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A New Year's gift for you

Good morning!  And Happy 2009!

The girls are back to school today and Fatty is back to work.  It's quiet in the house.  Scout is trying to climb on my lap - she can't seem to settle.  I know just how she feels.  My mind is racing in a gazillion directions.  I have so much I want and need to do - clean, take down Christmas decorations, auction projects, knitting and sewing (of course!), cooking, baking, organizing, trashing out.  I could go on and on...

Yesterday, I felt the need to clean up around here and then changed my mind.  Instead, I wrote up a tutorial to share with you.  It's been requested quite a bit - I think you'll like it.  It's a quick, fast and satisfying project.  You can easily complete this in about an hour.


Coffee Cozy!

I put the directions in a pdf - you can download it here.  It's also on the sidebar.

Go on, get sewing.  I'm going to workout and then tackle the Christmas tree.

***** EDITED:  I just printed out the pattern using the pdf and the template is smaller than my original.  Once I figure out why and then fix it, I will update this post and the pdf.  Sorry if this caused any problems.  I hate it when crap like this happens.  Bear with me.*****

UPDATE:  My printer scaled down the template automatically.  If you make sure to print the template at 100%, you should be fine.  One of the corners might get cut off, but I am sure you can wing that.  Right?  Phew.



Thank you Erin!! I am working on my second rock pocket quilt from your template.... i love it! These cozy's are going to be a huge hit with my friends. Thank you for being so kind and sharing your gifts with the blog world!!


Thank you for generously sharing your pattern Erin. I've been envying your Coffee Cozys for ages and can't wait to make some of these as 'just because' gifts throughout the year.


How cute is this! I am going to make this as a birthday gift for my sister.

theresa/t does wool

such a nice January gift-you are very clever!


where were you at christmas!!?? (i'm only kidding!) my little gift cozies pale in comparison--there is something about the button touch that makes yours oh-so-special! i'll definitely be using your tutorial for future gift-giving! thanks for sharing!

Account Deleted

Can't wait to make some for my mom! Thank you.


I love the cozies! I have a bunch for sale at for anyone who doesn't have the time to make their own! They ship out the same day priority and arrive to most doors within 3days. Love your site, there is so much creativity!

Nadia Lewis

Aww! That's super cute!

Natalie Schoenbaechler

I love the coffee cozy! I tried some last year, but they didn't turn out that nice. So I see it is wrapped around a Heine Brothers cup, you must live in Louisville? I couldn't find anywhere that said where you lived. I love it here.

Natalie Schoenbaechler

I love the coffee cozy! I tried some last year, but they didn't turn out that nice. So I see it is wrapped around a Heine Brothers cup, you must live in Louisville? I couldn't find anywhere that said where you lived. I love it here.

Katie at Making This Home

I've been wanting to do something like this with my tea cups, so I'm saving your pattern--I love it! I'm in the process of convincing my husband that I need a sewing machine. Still working on him! So *when* I get one, I'll be sure to share your project on my website because I absolutely love it.

Sarah S

Thank you so much for this tutorial!

Mefi Alapat

thank you for sharing erin. another item to add to the list of things to make.


Love it!


What a cute idea!


Sew cute!!
Now I need to get some fun big buttons...

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tutorial, Erin!
Happy New Year!


What a delight to see your Heine Bro cup proudly displayed! You should post the picture on the wall at their store with the other pics of where Heine cups have travelled. Maybe they would sell your cute sleeves in the store.
A regular at Heine Bro @ Crescent Hill,


So super cute! I can't believe I'm just getting to see this! I'm going to make it asap. Thanks!


These would sell at Starbucks, etc. for $6 easy - you should go into business!!! :) So sweet!!

Sarah S.

That is just about the cutest idea I have ever seen! I love the coffee cozy!

Missy Severson

I made this for my friend and business partner for her birthday. The directions were so easy to follow and the result soooo cute!
Thank you!


Awesome idea, we made them the other evening at a craft group! Thank you!

Jill B

zomg! I haven't seen the Heine Brother logo in years! I used to hang out on Bardstown Rd. when I was growing up. I ever worked at ear x-tacy!


I just made a batch of cozies to give for Christmas this year! Thanks for the pattern - I linked to you!


I love this! You should totally sell these for the non-sewing type out there!

* If you do, please post the site!



These are fabulous!

Katie Cannon

So I made one of these as a hostess gift and one for me...and let me tell you: it was a HUGE success! I was in line @ Jo Ann fabrics with the cozy on my coffee, and a lady thought they were so cute, she had me email her the tutorial right from my iphone!!! Now my mom is making them for her coworkers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

here's what mine look like:

Mandy Starner

super cute!! I love the button! I make some similar ones. They are quick and easy! I make a ton every year around the holidays. They are perfect for teachers with a gift card (like you said). I will have to try out your pattern. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!


I made one! It was so easy and it's adorable! Check it out...


I made a few of these for a staff appreciation gift. Thanks for the tut.


"© 2009, Erin Harris • • For personal use only. Please don’t sell anything made from this pattern. It’s bad karma." Now why is it you wouldn't want someone to make this cozy and sell them to make some extra money? You are not selling the cozy on your site, you posted the tutorial, but really any one of us can trace a Starbucks coffee cozy paper wrapper? Why be so harsh?

rebecca Robinson

are you in Louisville, KY? I jsut stumbled upon your bog ....


I don't think you can actually copyright the shape of a cup holder like that, the pattern or tutorial can be, but not a utilitarian shape.

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