in Bridgeport, CT, room service and sleeping in, too.  Three days by myself - no responsibilities beyond choosing what I wanted to eat and when to get out of bed.  Bliss.  In the end, I came home refreshed and renewed, bursting with creativity, but missing him and the girls.

It was the best gift I have ever received other than my daughters, and of course, him.  Because every day I have this man in my life is gift in and of itself.  I am truly blessed, that I know.

This man.  Oh, how I love this man.


Sarah Jackson

so sweet, Erin. You're both very blessed to have each other.

theresa/t does wool

that is love...


What a wonderful story.


Erin...wow...that is an amazing gift from an amazing man. I understand completely because my Jason is also amazing....wow...what a great gift. :) Oh and yes...your man is gorgeous.

Nadia Lewis

I'm glad you got a good one too. Mine is helping me take this whole month off to reset my life back into order.

And I agree with Dawn -- you got a looker! ;P


okay. this is the best gift i have heard of. in a long time. you are blessed. indeed.


it sounds great. Isn't is wonderfull to spend time just alone? At our house we love to do things together, but once in a while we stay alone, leave alone and come back refreshed and happy.
I am going to visit my family in Europe for almost 4 weeks during Christmas. It would be first time without my half on Christmas and away for that long after long , long time, but I haven't seen my parents for seven years. It's about the time, right?
I am looking forward to it.


you're one lucky gal, that's for sure. :]

Mary Smith

Wow! Nice gift. Can you please get your husband to email mine?:)


I've had 2.5 years off dating, because I was starting toi get a little bitter and twisted about loser men and I didn't want to be that sort bof woman. (It was only supposed to be a year break, but I was enjoying myself so miuch that it stretched.)

It's posts like this that make me realise that I should get up and get out there again. I'm really happy with just myself and the boys, but I'm probably missing out on another huge dimension that I could be enjoying.

TD wool design

lucky lady - all the way around!
glad you had a great time.


Sounds absolutely lovely! Glad you enjoyed yourself and had some time away.


how sweet :)


So sweet of you to acknowledge him! You both are special to each other!


It's great when your Dh is also your best friend isn't it?


oh, bliss. and he's a cutie pie too. xo.


What an amazing gift!
And what a sweet and loving husband you must have :)

Julie Alvarez

I feel the same way. And I am glad that we feel gratitude for these men. They are not for granted. And they deserve our acknowledgement.
I am happy for you!


So sweet. I completely know how you feel - oh do I love my husband :)


Oh, what a sweet gift. I'm glad you had a such a wonderful relaxing time to yourself!


What a guy! Way to go Fatty!

Alicia A.

You're (both) awfully sweet.


What an awesome gift! The love in my heart for NYC is immense...and basking it its glory by yourself for a few days? That is the stuff dreams are made of!!!!
He's a keeper!!


what a wonderful gift-the weekend away and a husband that takes care of you, too!


lucky! what an amazing gift - glad you had fun!


what an extraordinarily beautiful way to feel about your husband.


You two are the cutest. What a wonderful present. I think some quiet for us busy moms is so important to refueling. Fatty is a wicked smart fella. xoxo


Made a weekend trip to NYC myself college hunting with my daughter. I thought I recognized you at Anthropologie Sunday, but didn't want to say anything because I only know you from reading your blog. Small world. Glad you had a great weekend.

Melissa Crowe

Yay! I'm so happy for you.


Oh, that made me all schmoopy! You're so lucky to have each other.


What a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it - it's lifted my day.


How sweet.

And he's hot!!!


ditto! about his hotness! and of course sweet.


What a heavenly gift!!

The Knitting Archaeologist

How magical! What a great guy...I hope I find one as great as him some day!


Yep, you're one lucky girl!!


erin, you are lucky in so many ways!!!


Ah, ha! So that's what you were doing in NYC...
What an awesome, awesome guy. I wouldn't say that either of you are lucky, though. I'd say that you are well-matched. Perfectly matched, it seems. Good for you both!


lucky girl, you!

Knitsational (Julie)

What a lucky woman you are. Your trip sounds fabulous!

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org

Oh, a weekend--nay 3 days!--alone! A fine man, indeed!




fun gift! jealous! what a great man!


He's a good one! You're both pretty lucky to have each other. I'm so glad to know you both!


It is wonderful to be blessed with such a man in your life and to take the time to thank the world for your blessing.



Glad you had a good trip!


Arrrh, thats lovely. He's gorgeous as well as a sweetie.


so sweet... i love coming across people with happy marriages that are so thankful and aren't afraid to say it!

Mama Urchin

It's wonderful to be married to a wonderful man.


What a great gift! I know how wonderful that can be since I just had a lovely week in Houston thanks to my dearest.

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