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In the bag

Wintry mix

Today is rainy and supposedly will turn into freezing rain and ice as the temperature drops.  Fun.  I did the requisite grocery store stop, filling up on baking supplies and bread.  I stopped by the quilt shop and picked up some goodies there too.


If the roads are bad and school is canceled tomorrow, I'll be ready.  Cookies and quilts - what could be better?



sounds like a perfect combination to me!!! I love the solids.

Alicia A.

not much. that's for sure.

Melissa Crowe

Yummy, on all counts!


Sounds like a great plan to me. I can't wait to see what you do with the solids.


Such pretty colors. Can't wait to see what you make with them.


Love all the colours! Wintry weather and sewing just go together!


Sarah Jackson

that rainbow of solids makes me very happy.


HMMMM....cookies and a quilt in super yummy colors!

TD wool design

turns a dreary day bright :)


You said it, what could be better???? hot chocolate with marshmallows?????

a nice blanket by the fire???

Hope you're not stranded

Here it's rain rain rain, cold rain......

Brrrrr!!! It's soup for dinner!!!


Love the "wintry mix" designation. Seems like that popped up in weather forecasts a couple of years ago and now it is ubiquitous. We were just laughing about that while watching the news last night (which is when we got our wintry mix!)


Cookies and quilting sound like a great match for a snow day!


Seeing those colors remind me of a baby quilt that Sew Very Prairie blog did, a colorwheel on a white background.


I could only handle cookies this weekend. I couldn't do both.


Oooh! Is that Kona? I love the colors.

caroline thornewill

Okay, I'm just seeing that we are due for an ice storm. WTF!?!



Anna Willett

nothing could be better than those two!!


A wonderful rainbow for a wintry day. Fingers crossed for a wonderful day holed-up.

amelia studio

I wish I had baking supplies and those rainbow fabrics at the ready! It is just awful outside and I wasn't prepared.


nothing pleases me more than a stack of beautifully colored solids. enjoy!

Account Deleted

Ho!ho!ho! The banner is making me sing!

Ah! those are my kind of days, Erin. Have fun, will you?

Kim DeMille

Beautiful colors and fabric. What is it?

Sounds like a ruddy perfect day to me. I love the cold (negative 29F with windchill here today - actual temps not clearing 0F). My kind of day. You feel justified in staying in and doing warm fuzzy things like quilting and baking.



Sounds perfect!


Oh! My first winter with snow days! Love them already... Can't wait to see what you put together with all of those wonderful colors!


We were at 61 degrees yesterday morning and had sleet last night! Sooooo cold today, my face hurt just stepping outside. I personally am ready for a little warm up!


what a gorgeous pile of fabric! cant wait to see what that becomes! :)


i'll believe it when i see it.


Jude Law, cookies & a quilt. That would be my better.


that sounds delightful - snow day or not!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Enjoy it! We never get snow days :) Love that rainbow of fabric you have there.


I think I would just keep that pile of folded up fabrics out on my table year round. beautiful! what kind of fabric is it, erin? oh, so pretty!

hope your weather is mild, and not too much ice!


perfect plan. here's hoping for a cozy day of nesting inside.


oh can't wait to see what you do with that pile of beautiful solids.
I have been collecting solids too! so really interested in seeing what you do.


We got the rain here too - and a snow day. Only the 4th one we've had in 16 years. Cookies and quilting was my naptime plan, too.

Margarida Godinho

It sounds very good!!!!


oh yes. i actually would be so envious of a day like that.
i am so looking forward to winter break!!!

Gretchen Skovron

Sounds heavenly. So do you have a plan for that fabric?


Oh, those are so pretty. I wish I lived by your quilt store...the only one close by is full of dour, dark civil war reprints which don't inspire me during a grey Chicago winter.


Cookies and crafting and a mug of hot tea sounds like close to perfection. Happy Tuesday Erin.

Modern Crush

I don't know what could possibly be better!!

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