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Lights all aglow



Very pretty, I'd buy them even without an excuse. I am loving the early darkness and how the Christmas lights twinkle in fleeting light of a gray day.


Making me feel festive today: the paper snowflakes I cut out and then hung with thread from the shelf in my cube at work. They twist and turn in the air currents and look very pretty.


the music on is making me feel festive today. listening to it, i can even lull myself into the illusion that it's cold and snowy outside. the cookies i made yesterday make me feel festive, too. so long as they are here, before they're gone.
enjoy the festive holiday mood! :)


ooh, we just cut down our tree yesterday and so the house smells of pine!

love peonies, love them. they are on my list to plant in the yard this spring.

Kim DeMille

Just got done decorating the Christmas Tree in the living room. The kids get to decorate the one in the family room tonight for Family Night. They'll also make ornaments to go on the tree - paper chains, christmas card balls, and work on some pomander balls with oranges and cloves.


so pretty! I love peonys! I made our first Christmas cookies today. Now I need to stop eating them!

kat \ Taylor Made designs

pink peonies in december is indeed a reason to be festive :) Enjoy them.


You and your peonies! :) I don't blame you at all, they're gorgeous.

Sarah Jackson

finishing one set of Christmas pillows has me feeling very festive. Check another gift off the list!


Having my house REALLY clean for the first time in two months is making me feel pretty festive right now.


It's a holy day in my church, and attending mass this morning with the school kids and seeing the giant advent wreath suspended over the cross aisle with massive ribbons of purple extending to each corner of the ceiling - well, it was just lovely. The art and environment people added purple hydrangeas to some arrangements, and there were even purple poinsettias! Quietly, expectantly, pretty. That made me feel festive!


I adore peonies! Espescially pink! I wanted these for my wedding reception flowers last summer, but alas, not in season. I need to plant some of these to enjoy.


Oh, I'm feeling festive because I'm half way done with finals...once I leave and drive away from grad school tomorrow for a month the Christmas music really will be on full blast.


Pink in December...lovely!
The snow out side and the tree lights reflecting off the windows... very festive indeed!
The winter fairies and advents... Kids are so fun this time of year. Hard to not get into the mood when their little eyes light up!
Thanks for helping me to stop and think about it!


ahhh. so pretty.
um. festive? i am really hoping that i am not having your last years year! i don't have anything done. oh! what am i thinking? sure i do!!! i have lights on my dress form!


Hearing Christmas carols in the store this morning - real Christmas Carols! What a blessing.


That picture of the peonies makes me feel festive too! I need to get my hands on those. They are so gorgeous!

I also love my itunes christmas playlist. Even when I don't have decorations up yet, it's festive to hear it!

Lisa R-P

I decorated all 5 Christmas trees at my house. Now I can go from room to room and always be surrounded by twinkle lights, ribbons, and ornaments. That is making me feel festive.

Lisa Clarke

Ooh, I think a trip to Whole Foods is in order... And I am feeling festive because I decorated my living room this afternoon.

Sarah Cosper

I saw those at Whole Foods today and thought of you!


Beautiful! I would have bought them too. Also, I really like your nutcracker banner photo! Cute!


When I plug my tree lights in in the morning. And this evening, I finally put together a wreath made of cedar from our back yard. I had been given an old pair of ice skates that I put in the center. I am anxious to look at in the daylight. ;)


When I walked into Whole Foods yesterday and saw the peonies, I thought of you!

Festive making: experiencing the joy of Christmas through my 5 year old granddaughter. This is THE best year!


Love the new banner


the peonies are gorgeous! and I LOVE your banner, too.


Of course! Peonies!

I'm dreaming of having a few hours to make soft trees this weekend. And cookies. That's festive.


bla bla bla, i'm skipping past the festive question and getting right to the reason for this comment. Peonies!!! They are my favorite! (Along with tulips.) And that new banner of yours is pretty spiffy, as well.


I love peonies - the remind me of my grandmother, who had the most beautiful ones in her garden.

And what a treat in December!

Rebecca Botvin

I'm loving the new banner!! That doctor figurine is a hoot - what's up with the red-tipped needle?? Soooo festive!


I love the peonies!


I love peonies, too! They're just so outrageous -- all those petals!

Our trees and decorations are up as of yesterday, and today I bought pounds (literally) of butter, eggs, flour, etc. for holiday baking. The thought of wrapping up little bundles of cookies and candy for teachers and friends is making me feel festive!


They are so pretty. How could you resist?


Peonies in December? No way! What a wonderful luxury.

Kelly H

Awesome. Making me feel festive: Baking for my Holiday party and some snowflake lights I bought.


Beautiful flowers- those are my mother's favorite, and I can see why.

Making me feel festive- the leather tote bin I bought yesterday to collect mail, in an attempt to declutter my kitchen/dining area. One more decluttered room makes me feel a bit festive, too!!




i saw them at whole foods yesterday and didn't buy them. kicking myself.

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