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Packing List: It's there and here


So, the packing list is up on the Cookie website.  You can find it there.  Or you can find it over with the tutorials and such.  Here.  It should print out on a normal piece of computer paper with some space at the bottom for you to customize it as needed.  Remember, your kids don't care if you can't draw.  Just go for it.

I hope this makes your holiday travel easier.  I'm psyched to have one to print out for myself.  Yay!  Back to my weekend.... 



This is ingenious! You have such great ideas (: It's so colorful, I'm sure any kid would love this.

Karen Lehmann

Thank You! That is really generous of you - my kids will LOVE this!

Tara Danger-Marie Miller

I love it. That is perfect! Not just for kids but for me. Whenever I pack I tell my husband to list things I should have in case I forgot to think of it. Perfect.


My 13 year old still needs a list, and her friends have even asked for me to make them a list! A great idea that can be printed on demand (or laminated - then you could use a chinograph pencil or whiteboard markers, and reuse the same list many times)

Kelly H

I used this idea a few months ago and I can't tell you how thankful I am that you shared it. Thanks again!


that is the cutest list ever!!!

wait. where am i going? i have to get a trip in the works. SOON!

caroline thornewill

WOO! HOO! Awesome, sister!


So Great! This weekend we went out to the Farm so used your packing list idea with my daughter. She loved it and was all packed in nothing flat! I posted about it and thought you might like to see the list I made up for her. I kept it simple for her and it worked great!
Thanks again!


I did this for years. It's such a huge help when getting ready for a trip. I slid the paper into a plastic sheet protector, stuck it up on the door of their bedrooms and they used a white board marker on the plastic sheet to indicate how many of each item (it change with each trip, it seemed) The master list stayed the same and was used over and over.



Thanks erin. For the summer holidays I used your list from a previous post of yours...training my 3yr old - she couldn't read back then so i had to go through it with her...we still managed to cart 10 pairs of socks around - about 6 prs to many!...slight learning curve... but we love The List. Just showed her the latest and she wants to pack right now!


Love it! We travel every winter weekend to a ski chalet and last year before my daughter was fully reading I made a similar list, but yours is so colourful. I love it and I'm sure she will too. Thanks!


That is so cute!


Cute idea. Wish I would have had it before my kids could pack for themselves. Now they are 15, 17, 18 - which is cool and sad :(

I saw this on your blog and in my COOKIE magazine - that is so cool.


So cute - and brilliant! Congrats on being in Cookie. I was so excited to see your name!!!


really cute! my oldest says she wants to make one for our christmas trip to florida. she says you forgot "stickers, crayons, and paper" on your list, and she'll definitely have them on her's. :)

great activity to build the excitement for our travel! thanks for the idea!

Lori in Denver

I'm using these for our kids on our next trip. So clever!

And thanks.

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