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I've become a selfish knitter

When I was in New York last month, I stopped at Purl and drooled over all the gorgeous yarns.  I was having a hard time focusing, there was so much goodness in one store.  Kristin, who was with me, has way more restraint than I do.  (I know - I never told you all about that bloggy meet up.  Bad me.  It has nothing to do with Kristin - she's completely charming, as you would imagine.  And we had such a nice day together, shopping all over NYC.)  I don't think she bought a thing because she wants to finish her sweater first.  Oh no, not me.  I bought some Koigu just because it is pretty.  Sigh.

When I got home, I came to the realization that I love sock yarn.  Love it.  But, um, I don't really like knitting socks.  Not a bit.   Then I remembered Maritza made a lovely cowl out of sock yarn, so I looked for her post and copied her.


I wore my cowl today and I adore it.  In fact, I already have another one on the needles.  ;)  If you want specifics, go check out Maritza's post.  She gives you all the details.  I used about 1 1/2 skeins of my yarn.  I don't know which color it is - I lost the tag.  If I had to guess, I'd go with 610 (113).

I am gearing up for a cold, but festive weekend.  I've been slowly working on decorating the house for the holidays and I am feeling so much more festive than I did last year.  I changed the way I am doing  some things and I think that is helping.  I'll share some more thoughts next week.  And if I have seemed absent on your blogs, it's because I haven't been reading many recently.  I plan on doing some catch up reading in the slow moments this weekend.  That's it for now - I have a date to get ready for!  Happy Friday, everyone.



it's so good. such great yarn and a great pattern... that yarn works perfect. i have to say, your post is funny too - when i look back on that day, being in the yarn shop, i just see all those colorful skeins of yarn *everywhere* and i think i was a tad overwhelmed or something. now with a bunch of christmas knitting on my to do list i so wish i was back there and i'd pick up a few things for sure. :) and now i must confess to taking a break from the progress-less sweater that i was so dedicated to (i'm really stuck) and knitting myself a cowl too - how weird is that? it's up on the blog today as well. have a great weekend.


The cowl is beauiful! I love your hair! And, have a great date!


so cool. i envy your fiber skills! have fun tonight!


Love the cowl -- I think I need one. Have a great date!


I love the color combo of the yarn.
It suits you beautifuly!


I think it's good to knit for yourself- especially since so much of your crafting seems to be for other people. Beautiful cowl, Erin.


The cowl is looks amazing with your hair! Makes me want to start knitting...

caroline thornewill

Gorgeous! You and the cowl!!!


Not sure of the pattern, but a friend of mine recently knitted a hat with sock yarn, which turned out beautifully too.


This is a really lovely cowl - I'm off to check out Maritza's! :0)


erin! This one is killing me! Oh, I wish I had more time! I love it!! You are looking mighty beautiful in this picture--your cowl, your hair, your cute green coat!!
hope you had a wonderful date! :)

happy weekend.


slowly decorating the house!? you call that slowly!? xoxo.


It's so pretty and looks great on you! This is the kind of project that would motivate me to get past the beginner knitter stage.


It's absolutely gorgeous! I love love love the colors! You look fantastic in it. I totally agree- I love sock yarn but don't love knitting socks. I love it!

Sarah Jackson

It looks great! Perfect with your coloring. I hoard sock yarn because I love it, but I hate knitting socks. I love what you did with it.

My house is going even more slowly - I haven't even started yet. I'll just wait for you to show up and do it for me. K? K.


the cowl is so perfect with your coloring. Cowl & Coloring=it's a good thing.



the cowl is so perfect with your coloring. Cowl & Coloring=it's a good thing.


Erin | house on hill road



Gosh that is gorgeous! I have been trying to teach myself to knit, maybe someday...
PS You look very nice in green!


The color really is a fabulous compliment to both your hair and your jacket, I think it's great!
There are so many awesome cowl patterns out there, I dare you to search on Ravelry for free cowl patterns, there are HUNDREDS!!


Regards from Ireland... I love your blog, nice writing, pretty pics, thanks!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Your cowl looks great! Have a great weekend :)


Gorgeous cowl. I *heart* Koigu myself, no matter the project. The colors are what I crave.


i've had you minimized since friday! minimized! how could i have!! :)

love love love the cowl. i may just have to make one....after the holidays.

jealous of your decorating. haven't done a single thing. well, except my dress form.


hope you are having a great weekend. I am glad you are feeling more festive! love the cowl.


ooh, it's cute, just like you! I've been kind of absent on many blogs lately too. Can't seem to get life back to a normal pace just yet. Hope you have some slow moments soon!


Oh. My. God! Your cowl is gorgeous! Great work.


That cowl is lovely. I am striving to be a more selfish knitter - far too many little things for other people keep popping in. Belated congrats on the Cookie feature, I saw it in my mag and was all proud of you. Funny that.


Selfish knitters unite! I'm totally a selfish knitter, and there's nothing wrong with that!!! Your cowl is lovely. I think I'll be adding something else to my growing list of selfish projects :-)


Hey hot stuff! I love your cowl. xo


It's fantastic! It's OK to be a selfish knitter. :)


ooh lovely.
and your hair looks fabulous!!

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