Peonies in December
Sweaters into Pillows

Lights all aglow


Just another thing that making me feel festive:  I love twinkly lights and Christmas trees.


Help!  I'm looking for some silk charmeuse - about a half yard or so.  Does anyone have a good internet source?  Or one that I can call and mail order?  Or any on hand that they would be willing to send me?   Any shade of blue, green, pink, or red would work.  Even black or gray.  I need it kind of quick - by Monday at the latest.  I'd be happy to do a swap or pay.  Thanks.


Nadia Lewis

I love the lights too. :)

Mama Urchin

No silk charmeuse here. Love the lights though.

Nada Jones

i might... the stash is in trailer across the property, and its raining, but i'll check in the morning!


you know i'd send it if i had it.


Call Treadle Yard Goods in saint Paul MN
They have a terrific silk selection and they will send stuff by mail.


love that picture, erin!

sorry I missed your call!!! I have your numbers in my cell. We'll connect soon. I'm excited to chat.


oh! i love your nutcrackers! i can't wait to go to my mom's house at christmas and see her nutcrackers set up. thanks for the lovely pics!


I love twinkly lights too. And the smell of christmas trees. I used to hate Christmas, but lately, I've been liking it alot more. But I've always loved twinkly lights.

I hope you find your fabric!


Hancock's in Paducah, KY or Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, IL both good sources that will ship ASAP. Good luck


oooh ... that picture is so pretty.


Your new banner is fantastic! Love those German smokers.


Beautiful lights!

I can't help with the silk, unfortunately. :(

caroline thornewill

LOVE that shot!

So, what do you need the charmeuse for, eh? Hmmm...


The new banner is great - sorry, I have no silk...


Ooo! love the new banner!


Silk Baron out of LA
I ordered beautiful dupioni from him to make flowergirl dresses for my girls from him - great service, tons of colors to choose from, and a much better price that I could find in Iowa. Only you'll need to buy it by the yard I think. The site says to e-mail and he takes paypal, but I called anyway and he shipped right away.
You can sorta see the dresses on my blog - there will be better close-ups at Christmas! I love sewing silk...


oh, your banner is so stinking cute. my son would be in heaven with that display.


Twinkly lights are my favorite! Love the new banner!


Britex Fabrics, the most amazing fabric store ever! 415.392.2910


love this photo. just gorgeous.

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