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Good Morning

I made a quilt

A few of you guessed what I was up to.  Some of you knew.  So, yeah, I made a quilt for the craft swap.  And I really, really love this quilt.


It's throw size - I forgot to measure it.  I think it ended up around 50" x 60".  I made the six colored blocks on Monday night.  I was in a piss poor mood and playing with fabric changed my frame of mind completely.  I used the same paper bag method that I learned at Denyse Schmidt's studio in November.  I loaded the bags with 5 solids and 6 prints.  I can't tell you who made the solids, but all the prints are Amy Butler's Midwest Modern that I had in my stash.


I pieced the blocks in about an hour and a half.  I made myself move fast so I wouldn't overthink.  I knew that it would be cohesive because I had loaded the bags with the fabric myself.  I kept going until I got tired.  On Tuesday morning, I got up, looked at them all and started adding the dark green around them to make a rectangle.  I then used large strips of green to make the quilt top bigger.


For the back, I made a small horizontal patchwork strip and sewed it between the orange and darker pink solids.  I couldn't resist putting a piece of this cute little house print in.  It's Japanese and came from Purl.


I quilted it with a green thread that matched the lime solid.  I chalked lines 4" apart and free-motioned loops below each line.  I bound it in the lime solid, using a zig zag stitch.


This block is my favorite.  Something about it just speaks to me.

So there you go.  The craft swap quilt.  I really do love it.  So much.  In the end, though, it went home with someone else.  And I let it go willingly.

If you want to see the rest of the goodies that were swapped, and the very cool piece I ended up with, go visit Caroline's blog.  Everything was fabulous - I would have taken any of it willingly.  Caroline tells the story so so well - play by play, actually.  Plus, she took photos and I didn't.

Have a great weekend.  I think I have one or maybe two more posts in me before I disappear for the holidays.  See you soon.


Amanda E Woodward

I love it so much!!! The green looks fantastic with those bright colors!

Kim d.

Now that is a reason to join a Swap, if ever I saw one. Beautiful work.


This is really gorgeous :) I read your post about visiting Denyse's studio, but this post made me go back and re-read it.

I'm a little bit of a quilting virgin, so I was wondering if you would explain the paper bag method? I understand the general concept is to pull out a piece from the bag, and use it, but how do you separate pieces, and how many bags? And in what order do you pull? Thanks! :)

Sarah Jackson

Oh, I love love love it. You are an inspiration, my friend. Truly. And a very big person for not keeping it.


just gorgeous.


Love the loops! It's amazing :)


That is really a beautiful quilt. I love the loops you stitched in free hand. Very nice. Looks like it was a lot of fun to make.


Love all of the colors together! The loops are great!
And you have an amazingly talented group of ladies to swap with!

Account Deleted

you are amazing. This is gorgeous! The colors are such a great balance together. I love the random piecing, random placement. Is that free motion hard? Will you come and teach it to me sometime?


So pretty Erin, you out-did yourself. A beautiful piece of art.


Erin you are a genius and I would LOVE to have this in my home....I seriously can't stop thinking about it. I LOVE it. It is so modern and it speaks to me so loudly...please make it stop :) Great work Erin


I really really love this quilt too!


Love it!


I agree - that block speaks to me as well. It's saying: I'm awesome! The quilt is beautiful.



Erin K

This is so beautiful! What a fun quilt. :)


i absolutely adore it, erin!


oh my gosh. it turned out lovely. and i love that stripe down the back. and the loops, too. great job ... again!


beautiful, erin! the colors and the blocks are just amazing!

you've really convinced me to seriously look into taking one of the workshops. i'm a fellow overthinker, and if this is overcoming that trait--well then, sign me up!


i so would have stolen this. although, all of those gifts are SO lovely.
how fun!


Beautiful! Congratulations- I have yet to actually finish one!


it turned out great! and good for you for letting it go willingly.


I love it! i just found a few blocks in my stash that i love that weren't enough to make a full quilt - i like what you did with yours! Very nice!



Great job and so speedy! A very generous gift, indeed.


holy amazing quilt batman!


Great swap items. Love the quilt. The green really makes the blocks pop.

TD wool design

you never disappoint! :)
i knew i would love it before i even saw it!
i would have a hard time parting with it too.

caroline thornewill

If I think for one minute that Brenda is not cherishing that quilt like she should, I'm going to break into her house and take it. Really.


I love that quilt!!! I totally would have stolen it back for myself :)

The Knitting Archaeologist

Gorgeous as usual! Happy Holidays to you and your family:)


Man oh man oh man!!!!

DANG you are GOOD!


It's fantastic! Really and truly fantastic. And I loved the looped stitching.


i am SO getting my new machine before you come. so we can play play play.....


I love it! It's so unique. Love the blocks in a sea of green. Am inspired!!

Merry Christmas ;)


Gorgeous. Lucky lady who received this one!


Organic quilting! Wonderful!

Chara Michele

It looks fabulous! I am going to have to head over to her blog now to see what you ended up with :)


I'm sure there was lots of yankee swappig for this! It turned out great...I love the bold colors you used...VERY Denise looking!!!


That is lovely. I adore it, and am inspired by it. Go you!


looks perfect! you have a lucky swap partner indeed!


This is such a neat idea....I'm going to try it.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Beauty of a quilt! Love all your fabrics and the green is a great compliment :)


I read this post before bed last night & didn't comment, i have been trying to catch up on my blogs. I dreamt that this quilt was in my house & you kept calling me to send it back & I kept forgetting, so you drove her & got it. Weird, huh?


I always love it when you go into the sewing room! This is one great quilt!


It's so cool to see how that workshop has influenced you and your work. And I like how you pushed through a piss poor mood by making such a beautiful quilt. Much better than inhaling a box of caramels. At least in the long run. I must take note.


oh, erin. it's lovely. lovely, lovely, lovely.


I love this quilt too! Especially the pink and orange back - Delightful!

I would have had a hard time letting it go too.

Julie @ Letter9

ah, nothing better than something pretty to cure a rotten mood. and your pictures do wonders for my own mood, erin. thanks!


How do you paper bag quilt?? I love your quilt!



such a pretty quilt! I love how the patchwork portion is "floating"

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