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A New Year's gift for you

Good morning!  And Happy 2009!

The girls are back to school today and Fatty is back to work.  It's quiet in the house.  Scout is trying to climb on my lap - she can't seem to settle.  I know just how she feels.  My mind is racing in a gazillion directions.  I have so much I want and need to do - clean, take down Christmas decorations, auction projects, knitting and sewing (of course!), cooking, baking, organizing, trashing out.  I could go on and on...

Yesterday, I felt the need to clean up around here and then changed my mind.  Instead, I wrote up a tutorial to share with you.  It's been requested quite a bit - I think you'll like it.  It's a quick, fast and satisfying project.  You can easily complete this in about an hour.


Coffee Cozy!

I put the directions in a pdf - you can download it here.  It's also on the sidebar.

Go on, get sewing.  I'm going to workout and then tackle the Christmas tree.

***** EDITED:  I just printed out the pattern using the pdf and the template is smaller than my original.  Once I figure out why and then fix it, I will update this post and the pdf.  Sorry if this caused any problems.  I hate it when crap like this happens.  Bear with me.*****

UPDATE:  My printer scaled down the template automatically.  If you make sure to print the template at 100%, you should be fine.  One of the corners might get cut off, but I am sure you can wing that.  Right?  Phew.


Caron Mosey

What a great idea, and a super tutorial! Thanks Erin!

Lisa Q

so fun! these would make nice little thank you gifts with a coffee gift card tucked inside the cup. I love the elastic hair band for the button closure! thanks for sharing and happy 2009 to you!

TD wool design

thanks for sharing, erin! great idea!
it will be quiet here too. a bit of knitting this am then to tackle our "catch-all" area in the loft.
have a great day and a pleasant new week.

Marie-Louise Djurhuus

Happy new year to you too Erin:-)and thanks for sharing.

Account Deleted

nice, erin!
can't wait to see what you're up to this year.


Thanks so much!


I made these using an old Starbuck's sleeve for a works!


woo! Happy 2009 to you too! My mind is racing too, and I got alot of work done on what is a very big project for me this weekend!


Happy 2009, Erin!


This this perfect timing!!! I've wanted to make one of these, and you've eliminated all the guessing for me. Making this sounds like way more fun than cleaning anyway! Happy New Year!

Mama Urchin

Stefan is out of town so we got the trees down before he left. Still there's everything else. Good luck with the un-decorating and I hope your gym isn't too crowded.


Thanks for your generosity! I'll be back for the updated download!!


I LOVE the one you made for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Jill O.

How ironic! I searched your site before Christmas to see if you ever posted directions for making the coffee cozy because I loved the one you made with the corduroy. Anyway, I didn't find it, of course, but decided that I could very well make my own without a pattern. I just traced a cardboard cozy from Starbucks, chose a couple fabrics for each side, added some interfacing, buttons and ribbon, and voila! I was very impressed with myself. They made great Christmas gifts - and you were the inspiration! Now I'm going to read your tutorial to see how I could have made them even better! ;)


So cute! I've been having the same issue with pdf's occasionally scaling everything down even though I've specified for them to not scale. If you find out what is causing this and have a moment would you let me know?

Lisa Clarke

Oh, fun! And good thing I'm in the business of making big focal buttons - there's no shortage of those in my house :-)


Wow - the coffee cozy looks great, will have to get busy making one, or two or three - I love Lisa's coffee gift card idea. And the tutorial itself is so nice - like a tear out from a magazine (oh to have a "House on Hill Road" coming every month in glossy goodness!) Thanks!


Oh, that is too cute. Thanks for sharing!


just printed it. no problems here. mine is perfect.
thanks you!


Thank You Erin. Happy New Year!

Sarah Keith

oh! I love that but I don't drink coffee...wonder if my husband would like one..haha!


The Christmas stuff is still hanging around here too, but here I am, reading blogs...
Cute cozy. I'll be making one, for sure.


fun! thanks for sharing!


that for the tutorial-that is one cute cozy.


Beautiful! Maybe this project - and my unabashed coffee-addiction - will be the inspiration that finally gets me sewing.


Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I've been wanting to make some, but have been too lazy to draw up a pattern :D


Thank you! That was very thoughtful to share a tutorial, and your cozy is darling. Happy New Year to you!


this is awesome! i think i will make some for my husband to keep in his truck for those emergency on the go coffee mornings.
Thanks Erin!


Way cute! Thanks for the pdf!


I just printed the tutorial and whipped up a cozy- it looks great, no size problems. Thank you!


Very excited to try this - I was just thinking this morning that I needed a coffee cozy.

It could be that your print problem is in your print settings for pdfs and not in your pdf. If you have the page scaling set to anything other than none, that might alter your sizing depending on your printer's preferred margin sizes.

Good luck!


Cute! I'd love to try this for my sister-in-law's upcoming birthday... I am hoping to make her a few small handmade gifts.


Oh! Cutest cozy EVER! I'll be linking.


Happy new year!!

Thanks for the tutorial: it's really nice!!!
Maybe useful also on a cup..

Habit Blog

love the note about bad karma. so going to make one of these. if i ever take my sewing machine out again. or get a new one.


super cute cozy:) Thanks!


I love your coffee cozy made out of a fabric that I also use a lot.
Happy 2009!!


Lastnight I went to the bookstore and ordered a hot apple cider and really could have used one of these! Thanks for the tutorial and good luck getting back into the swing of things!


I can't wait to print this out tomorrow and get sewing! Thanks so much!


ahhh! Just what I was thinking! Thank you thank you. I needed something to motivate me to get back on my machine. This will be my project tonight;)


Very cute! Thanks for sharing!


I have been making these using felt, but, I have been using velcro. I LOVE the hair tie and button idea. I will be using this tonight! A perfect way to use those hair binders that don't quite work in my daughters hair!



Thank you for posting this tutorial! I laughed when I saw the updates about the template size. I did exactly the same thing when making the Margaret Sling by Oh Fransson. My computer scaled the template down 60% so instead of a sling that crossed over my chest, I ended up with a tiny shoulder bag. Luckily, I ultimately liked the tiny little bag - probably more than the full-sized original. Sorry for the long post - just had to laugh.


How adorable loved your tutorial!
Thank you very much for it.


This is great, love the idea of using the elastic instead of velcro, less bulk and easier to sew in! Thanks for the great tute. I'm going to use this a lot, I dislike grabbing onto cold, wet cups as much as I do hot ones. I've got a girls only road trip coming up and these will make perfect little gifts for my passengers, too.


Thanks for the pattern! I have tried a few of these on my own but wanted to make more, it will be nice not to have to figure it out myself. :)


Sweet sleeve and the Heine's Bros' cup just made me so homesick.


Sweet sleeve and the Heine's Bros' cup just made me so homesick.

Noelle Buttry

Did you escape the stomach flu?

Mellissa - wondermommy

Thanks so much for the gift! I've waited so long for you to put this into a pattern :)

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