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Back-tack 4 - given

For back-tack, I was paired up with the lovely Theresa.  She sent me some beautiful goodies which I promise to share soon.  I still need to get decent photos (that darn winter light!).  For her, I made a simple throw.


When I found the very last piece of this fabric in my studio, I knew it was meant for Theresa.  I considered making a bag out of it, but I just couldn't cut it.  It is a wool cashmere blend and I had just enough to squeak out a 60" square throw.  I used a Japanese polka dot to bind it.  Simple, but luxurious at the same time.  I hope she enjoys it during these cold winter months.


I sent some other goodies as well - vanilla tea, sea salt caramels and an ornament.  I never tire of brown paper packages and red and white string.  That is my go-to wrap this year.  Speaking of which....time to get back at it.



I love brown wrapping paper. It's my favorite. Because you can dress it up with anything, and it's still simple.


Ha! First!


Wah! I want a wool-cashmere throw. *flutters lashes* go on Erin - make me one


What is your source for the string?


What a beautiful throw, erin! So simple but cheery. I'm sure she'll love it.

Brown paper packages and string... that's the good stuff. xo


What a beautiful throw, erin! So simple but cheery. I'm sure she'll love it.

Brown paper packages and string... that's the good stuff. xo


Ah yes, the gigantic spool of string from Tilda's! I've done the same wrap this year -- so classic.

The throw is simple and comforting. Beautiful.

Melissa Crowe

Your blanket and your packages are beautiful! What lucky recipients, all!

Mary Jo, Five Green Acres

Yeah - I was wondering where you got the string also! Beautiful, simple packages - love it.


Brown paper packages tied up with string... One of my favorite things... for wrapping!
That throw looks just too cozy... espcially with the snow outside!


Alright, throw my name in too: where does the string come from?? A bloggy buddy sent me a paddle of it with a giveaway prize, and I was overjoyed: I can't find it anywhere!

The throw sounds seriously scrumptious!


i have had the darndest time finding plain brown paper. do you guys just get the shipping stuff? or is this actual wrapping paper.

theresa/t does wool

I'm now cozy...and lucky ;-)!

Account Deleted

I love the simplicity of the blanket and the warmth it will bring to her.


theresa is one lucky duck!!! I LOVE the throw. the dot binding is the perfect pop for the border. your packages are so pretty.

Sarah Cosper

Yes! Where do you get your string?

Sarah Jackson

so beautiful! You have a very lucky swap partner.

And I so need to order a big spool of twine. My local cake shop doesn't carry the big one. Poo.


I clicked on the comments to ask where to find the twine, but it looks like that question has already been asked. ;o)

Love the polka dots!

City Farm Girl (jenn)

Love the wrap... and I adore the string. It's french, right? What is Tilda's and how do we get our paws on it. Beautiful work.


Love it all. But do share - where do you get salty caramel? Because I'm craving it like crazy and can't find it.


oh so good. she is going to love it!


Hey Erin! That twine keeps popping up everywhere. I'm feeling out of the loop. Where did you find it?


what a pretty throw! i also was wondering where you got the giant spool of string.


A friend of mine who sells on Etsy uses brown wrapping and the red and white string along with her business card as her wrapping. It's so simple and lovely. I love getting packages wrapped like that.

Chara Michele

Oh that throw is just gorgeous! Can I ask where you found the wool-cashmere fabric?


I love that throw, wool and cashmere blend, so luxurious! What a wonderful gift...


oh, she'll love that blanket alright! I adore mine. Everybody in my house knows to back away from the blanket. That and my hottie.


What lovely gifts - and wonderful packaging!
Well done.

amelia studio

That blanket looks so cozy -- a great gift!


The blanket looks wonderfully cozy and the binding is just right! I love, love, love your packaging. I always use brown paper for wrapping, unfortunately i don't have enough bakers twine to wrap the packages with. Looks great!


Oooh! So lovely this time of the year.

Lenae May

Too wonderful! Great quilt!
Such a pleasure to browse!


1. That is also my go-to wrapping method.

2. Ohmygoodness, that throw! I want that! Lucky Theresa!

3. Merry Christmas.



oh, erin. that throw!! I love the color with the binding.

All of santa's gifts are brown paper and baker's twine this year. I never get tired of it.

Let's talk after Christmas! :)

teresa washington

love your wrap and sting ,could u please share where you buy your red & white string and brown paper, only thing i can find is red cotton yarn and very heavy brown shipping paper which is very hard to handle


Awesome pretty simple elegant wrapping! I just bought some of that twine at Michaels (Martha Stewart) and now I know what to do with it!

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