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Sweaters into Pillows

Thanks for the great info you guys gave me on the silk.  My goal is to take care of that today as I spent yesterday in bed and then on the couch after staying up all night with a stomach bug.  Fun stuff.


Before the sickness hit, I finished up these two pillows.  I DID NOT knit them.  The kindergarten teacher at my girls' school gave me her mother's Christmas sweater to make into pillows.  I cut the front from the back of the sweater and then stitched (with the sewing machine) around the images.  The knit tends to pull alot so I sewed it on to some muslin to stabilize it before sewing it to the back of the pillow.  I must admit to being a bit scared about cutting this up, but once I started it came together pretty easily.  I think that it was a great idea, too.  There are plenty of Christmas sweaters out there that no one wears, but would make great pillows to be pulled out once a year.  Great gifts for moms and grandmoms too.

That's it for today.  Have a great Thursday.



how clever! were the sweaters cotton - or felted wool? i've been contemplating cutting up a sweater --- but it seems a big leap of faith that the whole darn thing won't unravel. maybe a tutorial????

hope you're feeling better.


wow. what a terrific idea!!! I love it.


That is indeed a super cute idea. I've been wanting to make sweater pillows out of some groovy old sweaters that I have, not christmas ones, but regular ones, for awhile. Never get to it though.


Oh yes - there are Christmas sweaters out there that no one SHOULD wear - HA! Those are adorable. Now if we could just rescue everyone else from their Christmas sweater...


Great idea! Off to the thrift store for sweaters.
Our house has survived the stomach bug also, hope your feeling better soon.


those turned out great! i went thrifting a couple of years ago looking for sweaters to turn into pillows - but i was looking for sweaters that were mildly holiday-ish that i LIKED. see, i should have gone for the full-out holiday sweaters. great idea. is the back of the pillow cotton or sweater?


These are terrific - what a great idea (although I can't imagine wearing one of these sweaters!)


that is a great idea! sorry to hear that you were sick. ugh.


That is brilliant!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Ashley Ann

Those are adorable!


wonderful creating Erin! cute pillows! isn't it fun pulling out your creations (and the memories that go with each one) each year at Christmas?

Missy W

Really, really adorable! Now I need to go through my cedar chest and see what kind of treasures I can find to recycle!!


they are beautiful. I was looking for something to wear to a cocktail party the other night, and my mom suggested I wear a Christmas sweater. To which I replied, "do you know me at all??"

This is much better solution, and if I can get my hands on her sweaters I may have to do this to them.

Sorry you're sick, hope you're feeling better.

heather jane

I've been trying to get brave enough to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gretchen Skovron

Those are so cute. Now you have me thinking about those Christmas sweaters I've seen at the thrift store with a small flaw...pillows! great idea!


This is such a cute way to recycle those christmas sweaters you may not want to wear!

Old Red Barn Co.

great idea!


What a brilliant little idea!


Those are great! I'll bet that after the holidays there will be even more available in the thrift shops.

Hope you're feeling better.


Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about your stomach bug! I hope it's not catching through the internets! It seems like several people I know have had it lately. :( Feel better. And cute pillows! I'm sure they're much cuter than the original sweater, lol!


That's great! I'd so much rather see those sweaters made into pillows than on my mom! I should grab some of hers to do this to.


I am SO going to make my mother-in-law one of these if I can find a sweater at the GoodWill. You are just brimming with good ideas, Erin! (and I'll be posting my finally completed rock pocket picnic blankets shortly as well!)


I love that idea, off to Goodwill to find some sweaters!


Glad you're feeling better. I think there is nothing worse than a stomach bug.

I have been meaning to cut up some non-Christmas sweaters for pillows and haven't gotten around to it. I like your idea to use the muslin. I've been worrying about sewing the sweater, hence my procrastination. Thanks for sharing.


finally--a great use for christmas sweaters! now, if only i can convince a few people i know to give them up for the cause... ;)

feel better soon!


Feel better soon!


Great idea! I love your new banner.

Lisa Q

I like the pillow variety so much better than the sweater variety. Very nicely done. Glad you're feeling better.


waaay cuter as a pillow than a sweater!


I'm glad you're feeling better. Those pillows look so much nicer than Christmas sweaters. Wonderful idea!


oh no! the stomach flu! there is nothing worse. so sorry.

i have a michael simon Christmas sweater that my mother in law bought for me when we were first married. every december she would ask me if i got that sweater out yet! i pillow is the perfect solution!!!


That's a genius idea for those hideous sweaters! :D


Oh wow! What a wonderful idea; I've been looking for a new creative idea to pillows.
A tutorial would be much help for this beginning sewer. Pretty please???

Amy @ parkcitygirl

fun stuff! hope your feeling all better :)


Now this is a good use for those sweaters that only elementary school teachers are able to pull off (and even they can't do it well).


That's such a fantastic idea!!!


GREAT idea... bring on the sweaters! I have a few friends that I could pull them off of!


Great idea!

I hope you feel better soon!


thanks for the muslin tip. I have a vintage (80s) cabled sweater that belonged to my mother's youngest sister that I'm turning into a pillow for her since she can't wear wool and the sweater is, ah, too 80's for me.


glad to hear that you are bouncing back a bit. cute cute cute pillows!


I love this idea, what a perfect way to make those tacky sweaters into something nice to bring out for Christmas


What a fantastic use of what would be some cheesy sweaters!

Suzie sews

what a great idea... must go and poke about the thrift stores now....


ah! that sweater on the left must be made by the same maker of the Christmas sweater I was handed down by my mom and I wear cheekily for holiday parties and socials! I know the smoking santa anywhere :)

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